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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bye Bye Norman :(

I didn't really watch the show tonite because I was wishing a happy birthday to my sister. When I saw how awful the group number was, I figured it was time to make a phone call and avoid the rest of the show. No surprise about Adam but I really hated his performance. Allison, the 16 year old who sang Alone deserved her spot. That Chris guy seems sweet and he wasn't awful but I wish either Megan or Jesse had filled the third spot.

No one has even given a clue as to how this wild card night will work except that Simon evidently suggested in an interview that people who were cut in Hollywood might be back. Now see, that is just wrong. It also reaffirms my belief that certain people (Jeanine, Norman, a couple of the girls from the first show) were just there as cannon fodder so the pre-picked stars would look better than they actually are.

Oh well...next Tuesday is another show.

"Well, I love that song"

Last night my husband and I decided to embark in a new direction with our careers. Clearly, there's a huge need for our services. And I think every AI contestant would pay top dollar ...

We're going to listen to a contestant rehearse, or just ask them "what song are you planning on singing", and then we're going to say "STOP! Why do you think you can sing that song?"

Jasmine - Love Song. No STOP! Or, if you must, then don't add 16,000 additional notes because you're trying to "jazz" it up.

Matt - Vida la Viva. No STOP! You can't be Chris Martin, ever, sorry.

Jeanine - This Love. No STOP! You do realize you're a beautiful black woman with a strong voice and not a skinny white punk kid, right?

Kris - Man in the Mirror. Hahahaha oh, that wasn't a joke?

Matt - If You Could Only See. Yes, Matt, I love that song too ZzzzzzzZzzzzzzz oh, sorry, were you singing? I fell asleep.

Is there NOBODY available to STOP these contestants from picking songs that are CLEARLY wrong? I do like ALL of these songs, but just because it's a good song, doesn't mean YOU can sing it.

I liked NONE of the guys. NONE.

I get that Adam is pre-picked to win this whole damn show, but I hated his Mick Jagger impression.

I like TWO of the girls:

Meaghan with the sleeve. Randy pinned it exactly when he compared her to Duffy, who I love, and whose CD I bought - again, that's how I decide if a contestant is good.

And Allison. Ever since I choreographed a dance to Alone in the 2nd grade, video taped it, and sent it to my Grandma and Grandpa ... I appreciate any woman who can do that song justice. I cringed when I heard she was singing it (I'd just repressed the memory of Ramiele Maluby butchering it) ... but she blew everyone else out of the water. I'm pulling for her.