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Thursday, April 17, 2014

At Least One More Week

Yay...Jessica is safe.  I didn't observe this but posters on Slezak's blog said the judges looked pissed and Keith actually mouthed *no way* when they announced that Dexter was going home.  

I thought Dexter should have gone home about 4 weeks ago although I must admit he has improved a tiny bit.  He seems like a decent guy.  I wish him well.

I am not wishing the judges well for piling on Jessica each week while not criticizing others for the same things she does.  I hope next week she goes back to playing her guitar and singing.  Screw the shuffle and dance.  She's not on So You Think You Can Dance and she is not even on the lesser product, Dancing With the Stars.  She is a singer/songwriter.  Let her sing.

By the way, I'm not the only one thinking Jessica is getting a raw deal.  Slezak and his followers generally agree with me.    

Does Idol Give Me a Headache?

I started to watch the show last night and quit after 2 performances.  I did have another headache but I was really also just not looking forward to hearing the performances of the remaining contestants.  I thought the judges were unduly harsh on Jessica but I suppose I am not very objective about her.  They want her to move around, she moves around, but she doesn't do it with a shuffle and rhythm.  Funny they don't tell Alex to move around.  Did Keith actually tell her just to *stand there and deliver?* or something like that?  They want her gone.  

We will see if she survives tonight.  I hope so.  If she does not I think I may end watching and blogging simply because the rest of them do nothing for me and their performances are just not that great.