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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And Then There were Twelve

It was deja vu night on Idol as the final 12 contestants sang their audition numbers...this time with the band backing them up.  I was a bit alarmed when I learned that the judges would have 2 "instant wildcards" to round out the top 12 as in the past, the wild card picks have been not to my liking.  Somehow, tonight, everything was going my way (nearly).  

The first finalist chosen by America was Sarina Joi Crowe.  And it was a good choice.  The song once again was unfamiliar to me.  This is good for the show because it needs new material but bad for me who cannot get all excited hearing a familiar song.  The judges said she had some pitch issues which I didn't notice.  I wasn't a fan of the song but it sounded to me like she sang it well and with confidence so yay for her.  I hope she makes it to the top 5 at least, if not further.

Everyone loves Rayvon so I wasn't surprised to see him make the top 12.  He did a good job on a song I don't know and hit a good glory note which will get him enough votes to make it to the top 10. 

And, of course, the grandmas voted for Daniel Skeevy Sanjaya Seavy.  Finally, the judges called him out on his mediocrity and wooden performances.  I think he was surprised because they have coddled him so far and I'm pretty sure he thinks he is all that.  His voice seemed flat and his timing seemed off and it was just not very good.  

Ryan introduces us to Scott Borcheta the mentor and head honcho at Big Machine records.  He foisted Taylor Swift upon the world so he has some restitution to make. But if he is mentoring these kids, one hopes he will have more to say to them than "be in it to win it" ala Randy Jackson.

Well, Idol wouldn't be complete without a blonde  singing country.  The most interesting thing about Maddie Walker tonight was the ombre coloring on the tips of her hair extensions.  Otherwise she is pure bland.  I do feel for country fans because the pickings were slim this year and now Maddie is the great blonde hope for them.  I suspect she will survive longer than she should.  

I was thrilled to see Tyanna Jones.  She is my favorite of the girls.  It is hard to believe she is 16.  It is hard to believe that she doesn't have some sort of child star back round with stage parents behind her.  I do not think she does.  I think she is just a natural.  She seems so genuinely happy singing and it is infectious.

I'm glad Nick made it but he better do something interesting soon.  

Oh my word, JAX.  Of course she made it through as she is a big fave evidently.  Her audition song was I Want To Hold Your Hand.  She tries so hard to be an artiste. Starting off slowly at the piano in her plaintive affected tone was effective.  Then she stood up, changed keys (or lost the key) and lost the affected tone.  Her voice is not really that great unless she is doing that whiny nasally affected tone.  Then she slowed it down at the end.  Ok, I'm not a musician and I'm not a singer and I'm not a performing artiste but even I could have come up with that predictable and trite arrangement.  It wasn't magic to me.  Maybe it was to you.

Qassim the dancing fool made it through and was entertaining.  That is all I have to say about him.

Then comes Clark Beckham, Mr. Old School and still a favorite of mine.   

I was somewhat surprised, but happy (for reasons set forth below) that Joey Cook made it through.  I liked her offbeat audition song but she kept either winking or blinking one eye (maybe her false eyelashes came loose?) and that was distracting.  I'm not really a fan of her odd diction which is as affected as JAX's tone.  

Then the wildcards were announced.  It was no surprise they chose Quentin over Adam and lazy Mark.  Quentin's Royals sounded much better than it did at his audition and he cried at the end.  I think that will get him a lot of votes and I'm not unhappy about that.  The Fashionista is growing on me.  

I was so afraid they were going to choose Loren Lott, Actress for the girl's wild card and was thrilled they did not.  Addana's performance of You and I was a bit of a over stimulated mess but maybe she and Qassim have been hanging out together.   We will see if she makes it past the top 12.  

Daniel and Maddie should go home.  I'm not sure who will go home.  Those two have powerful voting blocs behind them so we may lose some wheat to keep their chaff.  

All in all, I think the right people are in the top 12.  I wouldn't trade Alexis or Loren for Maddie or Adam or Mark for Daniel.  I just hope America agrees with me on who are the weak links in this group.