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Friday, April 30, 2010

I also predict ...

Another banning of Tee from the AI message boards.

I'm cracking up at the conspiracy theories and the threats to take it out on Crystal.

Luckily, we're always rational and kind here on this Blog.

We'd never, say, have some wine, go to the AI message boards, and just post what we really think for fun.

Do it, Tee! Fulfill my prophecy!

(And tell me your screenname, so I can have your back! We'll be banned together!)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

KK IS the Idol Prophet

You called the bottom 3! I was pretty sure you were wrong about Siobahn.

Boy her fans are really insane. They have all sorts of conspiracy theories going now. All predicated on the theory that *there is no way she got the least number of votes* because she was in the pimp spot, she got good reviews, there are 20 million viewers she has the most facebook friends, she has more friends on the Idol website forum, she has been in the press a lot, only 33 million votes were cast and that means they must have dumped some votes somewhere because that would not be enough votes for 20 million viewers, and finally, and most persuasively because *she is the best singer to ever sing on Idol*. The conspiracies are:

1. She said something about Simon in the press so they booted her off for that.
2. She is so talented, they booted her off early so Kara could start writing songs for her album already and they could market her in an untraditional way (when I pointed out that if they thought she was so great they would want her to stay a long time so as to get more exposure for her, I was assured that because she is Siobahn they want *untnraditional* exposure for her...I hadn't considered the possibility that less exposure for her would make her more successful...silly me).
3. Simon wanted her booted off so 19 would not take up her option and he can turn her into the next Susan Boyle and make millions off of her.
4. Idol is mad at Vote For the Worst so it destroyed her dreams just to thwart 2 smart-aleck internet guys.

I tried to reason with them. I failed. I'm not trying any more because they will just take it out on Crystal (one already threatened me with that).

Silly silly people in this world.

Idol Prophet?

I thought I might have been the Idol Prophet last night after I acurately predicted the bottom three ... in spite of guffas I got from the peanut galleries. But, to my chagrin, BM is still around.

We're at the point in the show where contestants who we may have pulled for during an exceptionally good week or two are going to leave us. Because America just likes Eyebrows.

When Siobhan sang Think, I remembered why I loved her dearly. She really does have talent, she just fell off the wagon at the wrong time.

Lady Antebellum's Need You Now was a fantastic performance. And it's interesting to note that their lead singer, Hillary Scott, tried out twice for Idol but never made it to the judges. She's a superstar, chart-topper now - and I made my husband download that song for me.

Just a quick comment about Eyebrows- Has he really been the "country crooner" this whole time? I don't remember him ever even singing another country song. Or having a "country style" mentioned about him. Is it just because they couldn't keep Katie around long enough to morph her into the show's token country star? So, now they're settling with Eyebrows? Am I losing my mind? Does anybody else remember him being referred to as "country"?

Harry Connick Jr. next week. I think I'll be doing a lot more *swooning*.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Am I Shocked?

I would have been shocked if I hadn't heard earlier that tonight was going to be a shocker (Ryan mentioned it on his radio show according to reports on the AI boards). And I was a little worried for Crystal.

And I am shocked that Big Mike is still safe. I'm beginning to feel like Henry II with Thomas Becket....to paraphrase...Will no one rid meof this troublesome (fat, arrogant, camera hogging, insincere) contestant? Are the judges happy they used the save on Big Mike or are they sorry now that Siobahn is gone. Hard to tell. Siobahn had drama...BM has cheesy. I know I am sorry they wasted the save on Big Mike. Take away the stupid save next year.

Siobahn's fans are outraged because a blogger at a site called mightysidolblog.com assured everyone that Siobahn was 100% safe. He claims to have inside information on the total number of phone votes cast for each contestant this week. According to him, Siobahn had the highest number of phone votes, followed by Casey, followed by Aaron, followed by Crystal with Lee and BM bringing up the rear. He cautions this does not include text votes. After the news of a shocker result this week, he double checked with his *source* who told him that even with text voting, Siobahn was 100% safe.

So, with the word of some guy on the internet who they don't know, about what a source they don't know told him, they are claiming the show is rigged. To tell you the truth, the thought briefly crossed my mind only because BM and Aaron are still there and I have no clue who is voting for them.

But then rationality prevailed. The management company, 19, doesn't care one whit about the contestants as people....they just want to make money. Which I think is fine. I'm in favor of businesses making money and employing people and all that. Considering that probably the only people who will actively seek out and purchase the Idol's cds are AI viewers (because no one else has heard of these people until they are on the radio), it would be ludicrous for them to send home the contestant that most of the viewers are voting for. Oh, I'm sure they have in mind who they think that will be when the season starts. And I would even go so far to say that the judges know who the producers think will be big and judge accordingly. And I would even go further to say that as the season progresses, the producers adjust their opinion according to the votes. But send someone home who is getting more votes than someone else? I think not.

No...I think the more likely explanation is that while Siobahn's fans loved her madly, the rest of America's ears hurt when she hit her money note. And that the blogger calling himself Mighty (who claimed to be a Siobahn fan) had his own agenda and may just be pulling numbers out of his posterior and laughing at the schmucks who take his word as gospel.

Anyway, I was so relieved Crystal was safe, I didn't focus on the entertainment much tonight. I don't know if I like Shakira or not or that other group that was not Rascal Flatts and not the one who Carrie Underwood introduced. It seemed to me like the sound mix was off and everyone was singing very softly tonight. Or maybe my hearing is going. I did like Shakira's skirt! If I were 23 again, I would want one of my own!

Next week is Sinatra week. I love Harry Connick, Jr. Let's hope Crystal makes a better song choice this week. If BM sings My Way, I will not only throw up 2x like KK did for Aaron last night, I will projectile vomit at the screen. Since I have been cleaning up cat vomit for days, I sincerely hope I don't have to clean up my own.

Don't Impress Me Much

I'll just confess this right from the start: I know, like, 2 of Shania Twain's songs. I like them, but I don't buy her stuff. She's really pretty, and she seems very smart. I know she's an amazing artist, but I had trouble connecting last night.

Best to Worst:

Lee DeWyze - *swoon* smiling Lee *swoon*. He's hot. And also, I loved that he seemed to be channeling another hottie, David Cook, who changed Mariah Carey's song in an oh, so similar way to Lee's version of Still The One. I will say, it started out a bit rocky with just the piano. But, he pulled it together by mid-way through and I'm glad he got the praises he did.

Casey - Another "serious" performance a la Jealous Man, and I could not be more grateful that he lets go of the cheezy bar band frontman act again for Don't. He's so much more appealing when he sings a song that has more than 4 notes in it.

Crystal - "Did you know that Americans prefer Crystal Bowersox for their Idol one BAJILLION times more than other contestants." No wonder he hasn't had time to pop the question - he's been busy making custom T-shirts with novels on them. And that's all I'll say about Crystal's performance tonight.

Mike - I suppose his performance might have been "technically" good, or something. But I fell asleep during the middle of it, so I'm not sure.

And, I so wish I could take credit for this commentary on Mike's performance, but I stole it from a friend. It's so funny, I HAD to copy it here:

Big Mike performed as though he were trying out for "Dance With My Father: The Luther Vandross Story" on Broadway. Yet Michael wasn't the only one auditioning. Shania practically begged "Idol" producers to give her Paula’s old seat. Not only did she tell Big Mike he could "sing the phone book," but she also swayed like a wackadoo during his performance and then got weepy after. Besides hiccuping and pulling props out from under her seat, I don't know what else Shania could have done to remind me of Paula.

Siobhan - Any Man Of Mine was the most karaoke song I have seen in all of my years of watching AI. Complete with awkward dancing around the stage and strange outfit - strange for even Siobhan. Except for the last 20 seconds or so, where she sang the only notes she's good at singing, I hated this performance.

Eyebrows - Honestly, I don't think he was the worst performance of the night from a musical standpoint. But he sang a SONG ABOUT MAKING LOVE TO HIS MOTHER!!! You're kidding, right? Just because he changed "make love" to "show your love" does not change the meaning of the song from SEX to MOTHERHOOD. After I finished throwing up, I threw up some more.

Bottom three: Mike, Siobhan, and Casey

Going home: Mike

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She';s Still the One!

Well blog readers, Auntee is worried tonight. Crystal didn't shine as much as she should have and I'm afraid the votes may show it as LOTS of people are wanting her to fail.

To tell you the truth, tonight was sort of blah for me all the way around. First, I got a call asking for a charitable donation for my university during Lee's performance (I made that kid call me back after the show and reduced usual my donation by 1/2....NOT because he interrupted Idol but because we are cutting back this year). Then I was distracted because I promised someone I would call them right before Crystal came on. And finally, I was really just waiting for them all to quit singing so that Crystal could sing.

I also must confess that while Shania Twain is a big star and seems to be a lovely lady I do not follow her music and therefore had no personal connection to any of these songs that I was hearing for the first time.

My assessments in order of appearance:

Lee chose a good song for him and from what I heard had a sollid if not breathtaking performance of it.

Country goes R&B with Big Mike. Shania was moved to tears. I was so unmoved I could hardly write notes about it. It was finally over.

Casey informs us he hasn't every sung on the show before so he is going to this week. About time, huh Casey? He made Kara happy by singing a slow song and I suppose it was pretty good but I'm still waiting for Crystal to sing so I just want it to be over.

Crystal is dressed for country week in her boots and sings a lighthearted song to her boyfriend in country style. It was not her best performance. In fact it was her worst performance and I just wish she had done that about 4 weeks ago and not now when the voting is getting so frantic and close. I still love Crystal. But Crystal you have GOT to step it up next week! PLEASE!

Aaron sings to his mother which is lovely. His cold is gone. He is supposed to be the country singer but all I hear is a mediocre David Archuletta every week. Was that country? Am I missing something here? If the Dial Idol Predictor is accurate, Aaron got the highest votes tonight and will be safe once again. Either the audience saw something I didn't see tonight or all the Tim voters are switching to Aaron.

And finally...the *wild child* Siobahn. Well, that girl knows where her money is but I didn't think she made it to the bank. . A good song choice for her I think. After the praise she got tonight we can expect her to give birth on stage every week until she goes home or wins this thing.

So...as a result of that...I spent the next 2 hours voting for Crystal. I probably used up all my monthly cell minutes (Mr. Auntee was quite stingy with my plan when he ordered it), so don't call me for awhile unless you are on Verizon. Some blogger who is anti-Crystal said old people are the only ones who like her and they don't vote much. Well I voted like a tween with a pink phone tonight....I wish I had ATT and unlimited texting and that my niece in New Jersey would teach me to power text in votes. But...I'm afraid Mr. Auntee would not go for that. And I do need a new easel so I can have two in Nantucket (thanks sissy for the Christmas certificate) for when my arty niece and little J come paint with me. So...no go phone for me.

If Crystal is voted off tomorrow...there will be no joy in Teeville. My fervent hope is that Big Mike will go.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bye Tim.

Well, it had to happen. America's favorite underdog goes home tonight. I will miss him...not because I think he is a good performer...he is just OK even at his best...but because I like his smile and I like his positive attitude. The judges have been kinder lately, but for him to persevere with a smile during those first weeks of being told he shouldn't even be there says a lot about his character. A nice kid and I know why KK wants to put him in her pocket.

Now for the very long show. I was touched by many moments in the show and actually broke out my credit card for a modest donation (don't tell Mr. Auntee). The segments with Annie Lennox and David Cook were most inspiring but all of the celebrities seemed very involved. One big surprise (and one I almost overlooked because the segment was so short) was Victoria Beckham. I always thought she was sort of like the lady who is sure all that glitters is gold and buys a Staircase to Heaven. But, that she took her young son along with her on her tour of impoverished areas in Kentucky makes me change my mind about her. She needs to eat something though!

As far as I'm concerned, if I never see or hear of Fergie and the Black Eye Peas again it will be too soon. It was nice of them to donate their performance (assuming they did) but I hate their *music* and the overblown special effects and costumes. The song had nothing to do with giving back. Joss Stone was a complete waste of time with her angry version of You Put a Spell On Me. I didn't like her last year and she didn't change my mind this year.

Thankfully, Carrie Underwood came in and started the show for all practical purposes. (her song shamed me into donating...plus I remember a time when I was picking up change off the floor of my 1958 Chevy Biscayne to tide me over the weekend until my next check arrived and my Grandma sent me a card with $3.00 in it and I thought I was rich.)

I liked Alicia Keys performance too...although her voice isn't really that pure is it?

The stupid joke about the phone banks was a pure time waster. I do not want to see Tatiana Del Toro ever again in my life nor the Octomom and her brood but at least they didn't get Kate Gosselin on (she charges $10 for a picture of each of her kids so I doubt she would have donated her time anyway).

I'm glad we got to hear David Cook perform a bit. And Annie Lennox. That little girl with AIDS broke my heart and I was so happy to see her become healthy.

What was up with Mary J. Blige and the sunglasses. I love that song and it was cool to see Randy play his guitar but the purists are screaming about her ruining a classic. I was too distracted by those sunglasses to pay much attention to anything else. Stupid stage move in my opinion.

George Lopez...sort of cute but a timewaster. Wanda Sykes...I don't like her at all and I thought her humor cut a little close to the bone with the contestants tonight. The audience evidently did too because not too many of them were laughing.

And Sir Elton John. His mid-life conversion saved his life and has made a huge difference in others and he still out-performs himself on even his oldest songs.

Now for mundane thoughts about the elimination. I'm glad Ryan didn't do any tricks with it tonight but appeared to sit them down in the order of their standings. I thought BM's hotdogging it over to the couches was a bit unseemly. The others seemed to understand that tonight they were merely afterthoughts in a bigger cause and walked quietly and solemnly over to safety. Not BM... he dances across the stage to the couches. I cannot WAIT for the night he goes home.

How did Aaron get more votes than Casey (if in fact he did)? Who is voting for Aaron? It baffles me!

Shania Twain next week.

"Just Thank The Lord"

I cried last night. I'm not saying that for emotional effect, or to be dramatic. I honest to God cried.

Never, in all of my Idol watching years, have I seen a performance that actually moved me to tears. I don't even know where to begin here.

I love Crystal. I love her, love her, love her. She looked gorgeous last night. She sang beautifully. She looked happy joking with Ryan. She looked happy with her father. I love her. I had goosebumps for her entire performance and tears in my eyes, and when she choked up at the end, I lost it.

She could be a role-model for my daughter any day of the week. She is amazing. I've never seen anything like her, and I love her.

What? Were there other contestants? I had totally forgotten.

In the high school talent show league, Best to Worst:

Lee DeWyze - I liked it, and I'll probably download it. I loved when he shows some emotion, and he really did do a great job making The Boxer fit him. He still reminds me so much of David Cook and I'm a huge fan of them both.

Big Mike - I'm having a hard time getting over the pointing at the camera schtick. Again, BM, you're on my list. But he was back behind his guitar, and the others were just. that. bad.

Siobhan - "I don't want to be limited in my song choice because I might be compared to the original artists". Okay, Siobhan, I could rap some Kanye West, too. But I don't. Know why? Because I'd look like an ass compared to Kanye West. You, my dear, are no Mariah or Whitney. I did, however, like the high note.

Tim - I like Better Days and Goo Goo Dolls, so maybe that's why I thought this was okay. The refrain was shakey, but he warmed up during the chorus. I still think he's so cute.

Casey - Finally the judges call him out on his same-old, same-old performances. It's like he's literally singing the same exact song every. single. week.

Eyebrows - This song probably was good at his preschool graduation. He should stick to that. He makes me miss Pukaletta.

Bottom Three: Tim, Siobhan, Big Mike

Going home: Tim

Side Note: I'm taking a fantastic trip to New Orleans this weekend for a BFF's wedding, so I won't be around to post tomorrow. So, I'll just do tomorrow's post now:

Yay, Tephlon Tim is finally gone. Now he can come live in my pocket.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Katiesnana is the screen name for the hateful woman who thinks Crystal would not be a good mentor for her precious grandchildren. She is the reason I was temporarily banned from posting on the Idol website. See below for furthur details on that adventure. And while this is Inspiration night and I should be nice (and I will be...I promise!) I hope she was suffering in her bitterness tonight as the judges praised Crystal. I'm not going to hope that a philistine like her could appreciate Crystal's performance. She surely did not. But there is bile in her throat...you betcha!

In defense of all the contestants, the song list for this week was completely uninspiring to me. At least we were spared Over The Rainbow (Katie was going to sing it) And no one did Amazing Grace (a song I love, but not sung by amateurs and it has lost its inspiration for me from being oversung by mediocre talent on Idol). So...given the poor repertoire from which to choose....no....most of them still didn't do very well did they?

Casey. Casey needs to be in a band. Maybe not even the lead singer in a band. I like Fleetwood Mac but that song was forever ruined for me during the Clinton campaign. I can still see the 4 of them up there swaying out of rhythm as the convention closed. Like the last 3 performances of Casey's it was good but not great and as KK said last week, could be heard in any bar with entertainment throughout the nation. So...I'm giving him a B minus tonight.

Lee. Well someone had to sing The Boxer. I actually thought Lee was very good tonight. I'm giving him a B plus.

Tim...Some song by the Googoo dolls. I don't even remember what the words were. I wrote in my notes *Tonights the night the world begins again* so maybe those were some of the words. I'm sorry Tim, but I think tonight is the night your Idol world might have ended. But who knows? I'm giving him a C minus minus.

Aaron believes he can fly. I hope he doesn't try. Because he cannot fly. I thought it was overwrought and self-indulgent to use some phrases of Simons from last year. I'll give him a C.

Siobhan...Well Whitney has been on crack for the last 10 years or so so I hardly remember what she sounds like. I was never a Mariah fan. So...I'm not going to criticize her for taking on a song that was *too big* for her. I thought it was better than the judges thought it was. The judges hear her and see a big fat Lil Rounds portrait on her forehead and won't give her one bit of a break. I'm giving her a B minus because I'm feeling sorry for her.

BM. That is one ugly ass song isn't it? My notes say boo hiss. I hate it when he points the finger at the audience like hes in Las Vegas. I think it was heavy and fell flat...I'm pretty sure his last note was flat. After hearing BM, I am not only not inspired, I am beginning to get depressed about Iran sending missiles to the United States in 2015. I'm giving him a D.

So...after being trashed all week on the AI Boards by people who hate her hair, her teeth, her guitar, and her very existence because she thought about leaving Idol...Crystal goes out and sings a song I am not familiar with but which suits her to a Tee! (I later googled the lyrics) And she doesn't have her guitar (take that you morons calling her a subway singer). And she sings the first verse acapella and doesn't miss a note. And then she goes into it with a huge smile on her face and just sort of makes you think...could we just watch her sing 7 songs next week and forget the rest? And shocks the heck out of me when she breaks down on the last 2 notes. And makes me feel bad about not liking BM. And says her dad is there for the first time. And asks Ryan for his handkerchief. And looks just SOOO happy. So...I'm happy.

Then they do the replay...and even though they only have her singing 3 words in the recap...after just hearing her and hearing the rest of them ....I'm thinking she's on the train to Jordan and they don't even know where the train station is.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Suspended Again!

Well, my spirited defense of Crystal, resulted in my suspension from the AI Forums! Some old lady said Crystal would not be a good mentor for her grandchildren because she had too many piercings, wore a feather in her hair, and was a single mother. I replied that I hope her grandchildren had other role-models in their life because if they listened to Nana they would end up bullying people on facebook who were fat, ugly, disabled, or didn't wear the right clothes....and that I would keep my grand niece and nephew far away from her and her grandkids if they turned out to be mean like she is.

Do you think I went over the top?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Glad We Didn't Lose Her!

The official AI Boards are all a twitter tonight about the news that Crystal was ready to quit. I pretty much said it all in response to the jack butts who were very critical that she would even THINK about passing up this opportunity and how UNGRATEFUL she is for all of her fans and how they are coddling her and that she only did it for publicity etc. However, it won't let me copy and paste from that site so...you will just have to trust me that it was a brilliant defense of Crystal. Or else go the the site yourself...and search for my comment under the name tee70 under the forum topic in General Discussion which is headed *What do you think about the Crystal Bowersox Situation* .... stupid site won't even let me copy and past the link!

Oh the knives are out for our Crystal on that website! People are praying she is the next Melinda Doolittle. People are saying she has no right to be on the show if she is sick. People are saying she is ungrateful and a diva. I had a lot to say but basically said:

As much as it makes me happy to hear her sing, she owes ME nothing. If she thinks its better for her child and for her for her to abandon this Idol thing...then I wish her well. From her original songs, it appears she thinks her mother was not all that great of a mother and I can only guess that she does not want to repeat that with her son. Every working mother feels guilt and its probably worse if you are a single mother. I really don't think she was put on this earth to entertain ME or to win American Idol. If she does its icing on the cake of her life.

One theme among the critics is that she shouldn't be on there because she has diabetes and when she was hospitalized early on they shouldn't have rearranged the schedule for her. After I pointed out that the next time they missed work because of a puny cough or a hangover they should start looking elsewhere *because if you cannot do your job everyday you should be fired*, I addressed those who are *very sorry* about her illness...*but really...this life is so tough and perhaps she just isn't up to it and shouldn't try*. I told them to tell that to Beethoven who composed his 9th symphony while deaf, Mozart who composed the Requiem while dying of kidney disease, and Chopin who wrote nearly everything coughing his lungs up from TB. I also suggested that those who were mocking her illness probably set fire to kittens tails. So...I was on a big Auntee tirade for sure!

I've seen the song list for inspiration week and if they ever drew up a list that had absolutely NOTHING on it that would suit Crystal this is it. Prediction: BM will sing *Its a Wonderful World*.

Mama Sox Out?

We almost lost her, ladies and gentleman:


My take:

I've got a daughter who is 6 months old.

If I had to leave my daughter for months at a time to tape cheezy Ford commercials and lip-synch "doo wops" behind a 16 year old with over groomed eyebrows, I'd flip, too. Especially, if I was an honest to God artist who wanted to make a decent living singing the types of songs I wanted to sing, and not by being a corporate sell-out.

Crystal claims she'd never watched AI before trying out. I honestly don't think she knew (1) what she was getting into, and (2) that she was good enough to win this whole frickin' thing.

I get her. She misses her kid, she misses her family, and she sees herself sliding down that slippery slope into auto-tuned, pop artist hell.

I hope, for her sake, her son's sake, and the sake of the show, that she wins this thing and does become a multi-millionaire. She deserves it. And I hope she's willing to make the sacrafice to get there.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Mike

Well, we may disagree about Tim, Casey, and Brooke White...but your bloggers both have the Grandma Goldie *s...t detector* gene that tells us when someone is a phony baloney and BM surely is. I will probably vomit at his *inspirational piece*. Monica will choose to leave the room when he sings. I'm still thinking of that big guy that got cut in Hollywood week who was just as good as BM and thinking...why didn't they put him through instead! I'm sick of BM and his weeping wife.

Predictable, apparently

Last night I would have been okay with several of the contestants going home (BM, Eyebrows, Andrew, Katie, Siobhan), and I'm not shocked or saddened by the loss of Katie and Andrew.

Moving on ...

I have a confession: I was driving home from work a few days ago, and jamming out to a song. It was really good. I was thinking "I wish I had that Shazam app on my iPhone so I knew who this was". I actually sat in my driveway for a minute waiting for it to be over and hoping the DJ would tell me who it was. He did. Adam Lambert? Crap.

While last night's version of What Do You Want From Me was much more theatrical than the radio version (shock!), I like it. Damn it. I like Adam Lambert.

Brooke White and Ponytail Guy (who is that?), on the other hand, I fast-forwarded through. Because I was falling asleep. It's free on iTunes though, so maybe if I have trouble sleeping tonight I'll go download it.

Let me make some observations about Big Mike. Who is very close to bumping Eyebrows from the KK's arch-nemesis spot.

1. Dude, we get that you're huge. Must you also stand with you legs completely wide open? Do you really need to take up as much of the stage as Katie and Tim combined?

2. Once you found out you weren't even in the bottom three, you could have at least pretended to be gracious. Weren't you an actor or something? Or do you care if you look like a total ass hole?

3. Your camera hogging is no longer coincidental. It's completely obvious that you don't even like Andrew or Katie, but were just taking the opportunity to stick your big, arrogant mug in the shot again.

4. You were voted off last week. America is sick of you, and it's coming again, no matter how much the producers show clips of your sobbing wife.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Call KK!

I really thought it was going to be Andrew and Aaron going home tonight. Now I really wish they hadn't used the save on BM. He had to hog the limelight even though he was safe. Hugging all over her before she sang and then being the first to grab the camera to hug her again after. He wasn't even in the bottom 3...why do they give him so much face time? I don't like him at all. Katie didn't have it in her to go all the way and I have been highly critical of her but...oh well...she had to go sometime.

Hearing Brooke White sing again made me realize that while Didi BeSorryForMe looked like her, she was a poor man's substitute. I still like Brooke. Although I have no clue why she was hooked up with that guy she sang with who I have never heard of. Apparently, they had never met before a week ago.

I must have seen Adam perform that song on the Vote For the Worst Website because I knew it. I certainly didn't hear it on the radio because I don't listen to music on the radio. He was Adam. I imagine Siobanal was silently seething as Adam started the song slow and soft and then got louder and then hit a high note and then screamed...and that she wanted to storm the judge's desk screaming *What Do You Want From Me?*.

That Aaron is still standing amazes me. From what I can tell the grandma types, like me, are voting for Crystal...the tweens are voting for Tim. Who is voting for Aaron?

This Tim thing is going to get interesting. As the Worsters pointed out...there is only one more fodder candidate to go through (Aaron) before Tim's success really threatens to upset the apple cart in a big way. I don't predict raving reviews for him next week.

Idol Gives Back next week. Sounds like some good guest performers and a real mentor.

I have no idea *wassup* with Ryan last night but he was definitely manic. I missed the slow dance with the Michael Sarver look alike and his reference to Brian Dunkelman. Ryan may be taking amphetamines to keep up with his frantic schedule. Weird!

Speaking of Drinking Booze

What was up with Ryan last night?

"My tongue isn't nearly as talented as yours" (family show, much?)

Brian Dunkleman?


Getting his mords wixed?


Slow dance with Sarver? (Who, apparently, wasn't really Sarver.)

And putting your poor, awkward Mother on camera.

Look, I think everyone is entitled to have an "off" night, but lay off the bottle, Seacrest.

All Shook Up

I'm not an Adam Lambert fan. Going back through this blog, you can find countless posts where I rip him to pieces. (And maybe ONE where I might have said he was "okay")

But last night, I kind of liked him. I think he was only there because the producers said "it's Elvis night" and nobody else wanted to be a mentor. But, he was nice to the contestants.

Interesting that not ONE of the contestants took his advice? (Except Crystal with the electric guitar, but I bet she was going to do that anyway) I think so.

Best to Worst:

Tim Tephlon Urban - What?! Yep, I said it. Best performance of the night. Goosebump worthy. Downloadable. Original, current, and every other cliche the judges typically throw elsewhere. Good for you, Tim. I got excited when Adam Lambert gave us a hint about your song right out of the gate, and you didn't disappoint. I Can't Help Falling In Love With You, Tim, because you're freakin' fantastic tonight. I really hope you earned yourself another week with that one.

Lee DeWyze - I see more and more confidence oozing out of him each week, thank God. It's impossible to throw Digideredoos or Bagpipes into a Little Less Conversation, but, apparently, it's also possible to sing that song without making it karaoke. Which Lee did. (Yeah, I'll admit, I was nervous at first.) And that smile ... swoon.

Crystal - She's #3 on my list, but she's the only one I voted for (repeatedly) last night. Why? Because my husband pointed out that she just might be in a bit of trouble. Not because she's not absolutely amazing in every. sense. of. the. word. But, because voters are getting a little panicky about losing their favorites (read: BM). And how do horns and backup singers only make her look BETTER? She's incredible every week.

Here's where it starts to get a little blurry ... because below this line is mostly mediocrity ...

Big Mike - Barely pulls in the #4 slot with In The Ghetto. I like him when he plays the guitar, and that's what sold me here. It was a little slow, and a bit boring. I do want to applaud him for not dancing, not pulling out the top-hat and cane, and not doing 16,000 ridiculous vocal runs - nice restraint. The judges' praise (and panicky voters) should get him by another week.

Casey - After last week's Jealous Man, he almost had me. Then he slumped right back into the same old routine with a "solid", but predictable Lawdy Miss Clawdy. I could go to almost any country concert here in good ol' Kansas and see the exact same performance. Eh.

And here's where it pretty much turns to crap ...

I can't believe I'm going to write this ... Katie - I'm completely annoyed that she thought that Baby What Do You Want Me To Do was lyrically comparable to her situation with the AI judges. It just shows me (again) that she has. no. frickin'. clue. about what she wants/needs to do to win this show and/or have a music career. She's a puppet. Her voice was fine, but I agree with Simon: it was loud and obnoxious.

Siobahn - I, like Kara, am a bit confused. It IS like she's got 2 voices, isn't it? When she started that song (backwards on the stairs?), I actually said "I'm over Siobhan". She did finish it strong ... the scream wasn't at the end ... but I think the damage is done.

Andrew - I actually AM over Andrew. I only woke up to watch him drag the microphone, stand and all, behind the judges. Did you give the Hound Dog valium, Andrew?

Eyebrows - All I can say is "are you serious?" He doesn't think Blue Suede Shoes "fits him" because there's a line about drinking booze. Yeah, Eyebrows, that's why it doesn't "fit" you.

My prediction for the bottom 3: Andrew, Siobhan, and Katie

Going home: Andrew and Katie

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Havin'' My Baby

Wait! BM didn't sing Having My Baby? He sang In the Ghetto instead? At least he got in something about mamas and babies! Whew! Vote for BM or his little baby will grow up in the ghetto angry and steal your car and then die in the street in a shootout with the police! And his mama will cry. To be honest, I missed BM's performance. I don't know if the judges praised it or not. How could they not praise him after saving him last week. If they said he stunk tonight they would look like idiots.

The news that Adam Lambert was to be a mentor this week brought out 1500 plus replies on the official AI message board. I'm sure the producers did it solely for ratings. And, of course, we have to have Elvis week because Adam is so very much like Elvis! Not. I didn't hate Adam Lambert. But America didn't love him enough to make him their Idol last year so I'm wondering if more people are watching the results show of Dancing With the Stars so they can see if the world's worst mother gets voted off (sorry KK...but I have come to loathe Kate Gosselin and her fame whoring). Whether Adam was a good mentor or not is hard to tell from the clips that they showed. The idols said he was on Facebook but they may have just been sucking up to the Adam fans.

After the high of the Beatles last week, we are now back to normal which is that the only one who gave a memorable performance is Crystal. I'm like Ellen. I have run out of things to say about her. She is uncanny in choosing songs that suit her voice and then just nailing them.

OMG Andrew...you take one of Elvis's signature songs and turn it into a snoozefest. Adam told you to pick up the beat and you seemed to slow it down instead. Straight Up is oh so far away from you now Andrew and you are the hound dog. Adam said to show some energy and you tried to move around the stage but you just looked like a REALLY bad Elvis imitator. Cornball.

Tim Teflon Urban smiles and smiles and Can't Help Falling In Love and wants us all to know that he knows what falling in love feels like. He has now gone from zero to hero in Simon's view. It was ok to me. I bet he buys another week with that one though. Those little pink cell phones are blasting away with votes for Tim! This kid is dumb like a fox. He has Ellen drinking tequila shots and switching teams! A few more weeks of singing songs about love and Tim may actually WIN this thing!

Lee sings A Little Less Conversation and I thought it was marginally better than OK. I don't much like the song itself. Randy says he is in the zone. Lee attempts to infringe Tim Urban's patented smile but doesn't quite make it.

Aaron is going to sing a fast song. He takes on the 2nd signature Elvis song, Blue Suede Shoes. He is not smart enough to actually WEAR blue suede shoes which would have made his performance visually interesting at least. The judges are way tired of Aaron. They are bored with him. So are we. At this point I am losing interest in this whole production.

And now...what we have ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! Siobahn meets Adam Lambert. W0OHOO! What will these two icons of originality (that is if you didn't live through the 80s) have to say to each other! Turns out not so much. Siobahn starts out slow on Suspicious Minds after Adam told her to pick it up....then she starts singing loud...then she goes for a high note and ......wait for it....the SCREAM! Randy and Ellen only liked the 2nd part. Kara is still confused. Simon said it was erratic and screechy! Maybe she isn't the 2nd coming of Adam Lambert after all! She looks pretty unhappy and tells the judges she doesn't label herself and they shouldn't either. She didn't tell me not to label her so I will. She is banal. Siobanal.

Katie is frustrated with the judges and she wants to throw a little ladylike tantrum about it. She enters through a backdrop of orange and black flickering screens designed to induce epileptic siezures. I don't even remember the name of the song. Simon called it loud and annoying...I agree. Fortunately the show is running late so we don't have to hear the argument about what kind of artist she is supposed to be again. If Katie thinks SHE is frustrated with the judges, I am frustrated with the judges judging Katie. She is NOT that special so quite wasting air time debating her mediocrity.

Casey gives a solid performance of a song I do not now recall either. I lost interest in this show after Siobanal. He was fine. He was Casey.

Who should go home? BM because America spoke last week and I'm sick of him. And Andrew.

Predictions? BM guilted America into voting for him this week so he will stay. I'm betting Andrew and Aaron.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Out of Order

The contestants are being voted off in the wrong order. That's the only explination. Big Mike isn't going to win this, but it would be wrong for Tim, Katie, and Andrew to stay in the competition longer than him.

So, I see why they didn't save the save. Good call, judges.

Interesting that Tee liked the group number and not the performances, because I'd planned to stage a coup and attempt to get the producers to either (1) make the contestants actually SING the group number, or (2) cut it all together. This is getting ridiculous!

It's obvious that they've all been coached on how to lip-synch correctly: put the microphone up really high so that it covers your mouth. Some are better (Lee) than others (Siobahn). And I MIGHT understand if they were doing some really complicated dance moves while performing, but there not doing anything more than Miley Cyrus did, and not even close to what Jason Derulo and Usher did.

This is a competition that supposedly highlights their VOICES. I understand that once they *make it big*, they'll likely all become canned, auto-tuned, studio version, lip-synchers. But is it too much to ask for them to sing a few songs live now?

As to the actual performances:

I dig Jason Derulo. I wish he had more than 2 songs I know, because I like them both. And I can't say enough about his Michael Jackson inspired dance moves - a jump/split with a mic toss?! Really?! Awesome. (I do think it's weird that he sings his name into his songs, but that's another rant entirely)

I don't think I like Rihanna's new song. And the guy with the saw thing was creepy. But I like the platform, I like the guitar playing (fake as it was), and Oh My God did she POUR that outfit on? She's just gorgeous, and so amazing.

Pukaletta ... I can't believe I'm about to write this. I'm glad Pukaletta came back. Yes, he's sung Imagine 15,000 times before. Yes, he's still got that closed-eyes, lip-licking-slobber, stupid-chuckle thing going. But in a competition where Eyebrows is compared to Pukaletta, his performance made Eyebrows look horrible. Pukaletta's voice is 16 million times better than Eyebrows' voice. Pukaletta plays the piano. And Pukaletta's eyebrows are normal. In short, Eyebrows makes Pukaletta look GOOD.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Ask the Js!

Ryan announces with much drama, that tonight we will have *Shocking results*. Loyal blog followers, Big and Little J called the bottom 3 a full 4 hours before showtime (and probably last night). As proof, I offer a direct quote from the Js: *All the girls are safe. Andrew, Aaron, and Mike are free to go, in that order*. Pretty savvy AI fans, those Js.

I must confess, I was hoping, for KK's sake that Aaron would go home but evidently grandmas are voting for him. The tweens are definitely keeping Tim Urban in the mix, along with the worsters. And of course, poor Andrew looked so heartbroken on that stool because he just KNEW it was him because EVERYONE loves BM! Clearly everyone does not, but the judges do. They used the save. Next week, BM will sing another song about a woman having a baby in an effort to win over America once again.

I thought the judges would save the save until the last possible week (unless that happened to be the week that Tim Urban is finally voted off) but I didn't think America would catch on to BM's BS so soon. Clearly, Randy would have killed Simon if he hadn't agreed to save BM. And, I suppose, given that Andrew, Aaron, Tim and Katie are still in the mix, it was right to save him.

I'm glad they put the ladies out of their misery early. When they said shocker, I was wondering if Siobahn would be in the bottom 3. She is losing her charm quickly for me. Its good she is still here because she and Adam Lambert can share wardrobe tips next week and harmonize their high notes!

As for the entertainment. I normally loathe the group numbers because they give them such bad songs but I could have easily had 4 group numbers of Beatle's songs from the Idols tonight as opposed to the dreck that paraded around as entertainment. I am NOT a priggish old lady even though the Facebook quiz says I am...I am a very cool old lady. But I DO NOT get this music! I turned off Jason Derulo, Kara's protege. I guess he wrote that piece of garbage he sang. I can see why Kara thinks he is such a genius songwriter...they both write garbage songs.

Archie (or as we refer to him...Pukealetta) reprises Imagine with all its melismatic drama for at least the 3rd time. Would it have killed him to learn another Beatles song? He had his hair cut Beatles fashion which was new. His voice appears to be finally changing. Yawn.

Then Rihanna....who can maybe sing but who would know with that piece of trash song. And what is this new move the ladies are doing where they bend over from the waist down and look like they are vomiting on the floor? Miley Cyrus did it too.

They have not announced the theme for next week, evidently assuming that it doesn't really matter what the idols sing because Adam Lambert will be there. Pfttt!

All I know, is next week I'm looking to the Js to call the bottom 3. And we know 2 of them will be gone.

Once again, I want to encourage anyone reading this to comment. It doesn't matter if you agree with us or not (KK and I have about a 50/50 agreement rate between the two of us and we still love each other). To comment, you have to become a follower. There is a place for you to click to become a follower and then you enter a screen name and a password and you can log in to comment.

Tonight on Random Instruments and Weird Outfits:

Overall, it was a great night. How could it not be: Lennon/McCartney and no mentor!

Best to Worst:

(I can't believe I'm about to type this) Casey James - Wow, wow, wow. I'd never heard Jealous Man before, I have no idea what it's supposed to sound like, but how Casey did it was amazing. I had goosebumps. I'm downloading it. It sounded nothing like his same-old-same-old schtick he's had going on since day one, and I loved it.

Crystal - How is it that every. single. week she's in a league of her own? It's like your watching a high school talent show and all of a sudden Aerosmith comes out and performs. Come Together can be performed cheezy, boringly, karaokey ... but not by Crystal. She re-wrote it, added a weird pipe thing, and stole the show. I love her.

Lee DeWyze - I'm sorry, I LOVED the Bagpipes! How are people making fun of that? It was awesome! And I liked the audience sing along, too (I think, mostly, because I've been waiting for Lee to show some confidence, and that looked confident to me). Pssst, he's hot.

Tim Urban - Yeah, it's weird. I still really like him. He sort of changed-up All My Lovin, but didn't ruin it. He's back behind his guitar instead of sliding around the stage. He's got a really good voice! As a side note: if/when this AI gig doesn't pan out for him, he's got a modeling gig right around the corner. He's super good looking in that "unique, Abercrombie & Fitch, lots of hair" way.

Andrew Garcia - I agree with Kara (for once), and I liked the breakdown part of it, but wasn't blown away by the rest of the song. Can't Buy Me Love seems sort of easy. There's like 3 words in the whole song, and maybe 8 notes. So, when he jammed out, it was awesome. But the rest was just Eh.

Big Mike - I just couldn't stop comparing his Elanor Rigby to David Cook's. I have David Cook's version and I still listen to it all of the time, because it's that good. Big Mike's version, while decent, doesn't even come close. And he's so dramatic! He belongs on Broadway. He's not the chilled out, blues/R&B singer that the judges want him to be. He's a dancer. He needs some tights, a top hat and a cane.

Siobahn - Siobahn, Siobahn, Siobahn, why have you forsaken me? I almost considered putting Katie above you on this list! Can you believe it? Katie! You're weird, we get it - you dress weird, your personality is weird, you sing a bit weird - but you can't get by on that alone. Across the Universe was practically unrecognizeable, and just, well, weird.

Katie - Let It Be was her best performance. Which, isn't saying much because you know how I feel about her other performances. Her voice did sound sort of pretty, she was more on key than usual, but I still can't like her. I'm sick of the "what type of artist" bit every week, I'm sick of her being the 1st to hug every contestant that comes backstage so that she can get more camera time, and I'm sick of her constantly being introduced as "17 year old Katie" like her age should be a consession.

Eyebrows - I'm simply giddy about the judge's comments!! I was literally bouncing around, clapping, and laughing as they knocked the stupid smile of his stupid little face. He may have been better served with Imagine-ala-Pukaletta, but was out-bid for that song by the actual Pukaletta. I'm hoping with all hopes that America agrees with the judges and puts him in the bottom three, but he's "still confident", and probably with good reason.

Bottom three: Tim, Andrew, Katie

Going home: Tim

Disclaimer: Some of you might be thinking: how can KK be so mean to these children? They're high school students, for crying out loud. They're 17 and she's saying horribly hurtful things to them. What a bitch.

To that, I respond: Look, if my kid wants to try out for AI when she's 16 or 17, I'm not going to let her. Want to know why? Because she's a KID. Kids shouldn't be "put out there" for an entire world of people to (1) pick apart, (2) bid on as a prom date, (3) miss their Algebra tests. And, if their parents are stupid enough to throw them to the wolves (like Simon and KK), then the kids need to be tough enough to take it. Even if that means that Daddy leaves the bar and comes to Katie's side if/when she's voted off to wipe away her tears. If you give your kid to the world, they need to toughen up quickly, because you knew that's what you were signing them up for in the 1st place.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Come Together

And it did pretty much come together for the majority of the contestants tonight. And they all got to tell us how much they like each other. And, I think proved, that being a mentor is just really an opportunity for somebody to sell a current record or movie and adds nothing to the performances (as if we needed this proven after Miley Cyrus). Nice of Sir Paul to wish them luck, however.

Why do I love Crystal so much? *I can't wait for Lee and Andrew to get married and have little Danny Gokey babies*. Why didn't I think of that line?

Good news...Aaron did not sing Imagine. Bad news....David Archuleta will perform it tomorrow night for at least the 3rd or 4th time on Idol. Good news for KK...Aaron pretty much sucked tonight. Poor Aaron, trying to find a song that means something to his 16 year old self and chooses a song about a jaded reprobate who finally sees the light and returns to the woman he should never have left behind to find that she didn't think he was all that hot to begin with and has moved on. Aaron says it describes his journey on Idol and his 8 month winding road to fame.

Katie...*she's every one's little sister* (by that do they mean she is annoying as hell and they wish she would just go away...because that is how I see her), She also does an original dance reminiscent of Elaine's on Seinfeld. Then...announces she will go to the prom with the highest voter (we've now established what she is and are just arguing about the price). She sings *Let It Be* basically to Brooke's arrangement but she cannot play the piano like Brooke so she just stands there and shakes her ponytail around. She is not off key and this was, for Katie, her *moment*. I detected, as did Simon, a bit of a country twang in her efforts to *make the song* her own. I do not like this young woman very much. Let it be her last *moment*. And please, judges, I do not CARE what kind of artist she should be.

Andrew...got to love him personally the more you know him. He is not the original genius they said he was but he is not bad and I was entertained if not blown over by *Can't Buy Me Love*. (I think Sir Paul is regretting that his last wife was indeed bought and paid for).

BM does Eleanor Rigby. A total surprise choice but then we find out his dad sang it and BM never fails to bring in some sort of emotional back story to every performance. It was good but it would have been better if I didn't have to watch his corny hand movements. A bit over the top. Randy loves him.

I had no idea what my favorite Crystal would sing. Come Together was not even on my possible list for her. She tweeted yesterday that she *just had to learn the words* and I got a hint then it might be Come Together because its the only Beatles song I can think of where it would be hard to learn the words. I loved her take on it. So much better than Carly's over dramatic diva version of 2 seasons ago. Its not a favorite song of mine but she did great and seemed to be in such a happy open mood tonight. The didgeridoo or whatever guy was great too.

The judges have decided to use reverse psychology on the audience and praise Tim Urban (who got a new haircut for the occasion and looks much less scruffy but still very cute) in hopes he won't get the sympathy vote anymore. All My Lovin' is one of my favorite early Beatles' songs and all I can say is *Wasn't that sweet?*.

Casey has also had a hair change with some highlights and curls. He also abandoned his outlaw duds for a white suit. He probably should have picked a different week to go foppish as there is a rumor on the internet that he is gay. The evidence for that claim is very sparse. I think I have pretty good gaydar and I don't see it. He was overpraised I think tonight. My thought as he was singing that song was *this is like watching that commercial where the swimmers are swimming in molasses*. It was very slow and tedious to me.

Of course Siobahn is going to sing Across the Universe so she can sing Om! She has evidently been reading US magazine because her outfit tonight was a carbon copy of Madonna's daughter Lourdes' outfit pictured in this weeks edition, which was a carbon copy of an early Madonna outfit.

She is like Adam to me...trying too hard to be different and then becoming a caricature. And her fans on the board are just as obnoxious as Adam's fans.

Well, it looks like Lee said...I'll see Crystal's didgeridoo and raise it with a bagpipe! I am a Scottophile (is that a word?) and love bagpipes. But What the Heck? You were doing great Lee (although asking the audience to sing along was a bit big Mikeish) and then down comes this bagpiper? It at least brought some levity into the show. I don't think Lee is going home but that was odd. I do love the song Hey Jude.

So...it was not a terrible night tonight. I have no idea who will be in the bottom 3.

Next week, the idols will be mentored by the one and only ADAM LAMBERT! Which means Idol cannot even pay enough for a real artist to mentor these kids this year.

Hope this publishes...one click and I will know!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Don't quite know why, but Blogger.com went crazy on me last week. I think I have the problem fixed but we will know Tuesday night.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Tee and Didi

Tee is having posting issues with this blog.  But I assure you, she is THRILLED about Didi's exit. 

More next week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stickin' around like, well, Tephlon

HOW did that happen??  Vote for the Worst?  Tween girls who surrounded him in the pit?  Are there others who want him in their pockets?  He does have like 15 siblings, maybe they each have 10 cell phones. 

Obviously, Didi wasn't going to win this whole thing.  I gave her 2 or 3 more weeks, tops.  But (as adorable as I think Tim is) she should have stayed. 

It's just a reminder that we're getting down to that part of the competition where somebody has to go home - and you know it's not going to be Eyebrows. 

The show must go on.  And so will Tephlon Tim. 

A quick comment about last night's performances.  I'm a fan of Usher and Diddy (although, I did not realize Diddy Dirty Money is the new moniker.  Because I'm old and out of touch, I guess.)  And I loved the show aspect of the performances - they are both fantastic dancers, I loved the pyrotechnics, and the strobe lights.  But what's with every rapper using the T-pain microphone? 

I do have to give props to Usher, who actually sang live and did all of those dance moves.  As opposed to Diddy Dirty Money who pulled an Ashlee Simpson. 

Lennon and McCartney week next week.  Always a good time there!