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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Ask the Js!

Ryan announces with much drama, that tonight we will have *Shocking results*. Loyal blog followers, Big and Little J called the bottom 3 a full 4 hours before showtime (and probably last night). As proof, I offer a direct quote from the Js: *All the girls are safe. Andrew, Aaron, and Mike are free to go, in that order*. Pretty savvy AI fans, those Js.

I must confess, I was hoping, for KK's sake that Aaron would go home but evidently grandmas are voting for him. The tweens are definitely keeping Tim Urban in the mix, along with the worsters. And of course, poor Andrew looked so heartbroken on that stool because he just KNEW it was him because EVERYONE loves BM! Clearly everyone does not, but the judges do. They used the save. Next week, BM will sing another song about a woman having a baby in an effort to win over America once again.

I thought the judges would save the save until the last possible week (unless that happened to be the week that Tim Urban is finally voted off) but I didn't think America would catch on to BM's BS so soon. Clearly, Randy would have killed Simon if he hadn't agreed to save BM. And, I suppose, given that Andrew, Aaron, Tim and Katie are still in the mix, it was right to save him.

I'm glad they put the ladies out of their misery early. When they said shocker, I was wondering if Siobahn would be in the bottom 3. She is losing her charm quickly for me. Its good she is still here because she and Adam Lambert can share wardrobe tips next week and harmonize their high notes!

As for the entertainment. I normally loathe the group numbers because they give them such bad songs but I could have easily had 4 group numbers of Beatle's songs from the Idols tonight as opposed to the dreck that paraded around as entertainment. I am NOT a priggish old lady even though the Facebook quiz says I am...I am a very cool old lady. But I DO NOT get this music! I turned off Jason Derulo, Kara's protege. I guess he wrote that piece of garbage he sang. I can see why Kara thinks he is such a genius songwriter...they both write garbage songs.

Archie (or as we refer to him...Pukealetta) reprises Imagine with all its melismatic drama for at least the 3rd time. Would it have killed him to learn another Beatles song? He had his hair cut Beatles fashion which was new. His voice appears to be finally changing. Yawn.

Then Rihanna....who can maybe sing but who would know with that piece of trash song. And what is this new move the ladies are doing where they bend over from the waist down and look like they are vomiting on the floor? Miley Cyrus did it too.

They have not announced the theme for next week, evidently assuming that it doesn't really matter what the idols sing because Adam Lambert will be there. Pfttt!

All I know, is next week I'm looking to the Js to call the bottom 3. And we know 2 of them will be gone.

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Tonight on Random Instruments and Weird Outfits:

Overall, it was a great night. How could it not be: Lennon/McCartney and no mentor!

Best to Worst:

(I can't believe I'm about to type this) Casey James - Wow, wow, wow. I'd never heard Jealous Man before, I have no idea what it's supposed to sound like, but how Casey did it was amazing. I had goosebumps. I'm downloading it. It sounded nothing like his same-old-same-old schtick he's had going on since day one, and I loved it.

Crystal - How is it that every. single. week she's in a league of her own? It's like your watching a high school talent show and all of a sudden Aerosmith comes out and performs. Come Together can be performed cheezy, boringly, karaokey ... but not by Crystal. She re-wrote it, added a weird pipe thing, and stole the show. I love her.

Lee DeWyze - I'm sorry, I LOVED the Bagpipes! How are people making fun of that? It was awesome! And I liked the audience sing along, too (I think, mostly, because I've been waiting for Lee to show some confidence, and that looked confident to me). Pssst, he's hot.

Tim Urban - Yeah, it's weird. I still really like him. He sort of changed-up All My Lovin, but didn't ruin it. He's back behind his guitar instead of sliding around the stage. He's got a really good voice! As a side note: if/when this AI gig doesn't pan out for him, he's got a modeling gig right around the corner. He's super good looking in that "unique, Abercrombie & Fitch, lots of hair" way.

Andrew Garcia - I agree with Kara (for once), and I liked the breakdown part of it, but wasn't blown away by the rest of the song. Can't Buy Me Love seems sort of easy. There's like 3 words in the whole song, and maybe 8 notes. So, when he jammed out, it was awesome. But the rest was just Eh.

Big Mike - I just couldn't stop comparing his Elanor Rigby to David Cook's. I have David Cook's version and I still listen to it all of the time, because it's that good. Big Mike's version, while decent, doesn't even come close. And he's so dramatic! He belongs on Broadway. He's not the chilled out, blues/R&B singer that the judges want him to be. He's a dancer. He needs some tights, a top hat and a cane.

Siobahn - Siobahn, Siobahn, Siobahn, why have you forsaken me? I almost considered putting Katie above you on this list! Can you believe it? Katie! You're weird, we get it - you dress weird, your personality is weird, you sing a bit weird - but you can't get by on that alone. Across the Universe was practically unrecognizeable, and just, well, weird.

Katie - Let It Be was her best performance. Which, isn't saying much because you know how I feel about her other performances. Her voice did sound sort of pretty, she was more on key than usual, but I still can't like her. I'm sick of the "what type of artist" bit every week, I'm sick of her being the 1st to hug every contestant that comes backstage so that she can get more camera time, and I'm sick of her constantly being introduced as "17 year old Katie" like her age should be a consession.

Eyebrows - I'm simply giddy about the judge's comments!! I was literally bouncing around, clapping, and laughing as they knocked the stupid smile of his stupid little face. He may have been better served with Imagine-ala-Pukaletta, but was out-bid for that song by the actual Pukaletta. I'm hoping with all hopes that America agrees with the judges and puts him in the bottom three, but he's "still confident", and probably with good reason.

Bottom three: Tim, Andrew, Katie

Going home: Tim

Disclaimer: Some of you might be thinking: how can KK be so mean to these children? They're high school students, for crying out loud. They're 17 and she's saying horribly hurtful things to them. What a bitch.

To that, I respond: Look, if my kid wants to try out for AI when she's 16 or 17, I'm not going to let her. Want to know why? Because she's a KID. Kids shouldn't be "put out there" for an entire world of people to (1) pick apart, (2) bid on as a prom date, (3) miss their Algebra tests. And, if their parents are stupid enough to throw them to the wolves (like Simon and KK), then the kids need to be tough enough to take it. Even if that means that Daddy leaves the bar and comes to Katie's side if/when she's voted off to wipe away her tears. If you give your kid to the world, they need to toughen up quickly, because you knew that's what you were signing them up for in the 1st place.