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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Derelict Blogger Chimes In

Shame on me...I didn't watch either episode this week.  Call it sour grapes, call it being in Nantucket world, or just call  it that I really really dislike Lauren Alaina and could not stand to see her sing one more song even if it meant missing David Cook last night and probably some nice performances by the other losers tonight.  Because...I hate to say it...I'm glad Lauren is a Loser!  I've tried to like her...I really have...but I just think she is an ordinary singer and pretty  full of herself and was coddled into the finale at the expense of about everyone else in the top 13, including Mandiva, Jacob. 

So, I see on Drudge that Scotty won and a source is saying he got nearly twice as many votes as Lauren.  Not a big surprise to me, as if Dial Idol is even remotely accurate he has been getting 50% or more votes than his nearest competitor all season.  I see that Haley got 25 million votes last week...which left the other 70 million to split between Lauren and Scotty.  I'm guessing Lauren got 25 million plus whatever she needed to beat Haley and Scotty got the rest of the final three votes. 

It will be somewhat interesting to see what happens to both of these young people post Idol.

Reading KK's review, I'm really glad I didn't have to watch Steven creepily fawn over Lauren.  That whole thing was just weird from the get go which probably accounts for some of my irrational (I admit it is TOTALLY irrational) aversion to Lauren.

Now its time for So You Think You Can Dance.

Thanks for reading us this season...hope to be back next year!     


And DAVID COOK was there!!!

Best to Worst:

David Cook!!  We'll never forget about you, because you're amazing.  (And, as a child of the John Hughes generation, I wholeheartedly believe you can never go wrong with an 80's ballad-revamped.)

Lauren's Doctor!!  Dressed up for the occassion in scrubs, and spoke in very technical terms "pulled a vocal chord".  Fantastic performance!

Were there other performances?  I must've slept through them.

Totally predictable.  I could've written the entire show myself:  Scotty deferrs on the coin flip, Lauren wears a Toddlers & Tiaras dress, Scotty dances through the audience and teen girls squeal, Lauren's stage parents get way too much camera time, Randy says "in it to win it", Steven Tyler creeply fawns all over Lauren.

Scotty's 1st two songs were "Gone" and "Check Yes Or No".  He sang fine, did the obligatory eyebrow waggles, danced around a little, and the judges ate it up.

Lauren's 1st two songs were "Flat On The Floor" and "Maybe It Was Memphis".  She sang fine (I couldn't hear anything different with her voice at all), did the obligatory booty shake, danced around a little, and the judges ate it up.  (Especially Steven Tyler who finally admits he wants her to win because she's "pretty" - thanks for that, Steven.)

Now I actually liked the final songs for both Scotty and Lauren.  I wouldn't download them off iTunes or anything, but they were decent.

Scotty's "Love You This Big" had lyrics all about being young and inexperienced.  He wore a cute little suit.  I like the slower side of Scotty - less cheese and more singing.  He actually has a wonderful country voice.  And he will absolutely have an amazing country career, win or lose. 

Lauren's "Like My Mother Does" was the song that JLo thinks will launch her to the win.  I'm a Mom.  I also have a wonderful Mom who I hope to be like when I grow up because she's so amazing.  So, I really should've choked up a bit watching Lauren serenade her mother (Mr. KK did.  And he'll be pissed that I wrote that.)  But I didn't choke up, even though it was a nice song and Lauren will do well with it as her 1st single. 

(Side note:  You may be disappointed to learn that the "best" song of the night was not actually an "original" song just for Lauren.  It's been recycled over and over, and even recorded by the other mediocre, Jesus loving, patriotic, country teenager on AI:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FbYFJFoDoQ)

Who wins?  I call it for Scotty.  Mostly because he'll make more money for AI.