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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cry-i-i-ing Over Me

Last night, we were left on the edge of our couches, as Adam Brock sobbed.  Ryan ominously warned us of a *shocking elimination* and a *twist* just so some gullible viewers can worry about Adam overnight.   We resume tonight's show with Adam still sobbing, although he now has a white handkerchief he is waving around which I failed to notice last night.  Adam knows God put him on earth to sing, Randy agrees, and Steven loves to see a man cry so Adam obliges with a fresh load of tears.   I don't love to see a man cry...especially if its over himself and his dream while his wife is home changing diapers and wondering how to pay the electric bill this month if her husband's dream fails.  In fact, the only tears I want to see out of Mr. Auntee are as I look down from above at my funeral.  As he didn't cry when I walked down the aisle, I suspect he won't cry as I walk into the light.  Men should cry only at weddings, births, or deaths.  Anything else is just lame and deserves a bitch  slap back to reality.   So...no surprise... Adam Brock is in the top 24.  I know I said I shouldn't compare him to Danny Gokey just because he looks and sings like Gokey.  But man...he had all the Gokey bases covered in his 5 minutes of fame last night and tonight.  Family man missing his family (check); God (check); tears (check).  Auntee wanting to throw up (check). 

The next contestant couldn't come up quick enough for me and I was happy to see Jeremy Rosato, the guy who washes his hands alot and seems a cheerful soul. JLo points out that he is a nice guy too and while I'm not particularly a fan of his singing style, I am a fan of his pudgy sweet self. 

After Jeremy, I was forced to watch Shannon Migraine Magrone.  This girl is my nemises just as Lauren Alaina was last year.  She is going to be in the top 5 at least and I will be gnashing my teeth the whole time.  And she will be better dressed and thinner than Alaina.  I stand corrected.  I reported she sang *Georgia On My Mind* as her solo last week.  It was *Its a Wonderful World*.  How sweet and innocent of her.  

Then they bring on a *who is that* contestant called Scott Dangerfield, show him auditioning last year as a nerd and show him this year with a cool haircut and contacts.  His makeover didn't help and he is gone.  Since I didn't know he was ever there, I won't miss him.

Last night they put through 2 pretty girl country singers, Chelsea and Baylie.  So, Skylar who is not so pretty has reason to be worried.  But she makes it through.  My guess is she is slated as fodder while they pimp the other two.   

Speaking of fodder, when they don't show you singing a solo, don't feature you in a group, and don't feature your golden moment of being named to the top 24, you better realize that Idol just isn't that into you.  Unless Hallie Day, Chase Likens, and Aaron Marcellus do something to make the audience at home love them they are not going to last long as clearly, Nigel Lythgoe doesn't love them very much.  

Diandre is another retread from last season.  He is the one who channels Tiny Tim in voice and hair and for some reason the judges think that is just wonderful.  He sings *This Woman's Work*.  I hate that song.  I hate Diandre's falsetto.  JLo said they *would be crazy* not to put him in the top 24.  Newsflash judges, you got that backwards.

And now I'm completely conflicted as Jermaine is sobbing ala Adam Brock.  I like Jermaine, I like his voice, I like his mama but I don't like him losing it on national TV.  And of course we have been told there is a shock coming up and we haven't been shocked yet so it is no surprise when they tell him no dice this year.  I will trade Jermaine for Adam Brock and Phil Phillips and Diandre but it is not to be.  The judges are crying about this decision too which suggests that Nigel Lythgoe forced it on them so one of his favorites could get in.  Boo!  

So..was this the show shocker?  No...Ryan is still promising shocking *news* which has *everyone talking*.  I'm thinking did they film this the night that Whitney Houston dies and are they going to show the Idol family's grief? 

The penultimate dramas are played out as Hollie (fodder) beats out Ariel and Shelby.  We haven't seen much of any of them so I'm not really invested in this decision. Then David Leathers who evidently did Michael Jackson all week is up with Eben.  David is really rather ordinary next to Eben who can pull those emotional heartstrings a lot harder.  So Eben is in, David is out.

Then they show all the top 24 doing stupid dance moves and Ryan says good night. I'm thinking *where's the Whitney Houston tribute?* when Ryan tells us there will be 13 men so we will have a top 25 and shows us mugshots of four who were sent home.  Germaine is one of them but so is Black Hat and No Cattle Richie Law along with David Leathers and someone else I don't care about.  I'm thinking Germaine's tears worked and he is coming back. 

As an end note we get a glimpse of Steven's man boobs as he moons us and jumps into the pool.

Next week we can finally vote.  Yay!