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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Uh, oh, Allison. They're coming after you now that you were in the top 2 last night.


So, she won another singing competition. She got $50,000. But she doesn't have a recording contract, and that's clearly what these contestants want.

I'm still 100% on Team Allison!!!

Apparently it's me ...

I think I'm going to start cheering for Gokey next week, because I'm clearly cursed. I JUST start to cheer for Adam, and look what happens!

Obviously, I would've liked to see Gokey in the bottom three before Adam. But when it gets down to it, they're all probably going to be there soon. There's only 4 left - that's just basic math. If Gokey avoids it all season, I might just avoid AI all next season (okay, that's clearly an empty threat).

As far as the stupid "pick sides" game that Ryan makes everybody play - I think Adam GOT that he was in the bottom three, and went over with the 2 that he thought were there with him. After all, Simon was all over Matt's performance last night, for some reason. And I'm actually glad that he didn't sit in the middle like some spoiled temper-tantrum throwing child - Pukaletta ruined that move for me forever. And Adam's closer to my age, he's not 16 - I'm glad he acted like an adult.

I also have to confess: I did not watch Matt's last performance (I was over him, anyway), only watched a small portion of Natalie Cole's performance (she's beautiful and wonderful, as always), and listened to about 3 notes out of Taylor Hicks (who I still can't believe beat Daughtry and Kat McPhee, but he IS funny in fast-foward). And, although I like the actual song "Blame It", I had to skip Jamie Foxx's performance, too (because without T Pain's live voice, it sounded like he was singing with a robot).

It was 10:00, I'm pregnant ... the DVR is my best friend. I apologize for my piss-poor blogging.

I may not know the Rat Pack - but Slash, I know!! His guitar riffs were burned into my brain during my dark early 90's rock phase - I could probably still air-play all 6:00 minutes of the solo in Sweet Child O'Mine. And more recently I love him on Guitar Hero (although it took me several tries to beat him). I'm dying to see how drugged out he is, and if he can actually function enough to give the contestants decent advice.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sing Us A Song You're the Piano Man

I think if Matt had sung that song last night like he did tonight, Kris or Adam would be going home. This may explain Simon's critiques. He listens to the studio versions, forms his opinions, and then sort of zones out on the live performances. Because, I thought Matt did that song brilliantly tonight and I don't think it was only because I was relieved that my precious Allison was safe. I am quite sure he hit a lot of flat notes last night, put in way too many weird falsetto changes etc. Tonight, I didn't see that. Good for Matt going out on a good performance.

Adam, bless his heart, screwed the pooch tonight. Doesn't he know that in this situation he is supposed to sit on the floor between the two groups as did Melinda and Archie? Then, he cannot count. Its the BOTTOM three not the top three. So...you are in the bottom 3. He looked shocked when asked to move and told he was in bottom 3 and this will not bode well for votes because people like humility as false as it may be in Gokey's case.

Gokey is looking at other people's performances (and probably Simon's secret e-mail to him) and is now watching David Cook videos. Please Adam...in the name of truth, justice and the American way vanquish this dark spot from our TV screen!

Loved Natalie Cole. She looks great for her years and her history. Taylor HIcks. I don't know. I would probably like his music better if I could hear him sing over the band and if I didn't have to look at him. Searched frantically for the mute button while Jamie Foxx did his hip hop rap crap which was all some synchronized voice anyway. He was gracious about all the contestants. Bad Idol producers. He agreed to do this and took it seriously and through 2 shows Ryan forgets to promote his movie

Next week is rock. Not good for Adam because that will be two *theatrical* performances in a row. Lets just be frank here. When people say *theatrical* they mean he is acting too gay. I'm thinking go for it...I think Adam held back last night and that hurt you. And who in the heck is Slash and what does he/she/they know about Rock and Roll?

Still, I'm not sure America is going to forgive Adam for thinking he was safe tonight despite the evidence so...go Allison and go Kris. The forces of evil are about to descen on our land complete with heart shaped hands promoting Lenscrafters so step it up up up!

Danny and His Heart and Some Bon Jovi Gossip

One of the posters on the Wichita Eagle's blog questioned whether Danny has some side deal with Lenscrafters as they are running a commercial using that heart shaped hands thing right now. I knew it came from a commercial but forgot it was lenscrafters which would be an obvious tie-in with Danny and he did have his glasses back on. Wouldn't it be rich if St. Danny had some sort of below the table deal with Lenscrafters? On the other hand, he was making the moves on that Christian singer a couple of weeks ago (not clear if he wanted to know her for professional or personal reasons) so maybe KK is right.

And, KK, I actually worked with Jon Bon Jovi's first cousin. His name was Joe Bon Giovi which is how they spell their name in real life and he was a doll. I'm sure you and Jon would have made a lovely couple but for the age difference!

Is the rat pack like the brat pack??

Because Tee gave you insight into her background, I feel compelled to do the same:

Other than Frank Sinatra, I couldn't name one memember of the rat pack. After I heard the theme, I had to Wiki. I'd heard a few of last night's songs before, and I like them. But I would not have been able to tell you why they were from the rat pack era (or, if "the rat pack era" is even the accepted terminology) and I could not name another song or artist that should have been featured.

I, on the other hand, grew up with the brat pack. The copy-cat posse of 80s superstars with big bangs, tight-rolled pants, and fingerless gloves. God, I loved the 80s.

Performances, from worst to best ...

Matt - I've been a fan of his ... I tried really hard to like it - especially after he built himself up as some sort of jazz superstar ("I've studied this, this is my week, I'm all over this") - which was stupid. But it was absolutely horrible!!! I'm no classically trained musician, but even I could tell that it was "pitchy" (to quote Randy). More than "pitchy", it was just AWFUL to listen to. Please go home, Matt.

Gokey - I wanted to put him at the bottom this week because I can't stand this kid, but Matt's performance was just that bad. I will say that this wasn't the worst Gokey performance I've heard. But what's with all of this "the vocals were better than they've been during the past few weeks" crap the judges whipped out? I didn't hear one bit of bad criticism over the past few weeks ... should there have been? Is somebody telling the judges to hold the bad inside for this tool? And I think that heart he made with his hands at the end was for his new girlfriend who he has to keep secret because it would trump the dead-wife card he's been riding around on (my husband says I'm mean.)

Kris - I like him, a lot. I like his voice, I think he's cute. I love that he really HAS become the "dark horse" in this competition and I'm pulling for him to uproot Gokey and compete with Adam in the finals. But ...

Allison - Is absolutely amazing! I would buy that song - hell, a whole album of songs like it - NOW. She looked beautiful, she's been working on her quirky personality (to become more camera friendly), and she has the best voice of anybody on the show. ANYBODY.

Best of the night: Adam Lambert - this kid is going to make a fan of me, yet. Damn him. He is a performer, isn't he?!? From the grand entrance down the red staircase, to his fancy white suit ... and that 20 second note - which, by the way, was NOT yelling - gave me goosebumps. Randy called it Broadway and Simon correctly quipped "that's like criticizing a cow for mooing" ... it's been Broadway all along, Randy. Apparently, people like it. And ... gasp ... I'm becoming one of them.

A note of Jamie Foxx - I was JUST talking to my husband about the lack of mentors this season (actually, I was really just missing my Bon Jovi week - I was supposed to marry Bon Jovi, you know?). And out comes Jamie Foxx - of whom I'm a huge fan. And I think he was an awesome mentor, gave good advice to every contestant, and really did make the show interesting.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fly Simon To The Moon!

Well, first let me say that I had a lovely day today and had absolutely no inclination that I was going to turn into a bawling idiot 15 minutes into the show. Second, let me say that Simon is a dishonest ass and should be flown to the moon and left there after his comments tonight.

OK, I was prepared to be very critical of Jamie Foxx as the mentor for Rat Pack week. What the heck does he know about the Rat Pack? He played Ray Charles in a movie but Ray Charles wasn't in the Rat Pack. Yes, Sammy Davis Junior was black and so is Jamie Foxx but Sid Vicious was white and so was Frank Sinatra so where is the connection? I didn't know that Foxx is a classically trained musician. And, despite my initial scorn, I thought he did a great job as a mentor tonight.

I was born too late. I should have been a young adult in the late 1950's and early 1960's when people went to nightclubs and drank martinis and listened to big bands and danced and men lit your cigarettes for you and you wore dresses with full skirts and petticoats and big collars and rhinestone buttons and perfume. And FM shoes. Instead I ended up in beer joints wearing overalls and a tee shirt and navigating my way to the bathroom between puddles of spilled beer and pee or wearing polyester pants and shiny polyester tops drinking pina coladas at some disco bar where strobe lights and the over loud bass amps gave you a migraine. And no one ever lit your cigarette let alone danced with you.

Ok, thats a lot about me but just trying to give the backstory for my complete emotional breakdown tonight.

My judgments in inverse order of praise.

I don't care what Simon said, Matt stunk the house up. I think the reason Jamie had no comments for him initially is that he saw no hope for Matt's murderous renditon of that classic. I think Jamie hoped he would be on key if he changed the key. Matt was not. It was breathless, off melody, off key, off everything. Notes and riffs all over the place like always. He may have had emotion behind it like Simon said. But *it* stunk.

I so wanted Danny to sing Volare, but alas he didn't follow my advice. HIs 24 hour *meditation* on Simon's comments that he was clumsy last week led Danny to conclude that he should probably stand still this week. He does the usual Danny stuff starting slow and mournful and then breaking into the big screamer notes at the end. Kara could hardly restrain herself. He started doing his emotional hand stuff at first but then stopped himself. The audience loved him and Danny showed how much he loves the audience by clapping for them because they clapped for him. Such humility. And a dead wife too. Well the majority of Americans are suckers. The last election proved that.

My new best friend Adam disappointed me. Not because he did a bad job but because h e didn't do a better job than last week. He seemed a bit off tonight. I didn't much like the song and don't associate it with Rat Pack but I may be ignorant about that. I expected something more unexpected. Still, for the first time, I saw the fat red-headed freckled face little boy within and I'm rooting for him to vanquish the evil Gokey.

Kris was so reminiscent of Sinatra tonight it gave me goosebumps. Not that he was imitative of him. But lets face it, Sinatra did not have a great voice but he had a good voice and exquisite phrasing. Kris gave me goosebumps in the first 3 bars. Damn that stupid random falsetto note. Without that, his performance would have been perfection for me.

For the last 2 weeks, I thought Allison had been singing songs too old for her. Who wants a 16 year old to sing about needing *hot stuff* tonight? Many on the idol boards wanted her to sing Stormy Weather. Like she can relate to some old jaded alcoholic broad whose abusive husband has left her for the umpteenth time. You will not believe me but I actually did post on those boards that I wanted her to sing *Someone to Watch Over Me*. To verify this go see what tee70 had to say about what she should sing.

So this is the performance that made me bawl. It may have been the Chinese food I had tonight which I'm sure was loaded with MSG. Or it may have been Jamie suggesting that Allison think of her family when singing it. Or it may have been the chardonnay I found when cleaning out my car earlier today.

Jamie earned his mentor pay by telling her to think of her family and not some boyfriend. And then, of course, I started thinking of mine, specifically my daddy, and then I started bawling. She did it Allison's way and boy if she goes home tomorrow because of Simon's comments I will be pretty ballistic. But if she does go home tomorrow, that should be her signature song on the tour. The best she has ever done in my opinion. I've watched Idol for 3 years and never bawled like I did tonight during a performance.

I really think it was the Chinese food.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rat Pack Night!

Its official! The theme for next week is songs for the Rat Pack Era. For those younger readers, The Rat Pack was a group of Hollywood stars originally centered around the Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Bacall social set. After Bogie died, and Bacall started dating Sinatra, Sinatra became the official *leader* of a group that finally evolved to include Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop. The girl hangers on were Shirley MacClain and Angie Dickenson. I'm excited so long as they keep to the era and don't just trot out Sinatra 1970's songs like New York New York and Strangers in the Night. And, I suppose if HE really wants to he can actually sing Volare complete with sound effects! I would actually fall off my couch in spasms of laughter from which I might never recover if HE sang Volare next week!

The idol boards want Allison to sing Stormy Weather. I think that would be a huge mistake. I think she ought to sing one of Rosemary Clooney's songs beause her voice is sort of husky like Rosemary's voice is. And for younger readers, Rosemary is George's aunt and a far better entertainer than he will ever hope to be!

Welcome to our new followers, Bonnie and Steph. I am privileged that Steph can also call me Auntee. For Bonnie's information HE refers to the one I do not like.

Everyone reading is welcome to comment on our posts, even if you disagree.

And, they are going to sing 2 songs next week.

Shock! Shock, I say!

No, not because of who went home. If you've been watching the show at all, you knew it would be those 2.

But because Allison was in the bottom 3. Wrong! It was just wrong! (I clearly didn't push the redial button enough.)

While I do realize she'll likely be voted off right after Matt, it would have been a travesty if Matt and Anoop got to stay and she didn't. I'm glad she's around for another week.

She and Matt both have to seriously step it up next week if they have any chance of performing again.

Kris appears to have fallen in with the "chosen" two ... it should be interesting to see if he can beat out Gokey for the coveted slot against Adam. I've vowed to vote for ANYBODY besides Gokey and Adam in the final 3. And now I know just how MUCH I have to push that redial button for it to count for something!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well, Lil is out of her misery and they won't have Anoop to kick around any more. I was pretty scared for Allison and thinking you stupid judges you wasted the save on hat man Jack when you could have used it for her. I'm hoping Matt is next. The good news is that maybe next week HE will be in the bottom 3. How much meditating does HE have to do to figure out HE dances like a jerk?

KK, love the clip of Kara bursting in on Randy's time. Did you notice Simon giving Kara the finger disguised as a nose scratch? He learned move from our President.

Speaking of hat man Jack (well its nicer than referring to the reason he WEARS the hat)...a woman on the Idol boards today said that while Matt was singing *I I I I Stayin Alive*, her young kids substituted the words with *I I I I have a stupid hat on*.

Well on to next week . No theme announced that I have heard.

Tee's not the only one ...

Who doesn't like Kara ...


I think once you're on Simon's bad side, you don't have much longer.

(Yes, I do other things besides read celebrity gossip sites.)

I almost like disco

Disco night, overall, wasn't as bad as I anticipated. It could have been much, much worse.


Kris - I've got him pegged to beat out Gokey for the final 2 slot against Adam. When I saw him sitting there with his acoustic guitar I couldn't help but think "what is he doing? this is going to be horrible." And then I downloaded it from iTunes (along with last week's song) ... I seriously love this kid now. He's figured out exactly what kind of "artist" he is and he's an awesome one!

Adam - I won't go as far as Tee and say I like him. But I was SURE he'd do a sped-up, yelling, dancing version of Staying Alive ... and was absolutely wowed when he calmed down ... during disco week! He really does have a nice voice. Although, I still think he belongs on Broadway and I guarantee I'll never download his songs.

Allison - I voted for her. A lot. Because, in spite of what the judges said, I LOVED her arrangement. Allison is a rocker. A rocker!! Did they *want* her to go out and do the sped-up version? Wouldn't that be "karaoke" like Lil? I thought the key was to take a disco song and make it fit you're style? Plus - did she POUR herself into those leggings? God, that was awesome. She's amazing in every way.

A tie for "not good enough to keep you around" goes to:

Matt - Seriously? You were voted off last week and that's what you come back with? I get that the title to the song is fitting for your situation. But did you actually listen to the song before you decided to perform it? That was ridiculous.

Lil - I really hated it. What she doesn't do - at all - is watch the contestants that the judges are constantly praising. See how their songs sound different than the original? See how they change the notes so that they're not just copying the original artist? Remember at the beginning of the competition when you threw in "pick up the phone and vote for Lil" in the middle of the song lyrics? Get it?

Anoop - Horrible. I will admit that he's looking more handsome now. I like what his stylists have done for him. And I liked him last week, so I'm glad he didn't go home then. But he deserves to head out now.

And the award for "I want to stick a key in my eye":

Gokey - I'm so over this douchebag I don't even know where to start. He's like some horrible 80's cliche - with his ridiculous dance moves and meticulously trimmed scruffy face. His song sounded more karaoke than ANY of the others. I hate him in more ways than I can possibly fit onto this blog.

Bottom three predictions: Anoop, Lil, Matt. Lil and Matt will go home.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Simon Says

Lil, Anoop, and Matt must be in the bottom 3 and that is probably what America will do. I would gladly throw he who shall not be named in the bottom three instead of any of the above. More on that in a moment.

Poor Lil. I thought she did great tonight. Much better than previous performances but the script had been written. They didn't really have much to criticize about the actual performance. Back to lack of artistry and originality and the arrangement wasn't any good. She has embarassed them by not living up to their pre-show hype and she must go. Now.

Kris blew me away tonight for the 2nd week in a row. I had no idea what disco was going to sound like with an acoustic guitar. I loved it and am going to vote for him tonight because I hope he makes it to the finals.

Allison was a bit of a disappointment to me tonight forthe 2nd week in a row but still a solid performance. They didn't like the arrangement but unlike with Lil, they praised her.

Adam Lambert is just in a class by himself. I wondered if he would do a slow tempo song (he seems to alternate) and I couldn't believe how different that song sounds when sung in the way he sang it. I have decided I like him. He also gave credit to the person who helped him with the arrangment which was a nice touch.

Can we throw Matt Giraud back? Please? As I was watching, I thought it was frantic, as much of an *all over the place* performance as Lil's, if not worse and there was not a darn thing original about it except that it sounded way way worse than the original. A cheeesy song choice, uninspired arrangement (but unlike with Lil that didn't matter to 3 of the judges because he can sing...I beg to differ!)

They finally gave Anoop the pimp spot. The boards have been all over the place decrying the unfair treatment of Anoop so maybe the producers wanted to throw his fans a bone. He has a slightly more edgy look. I anticipated that it would be called boring. Three of the judges liked it, but Simon wants to make sure Anoop is in the bottom three so he hated it of course. But, basically, Anoop is sort of boring.

Now for he who shall not be named (HE). One of my husband's favorite movies is a cult classic called Hollywood Knights about a group of teenagers engaged in all sorts of vulgar pranks on a Halloween night in the late 1950's or early 1960's. (Sort of like American Graffiti without the artistry and with bathroom humor). They are inspired to mayhem by the closing of their favorite hangout which is being torn down to make way for a park or something. The main character, played by Robert Wuhl, shows up at the highshool talent show and steals the show by farting along with the song *Volare*. (If you know the song, use your imagination). A young Fran Drescher also appears in this movie and is apalled at his behavior and starts screaming in her Fran Drescher voice *HE'S FAHTING THE SUONG!). Well, earlier this week I said on the Idol boards that HE would be praised if he farted the song. He did. In fact some of his dance moves would have made Robert Wuhl proud!. A more unoriginal, cheesy, karaoke performance I have seldom seen on idol. HE is someone I do not like and I will vote for anyone over him in the final.

Predictions: Lil goes. Probably Anoop. Maybe Matt.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And Its A Save!

I hated Matt's performance last night, but he seems like a really nice guy so I have no problem with the save tonight. They had to use it sometime. It was great to see the other idols so happy for him. His performance was better tonight but I am still sick of those falsetto notes that they are putting in out of nowhere this season.

And, I guess learned my lesson about criticizing Danny's sympathy bid. Got spanked pretty hard by the other bloggers. Some even quoted scripture at me. So, I will henceforth never even mention Danny Gokey again. Unless he wins this thing. Then I will have to mention him I guess.

I have picked the perfect song for Lil (who is now gettin my sympathy votes) for next week: *I Will Survive*. I think it would be a hoot if she sang it really loud in Simon's face.

Blast from the past

Yay for one of my favorites from last season, Jason Castro. He's so hot.


Paula's new book of quotations ...

Paula clearly got one of those books filled with inspirational quotes. And she's now using it, instead of actually, you know, JUDGING. So, I will take a cue from her handbook ...

Again, in order from best to worst - in my opinion:

Anoop - The road was long and windy, but you have finally emerged into the sunshine. Your future is filled with many more trips towards the glorious reward. (Translation: best performance of the night. where did this kid come from. I think I hated him before but now I love him.)

Allison - The wisdom in your eyes shines forward making all those around you forget your youth and love you for your radiant talent. (Translation: you're so good, but I worry about you because you went first and for some reason you've been in the bottom 3 several times. I really hope you'll stay and I'll bet the judges would save you.)

Kris - You have emerged from the darkness and have shown those around you the light. (Translation: I don't know if it was his best performance, but I liked that he finally put down the guitar and I think it took some guts to sing a song that nobody has heard. and I really dug it.)

Matt - You must find yourself before you can truly recognize that which will make you happiest. Search deep, you have been on the right path before. (Translation: what are you doing. can you go back to the Matt that sang Let's Get It On and The Frey, and stop trying to sing falsetto, because you're not good at it.)

Danny - You must refuse to let your past misfortune rule your life. You will never be able to grow and change unless you look foward, not back. (Translation: every song sounds the exact same. every. single. song. start low/slow and pitchy, rev up, get gravely, start yelling. and never let them forget your wife is dead. even when you suck, Simon will give you props because it must have been hard to sing about her.)

Lil - You've been dealt a harsh hand and struggled to overcome. Sometimes in life, you must recognize unfruitful ventures so that you can be successful in the correct arena. (Translation: I think you're awesome, and you'll have a good career. american idol wasn't your bag, unfortunately. and talking back to the judges sealed your fate - did you forget Meagan Joy)

Adam - Keep dancing and screaming, some will think you're a complete fool, but somebody somewhere likes you no matter what. (Translation: WTF. I hate that this kid is going to win this show. he's just awful in too many ways to express.)

Who will REALLY be in the bottom three?? Matt, Anoop, and Lil. Maybe Allison.

I'd pay money at this point to see Adam or Gokey knocked down a peg. Just once, that's all I'm asking.

Stick A Key In My Eye!

I screwed up tonight and voted 3x for the number 5 contestant who I thought was Kris. It was that horrible Danny Gokey! ARGGGH!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bye Bye Lil!

Simon basically said after the first performance that Lil is dead to him when he told Allison she is the girls' only hope this year. So you knew he would hate what she did. I'm glad Lil talked back. She did try to change up the song. I wasn't fond of some of her changes but at least she tried. She is the Vote For the Worst choice this week and I really hope they save her just to make Simon pissed. I think she has been given the shaft. I bet there wasn't a Mary J. Blige song on her stupid approved list. She probably had to choose between Whitney, Celine and Bette. Injustice. And I don't even like her.

Allison was highly praised and I like her performance but not as much as some of her others. I will go in and vote for her during Law and Order commercials because going first usually means less votes. And she doesn't deserve to be in the bottom 3.

Anoop listened to Tarentino and had a good performance. Randy and Kara liked it and so did I and I think he will probably stay around another week.

Well, just as I was getting over Ring of Fire, Adam takes another of my all-time favorite songs and ruins it with his preening. I'm sure if I listened to it and didn't have to watch it I would like it. But, I had to watch it.

For all of those who mocked Scott's voice, I can only say *Matt Giraud*. You know not to expect much when Quentin Tarentino says *I think it will be one of his best 3 performances*. The most interesting thing about this performance was the judging. As Kara was speaking, they showed Simon in the backround with his mouth open and his head bobbing along to her cadences. I'm just guessing that he was mocking her.

Danny Gokey is consistent as he sings *Don't Forget My Wife Is Dead And I Have Deep Emotions*. Oh..sorry...it was *Endless Love.* Quentin Tarentino tells him to cut out the hand movements, but Danny knows better and keeps them in. I probably wouldn't have noticed them if he hadn't so blatantly disregarded advice from Quentin. I thought he hit several flat notes and that it was boring.

I had never heard the song Kris sang and cannot remember the name of it. I loved it. I agreed with Kara. I think it was the best performance of the night.

Now for my pet peeve. Will these people QUIT trying to imitate Adam by singing those falsetto notes out of nowhere? None of them can do it except for Adam. Even Lil got into the act tonight by ending The Rose on that high note which was just what an amateur would do. Please....just STOP it.... It is not necessary and only ruins what was shaping up to be a pretty good performance. Only Allison has resisted that temptation and I like her all the better for it.

And, finally, I guess the producers have somewhat admitted that adding a 4th judge to the mix is just too time-consuming.

On a personal note: I fell asleep on the couch watching judge shows. I had one of those *panic* dreams. I was a contestant on Idol and the performance was in 20 minutes and I hadn't learned my song. I could not find a piano to practice it on and didn't know the words or the music. So I find the head judge who was the Dean of my Law School but was called Dr. Phil for some reason and said I wanted to drop out. He told me the contract required that I sing. Fortunately, I woke up just as the real Idol was coming on TV and didn't have to face dream humiliation.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Saved the Save ... Phew.

I started to get a little nervous when Simon said "two of us want you to stay, and two of us don't" (it's pretty clear that the girls' "role" is to pretend to want to save everybody). I thought for a minute that they'd actually waste the Save on Scott. I'm so glad they Saved the Save.

Not that Scott isn't a nice guy, I'm sure he is. But Allison has been in the bottom 3 several times. I have a feeling she's going to need the Save. And Scott had gone from boring, to not great, to awful.

And unlike Tee, I was annoyed by Paula's speech at the end. They don't do that for everybody ... only the blind guy. If Scott is going to try to get into the music business, he needs to learn that it's tough, and he's not going to be coddled just because he's visually impaired. (Not that HE expects that. But Paula felt that he needed it - and that's what was annoying.)

Frankie Avalon was the show stealer!! I don't even think the judges knew he was actually going to be there to perform! That was absolutely wonderful!

I'm a big fan of Flo Rider, too. I thought the performance was awesome - that girl could SING! What I did not like is how they bleeped out his website. Let the man plug himself ... he just sang on your show!

Kellie Pickler was okay. I wasn't a huge fan when she was on the show, either. But I do love that she's super successful. My husband loved that she's totally rearranged her entire body and face since she was a competitor.

I'm not looking forward to next week. I know I'm going to have to learn to like Disney in the next 9 months to a year ... but I just don't like Disney now.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Forgot about Frankie!

I was in Paula mode on the last post and didn't comment on tonight's entertainment. Frankie was the best part of the night for me. When they started showing that clip I was thinking wouldn't it be great if Frankie could sing that song today? And then I hear his voice over the soundtrack! A special moment for old timers like me when he comes walking out facelift and all and still can sing. That Flo Bandy or Jo Handy or So Garbagy was pretty hard to sit through for me. And Kelly Pickler was fine (I like the song...she sounds better on the video) but why do these women idols who come back have to fawn all over Simon.

I want a 50's pop music theme for Idol to compensate us viewers of a certain age who have to sit through the Lady GaGa's week after week.

I Think I Drank Paula's Koolaid

Well, I am a sappy sappy lady. I cried when Scott sang his last song. (I would bet that my sister did too). I know, I know, he wasn't that good of a singer but I think he is a very talented musician who just loved what he did. And, perhaps its because the last time I really listened to pop music on a regular basis was in the mid to late 1970's (I had a thing called a job for awhile and was a little too busy care about Nirvana and such) and thats when all the sappy crooners were singing. Like Billy Joel. Not that Scott is Billy Joel. But, someday, if he can write some good songs, he may surprise us.

Oh well, it was to the point where some people who you are attached to somewhat are going to leave. Eventually, it will just be Adam and Danny. Adam will never be David Cook to me but he is growing on me.

And Anoop was pretty good last night so he shouldn't have gone home on a good performance. Lil was awful but she has been for weeks. Maybe this will scare her into singing a song the judges like. I doubt it though. I just think she really isn't as good as the judges thought she was. I'm pretty sure she was the one they would have saved.

And I love Paula for being as sappy as me. And, I think I'm not going to be so mean about Kara anymore either because I think she was rooting for Scott tonight too.

I got kind of sarcastic today on the boards when one guy was going on and on about why can't they be as mean to Scott as the other contestants (I think they have been as hard on him) and criticized his clothes. I was like...well its not like he can actually SEE what he is going to wear or how they are styling his hair! He cannot SEE the latest magazines or WATCH the latest videos to see what is with it and what isn't.

Anyway, I wish he had had time to say something but I'm glad Paula sent him off nicely, in sharp contrast to Simon's send off to Megan last week.

The rumor is that next week is Disney songs. Too bad for Lil. Mary J. Blige hasn't sung any Disney as far as I know. She will probably sing that song from Mulan. I don't know its name.

Nobody to cheer for.

Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed with this season's group, in general. I don't really have a favorite to cheer for every week, and I don't really even like watching most of the performances.

Adam - best performance of the night. I know I bitch about him almost every other week. But here's why: the kid clearly can rock-it. He's got mad talent, he's got the potential to be awesome. So, the screeching hurts me even more because I know he doesn't have to do it. He absolutely deserved that standing ovation last night, and about 1,000 more.

Allison - she's SO GOOD. Kara hit the nail on the head when she said that Allison took a painful, adult song and made it young and fresh and age appropriate! She's better than Lil, she's better than pretty much all of the guys. Yet, she really isn't getting the love from America. I don't know why, at all. Because I think she's amazing. And I have no doubt that she'll be making ridiculous records after she loses Idol.

Matt - I like Stevie, I like Matt. But Matt singing Stevie wasn't as awesome as I thought it should be. But, he was still my 3rd favorite. Whether that says something about him - or about the other contestants - I don't know.

Anoop - should only be allowed to sing ballads forever. I loved what he did, I love his voice, and I love that he apologized to Kara. I don't care why he did it, I think he's genuinely a nice guy and was really worried that America won't LIKE him - not his voice, HIM. Which I do. I like him.

Everybody else is tied for last place:

Lil - looked like she was going to cry when they were giving her negative comment after negative comment. And I don't blame her. But I don't blame the judges either. I really liked you Lil! Why are you not singing Mary J like they say?

Kris - I loved him last week, but this week was horrible. I felt like I was at a High School Musical play or something - where the "heartthrob" throws himself in the middle of a bunch of screaming girls and "plays" a song on his guitar while doing the sexy-face. Not good. Not good at all.

Gokey - seriously sucks. First, he screws with Stand By Me, which nobody should really do. Especially if they're going to make it horrible. I'm no music major, but even I could tell he was having pitch problems. Why the judges continue to lick him up is beyond me. I can't stand the kid.

Scott - deserves his spot on vote for the worst. He's SO bad. I literally laughed out loud when he started "playing" the electric guitar. His "punk" side sounded more Christian Rock than ever (again, not that there's anything wrong with Christian Rock - but don't try to convince the judges that you're "diverse", because you're anything but.) If he doesn't leave tonight, I might have to stop watching until he does. Absolutely horrible.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kara, It Looks Like You Made A Poopy!

Even Ryan knows Kara is full of it!

My song order prediction was way off but I think the judges (and the contestants) lived up to my expectations pretty closely tonight.

Danny didn't sing about losing the love of his life but he certainly managed to remind us of her as he has no one to stand by him. He hit several flat notes that the judges simply ignored as they lavished their praise upon his big head. Great...its now even bigger. I frankly thought his performance was pretty over the top bad. Dare I say *indulgent?*

I don't know what Kris was doing in the middle of those tweenies singing that stupid song. He defied my expectations the most this week but not in a good way. The judges were a little more harsh than I thought they would be but they didn't completely pan him. My prediction about him pretty much missed the mark.

Lil did NOT pick the right diva and probably SHOULD have picked Mariah or Whitney. The judges predictably panned her because she didn't sing Mary J (who was mentioned by one of them once again). Damn girl just pick a Mary J song and sing it for them will you?
She will be around because I think she has a strong fan base but boy she is getting her head knocked around.

Anoop quit dancing and sang a ballad and did it very well and the judges praised him for it a bit more lavishly than I expected. Keep singing the ballads Anoop. And what was with the apology to Kara? More on that later.

Scott is now officially the Vote For the Worst website's new pick. Why did he listen to Paula. And he is talking back too! Good for him. They are done praising him. Everyone knows it probably even him. I didn't like the guitar but I have never thought he is as awful as everyone says he is. Danny Gokey farts a flat note and its roses. Scott's voice breaks on a falsetto and its well...a big old stinking fart. They are sick of accommodating his challenge and want him gone gone gone. I suspect he will be.

Allison is the only one I care enough about to vote for. She did great tonite and they praised her lavishly as I predicted. I wish I knew why people didn't like her more. Maybe its her rocker edge. Maybe she isn't pretty enough. I like her though. I didn't think I wanted a teen idol but I've changed my mind. Besides she caw cawed with Megan. I liked that.

Well, Matt looks like he finally learned that he has to sing bluesy songs to get Kara excited. Praise praise praise. I don't know if America will vote for him or not. I'm not in touch with him.

Adam did have the best performance of the night. And hes a redhead! He has toned down his flaming gayness and now the old ladies like me will vote for him. Well, I won't because I still haven't forgiven him for Ring of Fire but I will say this. If he beats Gokey in the final, I won't go so far as to drink champagne but I will laugh my self silly!

Now for the Anoop apology. I had forgotten what he said to Kara. Who cares what they say to Kara. But his apology was prompted by the big flap over Megan telling Simon *she didn't care* what he thought of her performance last week. The message boards are going crazy with Megan haters because she was *disrespectful* to Simon. So, I guess Anoop wanted to nip any of that in the bud. The deal is nobody was talking about him disrespecting Kara because no one likes Kara and no one cares if they talk back to her.

Really, by the way some of those people on the message boards are talking about Megan's exit last week, you would have thought she had given the finger to Simon, smashed the microphone in Ryan's face, ripped the bling off of Randy's neck, kicked Kara in the crotch, and dumped Paula's drink on her head. And then turned to her fellow contestants and knocked Gokey's glasses off, torn out Lil's weave, knocked Scott off the stage, smashed Kris's guitar, poked a stick at Matt's mole, shaved off Anoop's eyebrows, ripped Adam's earrings out and splashed peroxide on Allison's red hair. And to top it all off told the audience to kiss her patootie, dropped her pants and mooned America.

Never one to stand for injustice, I have been defending her all week. This is worse than my Stephen Fowler obsession!

We will see what happens tomorrow night. DialIdol.com has Kris in the bottom 3. I think the audience is very fickle this year.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Auntee's Predictions for Tuesdays Performances

Or, more accurately, for the Judges reaction thereto. This week the contestants are singing songs from the year that they were born. I will know none of them because they are all infants. But...I think I know what they will do, nevertheless, and more important, how the judges will rate them. Here, in my predicted order of performance:

1. Lil. She gets the number 1 spot because the judges have fallen out of love with her and she hasn't done a single interesting thing from their point of view. She will once again attempt to pick the Diva that will make the judges happy. If Mary J Blige did not have a song out in the year of her birth she will be panned. My guess is she will choose a Whitney or Mariah song.

2. Adam. I have no idea what he will do but it will be surprising and according to the judges, *genius* even if he drops his pants. In fact, Kara will probably like that.

3. Matt. He will go back to an R&B song, even though he hates them because that is what Kara wants him to do. He will do a good job and they will love him again. The audience at home will not.

4. Anoop. He will sing a ballad and do it very well. They will praise his vocals but find something a little bit off about it so the audience at home will feel ok about not voting for him.

5. Kris. He has a hard act to follow as he was their crown prince last week (and I thought very good but not as good as the judges thought) and will deliver a solid performance and get good but not ecstatic reviews.

6. Scott. They are done with praising him. He got his moment last week and now they are ready for him to go. He could be the second coming of Elton John, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles and they will still say he sounds like he's singing for a cruise ship.

7. Danny. He will sing a song about losing the love of his life reminding us once again that his wife is dead. He will give Kara goosebumps even if he breaks wind in her face.

8. Allison. She gets the pimp spot because the judges want to keep a girl around and lets face it they hate Lil now. She will do a super job and be named the *best performance of the night* in hopes that the audience at home will vote for her. I probably will.

Let's see how accurate I am!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bye, Bye ... Birdie?

I don't have near as much gossip or inside scoop as Tee, but I felt it would be wrong not to say goodbye for the Meaghan I loved for so long.

In the end, it really was her time to go. I think she realized it, too. And she handled it with ... well ... weirdness. But whatever.

I still like her voice, I'm glad she gets to tour, and I bet we'd be friends in real life because I think she's fun.

I hate Lady Gaga as much as I hate Adam Lambert. So, I'm not going to comment on her.

And the David Cook I remember and still love was back last night. I really miss performances like that one and it reminds me that this season's cast is nowhere near what last season's was.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ga Ga Gagging and Caw Caw Cawing

Well, to everything there is a season and it is a fitting irony that Megan's season ended just as I saw the first rockin' robin in my backyard today. I really had hopes for her but she disappointed me show after show and I could only muster a few perfunctory votes for her last night. You have to hand it to her though, she h as nerve and a sense of humor. When she *caw cawed* over to the bottom 3 stools I had to laugh. She has been of course the choice of the Vote For the Worst website ever since her Rockin Robin performance which she ended with *caw caw* and they mocked her mercilessly for it so she got the last laugh.

I think I have finally figured her out a little bit based on her reactions to the judges over these past two or three weeks and tonight. She is the girl in school who had the *bad attitude* because she didn't respect stupid authority. I know because I was that girl myself (my mom had to have several talks with the nuns about my lack of proper respect). Still..I got over that at about age 15 so she has some growing up to do if she wants to be seriously successful in any grown up endeavor. You learn to keep your mouth shut even if the authority is stupid Kara barking the same old things every week.

The inside scoop (see there is a reason you read this blog...you don't have idle time to idol surf on the net) is that it was Megan's brother heckling that set Kara off last night. Evidently he yelled out *broken record* at Kara's comments. This resulted in Kara and her bodyguards approaching him during the break and he gave her some more sass. I'm guessing that despite Megan's comments about not caring what Simon said tonight that pretty much killed any save for her. For details go to votefortheworst.com. Because Kara is an *artiste* and takes herself very seriously. Evidently Megan is not the only one in her family with an *attitude problem*.

Now on to the highlight of the show ... David Cook. Seeing him again made me realize that this group is really lame. Really lame. Another idol commentator pointed out that by this stage of the show we had seen Hello, Eleanor Rigby, and Billie Jean. There is not one performance from anyone this year which compares to any of those three.

Is Lady GaGa Adam Lambert in drag? No..I seem to recall her last year doing some other stupid song. She has a voice and she can dance but she seems to be a composite of every outre performer for the past 30 years from Liza on. And I hated that song. I guess it shows how old I am because that #1 song sounded like #2 to me.

Now for some local gossip. As you may know, our Wichita Eagle Idol blog was commandeered by Phil Stacey (#6 two years ago) a Wichita native from Denise Neil the local writer. His entries have been very stale to me compared to Denise and her frank opinions and sense of humor. Last night there was a mini-revolt against him for writing a one paragraph synopsis of the show with very little commentary of his own. I was not the leader of the revolt. Turns out he writes blogs for at least 4 other papers including the LA times and they get a much more interesting version. I know from guest blogging that the Eagle does not limit the word on the internet blogs so it is not a space issue. He is just dissing Wichita and the natives are restless!

After 2-3 posters complained about him and pointed out his inattention to our little blog I said perhaps Denise can fill in for him when he is too busy to blog Wichita. I hope she will be back next year (if Idol survives).

So..he comes on and blogs tonight and totally ignores the complaints and comments about his blogging.

Ok..I know you readers WISH I would be more concise but between the cawing and the gagging and David Cook and the Phil Stacey gossip I just had to go on and on and on.

Surprising myself yet again.

It happened again - I didn't like who I thought I was going to like, and I liked who I thought I wouldn't.

My favorite performance of the night (by a mile): Kris. Absolutely brilliant what he did with that "old" song to make it new and fresh. My husband is going to download it from iTunes (a first this year), and I would buy a CD with that song on it. Where did this kid come from?

Second favorite: Matt. I died inside when the judges gave him harsh critique. I think he rocked The Frey, made some artistic changes to the song, and I love his voice! I voted and re-dialed. I love him.

Everybody else. EVERYBODY else I could do without.

Anoop was the worst for me. I get why he was confused by the judges' comments: "bounce around, don't bounce around". But he really doesn't understand what type of musician he is. He is NOT (and never will be) Usher - who is famous as much for his dancing abilities and his looks than he is his singing. Anoop, dear, you're not cute and you can't dance. Sorry.

Scott was the second worst. I hate this guy more and more every week. And I honestly think his stylist is messing with him. Last week with the pink pants. This week with the Simon t-shirt (complete with chest hair) and poofy mullet. It's like they're saying: "he'll never know how stupid he looks, let's do this, it's funny." He's Christian Rock. And his voice sounds like a Muppet. (Yes, that says Muppet.)

Lil - what are you doing, girl?? I like Celine, but you picked her most boring song ever. And why are you trying to pick a new style every week, too? Please come back, real Lil. I miss you! (But her kids are frickin' adorable - good for a few votes. Nice trick, Ryan!)

I think Gwen Stefani would be proud of Allison. She did the song justice, even though I think her guitar messed her up. And I'm still pulling for her. But she needs a new stylist, stat.

Adam - welcome back to screamy Broadway. Talk about "indulgent" ... every single performance of his is indulgent, yet the judges never use that word with him. Just because you comb your hair back doesn't mean I'm going to like you again. I hate that he'll win this show.

I'm so over Danny Goeke it's not even funny. I don't even think his voice is that good. He's getting boring, every song sounds the same, and he's too cocky.

Meaghan, my Meaghan. Why didn't you sing Amy Winehouse, Duffy, or Adele? You haven't learned by now that your voice is just like theirs, and that's clearly the peg the judges are trying to put you in? And another comment about your "fans" still voting for you ... darling, I was a fan, and you're losing me.

Bottom three SHOULD be: Meaghan, Scott, Anoop

Bottom three will probably be: Meaghan, Matt, and Allison