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Thursday, May 14, 2009

All thanks to me and Tee ...

Our fingers are sore, we redialed the night away, and we were triumphant!!

(Yes, I realize we were probably 100 out of 88 million votes. But I like to think we played a role. And our blog followers did, too, right?)

I'm SO happy that Gokey is finally gone!! No more looking at his smug face. No more watching him make that stupid heart with his hands. And no more dead wife card!! (I counted at least 4 "tragedy to triumph" comments in his visit home.)

And Kris deserved it!! He rocked in the final 3. He's rocked for quite some time now.

For the finale: only 1 million votes separate Kris and Adam?? Maybe this contest isn't as in the bag as we've all assumed.

And, yes, Tee ... Kara clearly mouthed "Oh my God" with a look of disdain on her face, when she realized Gokey was gone. What a bitch.

Dear Judges: Here's a reminder: you don't control the show. You can tailor your comments to plug your favorites for weeks and weeks, but ultimately it's not up to you. Thank God!

What Was REALLY Behind Simon's Remarks to Kara

According to MJ's Blog, which has sources inside AI, the reason Simon got all over Kara is that the judges were given the opportunity to *help* their contestants with their interpretation of the Judge's song choice at rehearsal. Simon was the ony judge who showed up to assist Adam in his preparation. So, when Kara ragged on about Kris not interpreting the song well, Simon threw it in her face that she hadn't done anything to help him. And well he should have!

Kara is really getting on my last nerve. Did she actually mouth *oh no* when Kris was named to the finals? Someone thought that she did.

I think it serves them ALL right. They have been pimping Dorkey all season long. Go Kris!