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Friday, April 22, 2011

Boy You're An Alien

C'ya Stefano. It was time. And I hope when he said "this is the start of my career", it's not just a career as a male stripper.

I know NONE of the words to the ET song, but I've been singing it since last night. At 3:00 am, feeding my 10-week old son, I caught myself humming about aliens and abductions. It's creeping me out that it's just. that. catchy.

The aliens dancing were weird. Katy Perry (who I generally think is gorgeous) looked weird. And Kanye (who I generally think is absolutely nutzo) looked normal. I'm convinced that after the Taylor Swift fiasco, Kanye is forcing restraint on himself, and last night he actually let Katy Perry take over the "I'm nutzo" spotlight. I liked the performance ... I hope my baby son does, too, over and over and over.

And they just don't make AI contestants like David Cook anymore do they? He's just in a league of his own.

Yeah, I have an album out, but let's talk about this charity for a cure for brain cancer and my Mom's dream to meet Stephen Tyler. David Cook, I love you.

Looking forward to next week, although I'm afraid Auntee will need to take the lead as I'm expecting to know very few of the songs.