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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well, Lil is out of her misery and they won't have Anoop to kick around any more. I was pretty scared for Allison and thinking you stupid judges you wasted the save on hat man Jack when you could have used it for her. I'm hoping Matt is next. The good news is that maybe next week HE will be in the bottom 3. How much meditating does HE have to do to figure out HE dances like a jerk?

KK, love the clip of Kara bursting in on Randy's time. Did you notice Simon giving Kara the finger disguised as a nose scratch? He learned move from our President.

Speaking of hat man Jack (well its nicer than referring to the reason he WEARS the hat)...a woman on the Idol boards today said that while Matt was singing *I I I I Stayin Alive*, her young kids substituted the words with *I I I I have a stupid hat on*.

Well on to next week . No theme announced that I have heard.

Tee's not the only one ...

Who doesn't like Kara ...


I think once you're on Simon's bad side, you don't have much longer.

(Yes, I do other things besides read celebrity gossip sites.)

I almost like disco

Disco night, overall, wasn't as bad as I anticipated. It could have been much, much worse.


Kris - I've got him pegged to beat out Gokey for the final 2 slot against Adam. When I saw him sitting there with his acoustic guitar I couldn't help but think "what is he doing? this is going to be horrible." And then I downloaded it from iTunes (along with last week's song) ... I seriously love this kid now. He's figured out exactly what kind of "artist" he is and he's an awesome one!

Adam - I won't go as far as Tee and say I like him. But I was SURE he'd do a sped-up, yelling, dancing version of Staying Alive ... and was absolutely wowed when he calmed down ... during disco week! He really does have a nice voice. Although, I still think he belongs on Broadway and I guarantee I'll never download his songs.

Allison - I voted for her. A lot. Because, in spite of what the judges said, I LOVED her arrangement. Allison is a rocker. A rocker!! Did they *want* her to go out and do the sped-up version? Wouldn't that be "karaoke" like Lil? I thought the key was to take a disco song and make it fit you're style? Plus - did she POUR herself into those leggings? God, that was awesome. She's amazing in every way.

A tie for "not good enough to keep you around" goes to:

Matt - Seriously? You were voted off last week and that's what you come back with? I get that the title to the song is fitting for your situation. But did you actually listen to the song before you decided to perform it? That was ridiculous.

Lil - I really hated it. What she doesn't do - at all - is watch the contestants that the judges are constantly praising. See how their songs sound different than the original? See how they change the notes so that they're not just copying the original artist? Remember at the beginning of the competition when you threw in "pick up the phone and vote for Lil" in the middle of the song lyrics? Get it?

Anoop - Horrible. I will admit that he's looking more handsome now. I like what his stylists have done for him. And I liked him last week, so I'm glad he didn't go home then. But he deserves to head out now.

And the award for "I want to stick a key in my eye":

Gokey - I'm so over this douchebag I don't even know where to start. He's like some horrible 80's cliche - with his ridiculous dance moves and meticulously trimmed scruffy face. His song sounded more karaoke than ANY of the others. I hate him in more ways than I can possibly fit onto this blog.

Bottom three predictions: Anoop, Lil, Matt. Lil and Matt will go home.