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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Peace Out Indeed!

I sincerely hope this is the last we see of Tatiana but I have my doubts. She actually got like the 5th most votes according to dial idol.com. So she may end up in the Wild Card group. I wish they would explain how that group is put together. Maybe we can send some sort of petition to the producers saying we don't want to see her again. The more I think about it, the more I dislike her. Hey lady...8 other people had their dreams crushed tonight too.

Predictable Suspense: Danny v. Tatiana

I couldn't have done this show better if I'd done all of the voting myself!

(And watching Carly and Michael sing "Letter" reminds me that the 9 that went home tonight deserved it.)

Peace out, Tatiana.

A Tragedy of Epic Proportions

Or so Tatiana believes. Don't worry, Idol isn't through with you yet. You will appear on the wildcard show and may yet make it to the top 12.

Overall, I was happy with the results (which Dialidol.com predicted). All, with the exception of Tatiana, took it with good grace. Michael Sarver, who I really like, got there because he was not an ass not because he sang so well. I hope that Anoop and that Ricky Braddy guy get to the wildcard round too. I'm not sure how they pick them but I bet Tatiana's fans (yes there are some...I believe they are all narcissists who identify with her) will let us know soon on the official idol forums.

However, I did have a moment of sympathy at the end for Tatiana when she tried to reach out to Danny Gokey and he sort of ignored her approaches. I mean everyone within earshot of that broadcast (except for Tatiana) knew that Gokey wasn't going away. I'm pretty sure no one likes Tatiana and who can blame them, but it would have been nice for him to show some sort of togetherness there since he had to know he was going through given the earlier results. So...I'm not convinced he is as nice of a guy as has been portrayed and I will be watching him for future signs of huge ego.

And I hate his glasses and his clothes. Show a little respect this is not garage band city. And you are not Kurt Cobain.

Ok..don't know for sure where that came from because he is good....maybe I just don't like that he has been preordained to win this thing because there is some really good talent there who don't have dead wives. Also, I went to dentist today and had laughing gas for over an hour and maybe it is affecting me still.


Since this is a blog, I suppose I have to say more than Eh. But that's how I felt about the whole show, really.

Nick Braddy - was one of my favorite, although he's the type I normally hate: lounge singer, complete with purple velvet blazer. And I guarantee that if he makes it through, I'll end up hating him later (Elliot Yamin, anyone?)

Alexis Grace - was my favorite girl, and I think she looked absolutely adorable in her little black dress, pearls, and red lipstick with the "dirty" twist!

Michael "the roughneck" Sarver - I agree with Simon that I hope people vote for him because he's likeable and nice, and I loved his song choice, but was disappointed in his performance. (I'm muffling my "Eh")

Danny Gokey - milking the "my wife died young" thing will get him through, but he's NOT David Cook and he needs to get his own personality.

As for everybody else (yes, Auntee, even Jackie Tohn) - I could have seen the same thing at Las Fuentas' Thursday Night Karaoke Night.

But my blog wouldn't be complete without a comment about Tatiana - she was not the worst girl tonight. I hate her still - more so since she's turning the Hispanic "accent" on and off like it's a character - but she was not the worst at ALL.