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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Definitely A Woman's World

Top 3 performances of the week: Crystal, Lilly, and Siobahn. I love Crystal's quiet confidence and professionalism. Her performance blew me away. I didn't take any notes I just listened to it in awe. Lilly is probably a tie with Crystal tonight. I think Sayesha did A Change Is Gonna Come two seasons back and Lilly made Sayesha's performance look like dog doodie. And Siobhan taking on Tina Turner and hitting that note. Now if Crystal and Siobahn would lose the piercings and Lilly would get her hair out of her eyes they would be practically perfect in every way.

Following about 40 yards back was Michelle who I admire for listening to what the judges said and taking a risk. I like her personally too. Katelynn was just behind Michelle. I agree Katelynn was too slow and I think her performances are contrived. Neither of them were awful. But they didn't rise to the level of the top 3.

As far as I'm concerned we can send the rest of them home tomorrow. Haeley at least didn't pierce my eardrums so she was better than last week but not good. Lacy is a sweet thing but that song was weird. So is her voice. Katie sang another Idol standard...honey if I know *Girl Put Your Records On*...its not current. And they mentioned Justin Bieber again. I have to You Tube him to see why the judges love him but the contestants all look like they want to upchuck when his name is mentioned. Paige just bored me again. They say she has a great voice...I haven't heard it yet.

Worst of the night? Didi BeSorryForMe. I don't even know how to say what a mess she made of that song and her stage movements looked so phony and forced. And then, she cries when she gets bad news. Just stick to meaningless and light songs. I hope she goes soon. I don't like crybabies.

As for Crystal, who is now my favorite of all contestants men and women, I encourage you all to google *Crystal Bowersox Farmer's Daughter* and watch that video. She wrote the song and I do not know if it is autobiographical or not but if it is, no wonder she is an old soul. I know she was raised on a farm. The song is written to an alkie father who beat his kids up frequently and is basically her writing him off for good. You notice she doesn't mention her parents. I hope she keeps healthy. She could have gotten some sympathy votes by explaining her diabetes tonight and I admire her for not going there.

No predictions this week. Haeley has the Vote For the Worsters voting for her so she may stay safe...Lacy probably should go...I would say that I would be happy for Didi to go (and I would) but I don't think I can stomach her crying her way through that song again.

PS..Just watched about 30 seconds of a Justin Bieber video on YouTube and completely understand the upchuck factor.

Crystal Mystery

For what its worth, posters on the AI website said her hospitalization was related to her diabetes and that she is recovering well and will perform tonight. I don't know where they got that information of if, like me, they were just guessing. I don't know if they will explain it tonight or not. Also, some asshats on the AI site thought she should be disqualified for missing the performance. Nice people.

Stupid HIPPA

I've searched high and low, gone to every gossip website I know, and some I didn't know, and I can not find out what happened to Crystal Bowersocks. It's all I could think about during last night's performances. (Okay, I did have a few other thoughts):

Lee Dewyze has replaced Andy Garcia as the one I'll cheer for. Who cares that he's pitchy? Who cares that he's a bit akward and shy? Who cares that he needs a belt? I'm one of those preppy women who thinks he's awesome. (He's a bit David Cook and a bit Daughtry, and you don't get better than that.)

I do still like Andy Garcia. But please, Andy, bring back the guitar and continue "tweaking" your songs. I know the judges criticized you last week, but they were wrong. Do what you do, kid, America is voting now.

Little Alex Lambert surprised me! I was pulling for him to leave after last week's performance, but I'm happy he got a second chance. I really liked what he did and I'm hoping the judge's good comments will give him the confidence he so desperately needs. Also, I love Ellen for making fun of his mullet over and over again - it never gets old.

All I want to say about Casey is that I don't want to like him, but for some reason I do. Every week I want him to be horrible, but then I end up sort of jamming out along with him.

And rounding out the "good" of the night is Big Mike. I really liked him again this week, and I hope he continues to do what he did tonight because it's better than what he's been doing. For once, the voice DID match the package.

Tim Urban and John Park are more hair than voice.

Jermaine and Toddrick are more cocky than talented.

And I want to smack that little Aaron Kelly kid and his "I'm so metro-sexual and sensitive, all the 13 year old girls will swoon" attitude. Photography, puke.