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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Top 100 (or so) Things I Hate About This Season

First of all, I had such a lovely day today that I was completely worn out and hit a wall about 4 PM.  So, I napped.  By the time I woke up, got the head fog cleared and made a necessary phone call, it was 7:30 PM and I went to my nest to "see what is on TV".  Imagine my surprise when I realized it was American Idol night.  So, I tuned in just in time for the tail end of Harry's antics at the end of Nick's performance.  I had no idea of the theme this week.  At some point Ryan sort of mumbled it but I had to wait until the next performance to figure it out.   It was top 100 Billboard.   I didn't watch the end of the show because the tornado sirens went off.  I really cannot recap the performances since I missed 4 of them. But to tell you the truth, the performances have now become secondary to the variety show that is now Idol.  We had 3 or 4 celebrity acts tonight.  None of which moved me.   Here is the list of things I'm peeved about this season: 

1.  Too many celebrity acts.  Once upon a time you got the mentor performing on results night for one song.  Now we get the mentor, plus 2 or 3 random acts and at least one of them features rap crap.  Iggy Iglesius is a pretty woman but I hate rap.  Florida Georgia Line was awful and I like country music.  Jason Derillo was ok but I could have done without the  45 JLo imitators in red and black underwear dancing behind him.  Not entertaining.

2.  Judges acting out.  Face it people, you don't have the chemistry of Blake and Adam on The Voice and you never will.  Cut out the crap and focus on the contestants.  

3.  It was announced tonight that only the top 5 will go on tour.  This is a departure from previous years.  I suppose the tour is not as lucrative as it once was but when you push losers like Caleb whats his name the Meat Loaf imitator down the audience's throat, what do you expect?  I consoled myself over the seasons thinking that at least my favorites (who were never the producer's favorites) would make some cash on tour.  Now at least 2 or 3 of those I like will lose out on that little gravy train.

4.  Random "twists" in the rules (see number 3) and most annoying the stupid fan save.  If you cannot fill up the 2 hours, let them sing 2 songs.  Let them do a group number.  But don't do that stupid fan save pitting one against the other. 

5.  Judges pronouncing in the little box before each performance what each contestant has to do with the performance.  It reminds me of a sporting event:  "the defense really needs to dig in or the other team will overrun them."   

6.  Idol judges have always had key phrases or words that they resort to when they get lazy about judging.  This year, the word I hate is "artist".  Sorry guys, but you are not Picasso and neither are the contestants.  

7.  JAX copying Joey.  I read her version of Poker Face tonight was a jazz arrangement with 40's vibe.  How original!  What an artist!   Oh I wish she would go home.  

I guess that is only 7 things, not 100 but I think it explains why I forgot tonight was Idol night and have zero interest in going back and seeing the performances I missed.  The show has just become a bore as I sit through all the offal the producers serve up to us as if it is prime rib.  After all, if the producers treat the contestant performances as filler for other more important things like already famous people pushing their latest song, or Harry flirting with JLo or introducing famous people from the audience...why should I bother?  

And I was in such a good mood until I remembered to watch Idol tonight!   

PS:  There was no tornado thank goodness.  Having lost power last week for 66 hours I was very grateful about that.