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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Karma Chameleon

Random thoughts on viewing tonight's show:

Ryan's beard is getting thicker and I think he now has a moustache and he is looking like he is trying to look intelligent.  Next he will be wearing suede patches on his jacket.  

The Hoff, fresh from his 180th attempt at rehab, needed the hook tonight.  I don't want to see David Hasselhoff's chest hair nor do I want to hear him try to sing.  What was the point of that except that he needs career rehab too?

Boy George is the mentor.  These outre stars are always more normal when up close and personal.  There is a group song, Karma Chameleon, with Boy George.  Adanna hogs the camera at the end and "spontaneously" hugs Boy George.  

And, despite the song, none of the contestants performing tonight, really changed their colors much.  A few got a little brighter.  One or two remained the same and one or 2 a little paler.

The first one saved (and I really hope that Ryan was telling the truth when he said "in no particular order" because if this guy is getting all the votes Idol is done done done) is Daniel Skeevy Sanjaya Seavy  He sings "You Make My Dreams Come True" smiling cutely, glad handing the swaybots in the audience, with all the talent of a 2nd runner up in a high school talent show.  A large high school to be sure, but still a high school.  If he were female, I would call it pageanty.  Since he isn't, I will just call it sub sub par.  Which is par for Daniel Skeevy Sanjaya Seavy.  I'm beginning to feel a bit like Henry II here as my pleas for this kid's demise go unheard.  Not that I want any knights to storm the Idol studios or anything.  I just want whoever is voting for him to stop.  

Quentin is up next.  Boy George adored his fashion sense. The judges adored his dramatic interpretation of In the Air Tonight.  Maybe I would have adored it too if I knew the song like the back of my hand.   I know I should.  But I was working like a dog in the 80s.  I didn't listen to music much.  If I look at this performance again, I may like it much more.  But it was very Quentin.  No radical changes here.

One of my new favorites, Joey Cook, dressed to kill, sang "Girls Just Want To Have Fun".  I think she overdid the fun part at the expense of the vocal.  It wasn't up to her normal standard but it wasn't a huge fail either.  It will be hard to top Fancy.  

Yay Tyanna!  I was so worried.  Now I can forget about the kid being here because he isn't here at her expense. This girl is brave.  She sang Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody and she did a fine job and redeemed herself.  Once again, nothing particularly new here though.  

Here comes tough Jersey girl JAX singing a Jersey Boy Song, "You Give Love A Bad Name" by Bon Jovi.  Keith acts like no one has ever covered a song made popular by the other gender in the whole universe and this, of course, makes JAX an "artist".  JAX goes to the piano again for proper dramatic effect and does what she always does:  start soft, get loud, end soft.  This was counter-balanced with her usual stop for a dramatic pause at least once somewhere.  Her nasally tone is back and she is enunciating the words oddly.  "You give love a bad NA EEEM".  She gives me a PA EEEN in my foot. 

I was glad to see Nick Fradiani tonight and I think he did make his colors a little brighter tonight.  He sang "Man in the Mirror".  The deal is, he ought to be this cocky guy but he really isn't.  It wasn't a complete connection but it was so much more than he has done in the past.  I hope he stays around.

Clark Beckham finally got his groove back tonight singing "I'll Be Watching You", a song that can be ominous but not the way he sang it tonight.  He finally showed some emotion.  It was nearly a moment.  It gave JLo goosies.  

The audience loved Qassim last week but I'm not so sure they will love his "I'm Addicted to Love" this week.  Sadly, he really doesn't sing that well but everyone keeps telling him he does.  I love the guy personally, but he can go home in a couple of weeks and that would be fairness.

So now, its not in "no particular order" and Ryan announces that the bottom 3 are Maddie, Adanna, and Rayvon.  Rayvon survives the double elimination and sings "Everybody Wants to Rule the World".  Despite having what appeared to be a badly timed start, he did well.  It was a little better than usual.  Not quite as bland.  Will he make it through next week?  Dubious.  

As for the two who were eliminated, it didn't break my heart.  Basically, Adanna is not very likable  and Maddie is not very good.  But they both get to go on tour so they will make some good money.  Maddie can go to college and Adanna can buy a super big mirror to gaze in as she admires her diva self. 

Postscript:  I forgot to mention the performance of "Push It" by Salt and Peppah.  I can only say I wish I had forgotten to watch it.