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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bada Bing Bada Boo Bada Bye Bye

After 7 long weeks and all but one (if my memory serves me correctly) spent in jeopardy, Stefano Langone sings Goodbye. I cannot say I will miss his performances, particularly if he was heading in the *I'm so studly* direction he took this week. He seems to have been well-liked by all the contestants, particularly James, (and Casey had his head in his hands) and he went out with class so good luck to him. Whether we will ever hear his name again is something I doubt, but you never know. I did think the highlight of tonight's show was the bear hug James gave Stefano as he sung his last note. Of course, a few people who commented on the AI forum decided James was just trying to horn in on Stefano's last moment and steal his thunder. I didn't see it that way at all.

I was thrilled to see Jacob in the bottom three and I hope it was the bottom 2 and that next week he sings his last diva glory note. When the two were standing there, I had a moment of indecision. Did I want to see Jacob's arrogant self go home or live with the Stefano drama one more week. Jacob just cannot help himself...he is the world to him. When Brian asked him how he felt about possibly going home he said: *I'm just so grateful I could share my gift with America*. Well Jacob, I didn't ask for your gift and I suppose it is rude to return it to you, but could I please put it in the back of my junk closet for the next 20 years and leave it for KK to sell at my estate sale?

The group performances by contestants were nothing special tonight . I guess they cannot have a *moment* each week but I wish they had been better.

It was nice to see KK's boyfriend, David Cook but I was not jumping up and down for his new song. He is such a class act, though. And he loves his mother and made sure she got to meet Steven Tyler...on camera no less. So that was a nice moment.

I know why Katy Perry is big...she is a beautiful young woman and seems to have a great sense of humor and I think does a lot of public service. But that SONG and that production...you couldn't even see her behind the costume and WHAT is with every new song, no matter what it is about, with some sort of rap/hip hop beginning, middle and end. The melodies to these new songs are all starting to sound alike too. They all have a chorus which takes a note up an octave. I miss performers just standing there and singing.

Next week, Carole King, which should favor Haley and Lauren. A lot of music to choose from. I hope Scotty picks something decent. At one point, I knew the entire Tapestry album by heart but now I will have to go on the net to remind me of all the songs she wrote by herself and with her first husband Gerry Goffin (I always confuse him with David Geffin) and later collaborators. Just did a quick Wiki search and she has had 118 songs on the Billboard charts so surely these kids can find something to suit them. Please, however, no Natural Woman (didn't someone already do that this year?). Also, there are reports that Crystal Bowersox will sing at the results show next week, which will thrill me and it is appropriate to the theme. I

I'm still a Rockstar (on the train to crazy-ville)

Best to Worst:

Ashton, Karen, Naima, Thia, Pia & Paul - Hysterical! The girls are so focused on strutting around in trampy leather outfits that they forget to sing the 1st verse on key. And then the doors open up and Paul comes stumbling out in his token stupid-flower-suit like a drunken monkey.

Pia's belting out her Mariah/Whitney/Celine notes,
Thia's giving the pagent faux-smile,
Naima is "yeah, yeahing" it up,
Ashton's wagging her diva head around, and
Karen's faux-flashing her Latina boobs by opening up her leather vest over and over.
All the while Paul is trying not to flail off the stage.

None of them care that they're not singing *with* each other, or that they're not singing on-key. "So What" was the funniest thing I've seen on Idol in a long time. I spent the entire performance cracking up.

What? They weren't trying to be funny? Oh, then it's just sad.

As for the contestants who really might be rockstars someday, Best to Worst:

James Durbin - What?!? KK likes James Durbin?!? Hell yeah I did. I'd even download that performance, which is saying something since I really am not a "rocker". Drummers were a bit weird, as was the dominatrix wand thing. But the vocals were incredible. Incredible!

Casey - I sort of wished he would've changed up the song a little more ala-David Cook, because he absolutely could have. But I'm a Maroon 5 fan, and I'm a Casey fan. And although I was a little creeped out when he was leaning into JLo, the kiss made me squeal with delight.

Haley - I think she looked absolutely gorgeous, for starters. And she did Adele justice with Rolling In The Deep, for sure. It *is* her niche, and she's found it, and she's good at it. I was annoyed that Randy had to struggle so hard to compliment her, but I'm glad she finally got the praise she deserved.

Scotty - Barely. After the clip of the contestants making fun of the microphone holding, it's ALL I could focus on. Frankly, it annoyed the hell out of me. As did the eyebrow waggle and side-mouth-singing. Swinging was boring. Dare I say "karoke". 'Course, he's not going anywhere.

Lauren Alana - Has really wised up with her song choices and her personality make over. Last week she pandered to St. Pia's and tweens with the Miley ballad, this week she tried to swing the massive country audience back her way. Even though it wasn't the best performance of hers, she's *competing* brilliantly.

Stefano - You're kidding, right? First the clip about him being a flirt and a ladies man had me in hysterics. And watching him strut around the stage like he was in some seedy club strip club trying to get the ladies to shove $1 into his too-tight pants, just put me over the top. I like Closer, it's a sexy song. Stefano was the opposite of sexy tonight bordering on crazy-town.

Jacob - Realized he might be slipping and pulled out the Dead-Father card. Well played. I loved that he screwed up, I loved that he got a bit of negative criticism. Those were the only non-boring parts of the performance.

Botton 3 will be: Haley, Casey, Stefano

Who *should* go home: Jacob (but he won't, because his dad is dead.)

Also, my boyfriend David Cook is coming back tonight and I could not BE more excited. He's the 1st Idol I truly loved. Swoon.