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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Mama Mia...we lost PiA! And kept that fat arrogant pile of drama queen Jacob. I very seldom yell at the TV. However, tonight, I suspect that drivers on Huntington could hear the boos coming from my front room as they sent Jacob to the couch. But the worst was yet to come.

How in the hell did it happen that Pia got less votes than weasel Paul, fat Jacob, and Stefemo...not to mention Lauren Alaina!

Well, I didn't vote for her. Maybe her lack of passion did her in. Or maybe something went haywire with the phone lines (I am convinced there is a plot to keep verizon calls from going through very often as the times I have tried to vote this year, I get busy signals all the time. That has never happened at this stage of the competition, even when I was voting for favorites like David Cook and Crystal.)

And..to top it all off...since I am banned from the boards because some asshat Jacob fan called me an idiot and I suggested the fan look in their own darn mirror (which I thought was a pretty restrained comeback)...I cannot even comment.

Well, the sun will come up tomorrow I suspect.

Chris Medina's love story is NOT going to waste

Even though AI can't milk the story of Chris Medina's disabled wife, he can do it himself.


Tim Halperin's version of When A Man Loves A Woman puts Stefano's to shame:


I hope the tour does well, and that they raise lots of money for Juliana's care.

Creepy Wax Steven Tyler

I've been told I sound grumpy when I post (could it be the 4 hours of sleep at night?), but today is going to be a good day. Why? Because for the 1st time in YEARS of watching AI, I can honestly say that I really do enjoy ALL of the contestants. Last night was just a great show all around, and it's been fun to watch.

That said, somebody has to go. Worst to Best:

Jacob - I'm glad he changed songs because can you IMAGINE what those weird hip-thrusts would've looked like had he been singing Let's Get It On?!? Kris Allen killed Man In The Mirror, and I'll always compare it. It's a low-key song, and Jacob is ANYTHING BUT low key. If for no other reason, he needs to go home for his "if I'm in the bottom three, it's because America is afraid to look in the mirror" comment. WTF?

Paul - I still think he's hot, and quirky. And he might just be a little crazy, just like Johnny Cash was. But he's no Johnny Cash (who is probably rolling over in his grave right now.) For shame.

Stefano - I like his voice and he seems like a genuinely nice guy, but I can NOT get past the Pukaletta curse - Open Your Eyes, Kid!!! The judges said they felt emotion in his performance, but I felt the exact opposite. I actually wondered if he's ever loved a woman, because he was having trouble conveying it if he has.

Lauren - I get that the Jersey Shore poof is "in", but COME ON. Not cute. Natural Woman had some really good notes, but they couldn't make me forget about the 1st 1/2 of the song, which was just ... not good.

Scotty - I still love me some Scotty. But it felt karaoke to me. It felt like a little kid imitating his favorite singer.

Casey - I don't know why everybody is so down on the Growl, because I like it. I think he should Growl an entire song, it'd be awesome. I think the main reason why Casey is fantastic is because, like the judges said, he's a MUSICIAN. And even when he doesn't win AI (because he won't), I hope he goes on to have a career doing what he loves.

Pia - So, you sang up tempo ... give the girl a medal. Was it the earth shattering performance that the judges made it out to be? No. (I was really hoping to see a little more of the Tiny-Turner-Crazy in there - PIA is too straight to pull off that song.) Is she still REALLY. FRICKIN'. GOOD? Absolutely.

James Durbin - If you've been following me, you know I think he's overrated. But tonight's performance was nothing less than AMAZING. It's become a bit of a cliche, but I really did get goose bumps. I didn't even mind the ONE, controlled, scream at the end.

Haley - I've said it before, but my parents were hippies. So, I grew up listening to Janis Joplin and Piece of My Heart is the quintessential Joplin song, in my mind. Haley killed it, which is hard to do. I loved it.

Please, Please can Jacob go home?