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Friday, February 10, 2012

TMI x 10,000

What a disgusting hour of TV.  As if group week isn't bad enough, we're now also subjected to vomiting, kidney stones, vomiting into a clear trashbag, diarrhea, vomiting, vomiting, vomiting.  ENOUGH already!

HeJun turns out to be kind of a prick.  Yeah, cowboy was annoying and bossy, but rather than stand around and talk about him behind his back, how about you say, "stop being annoying and bossy."  And learn his name, jerk, he's in your group.  (What happened to the "everyone is better than me" attitude?)

Speaking of annoying and bossy - Simone's father is a douchecanoe of epic proportions.  (1) He all but calls her fat on national TV, reassuring America that he won't let her eat, just drink, (2) He actually HARMS her chances of getting into a decent group because no hopefuls want a girl that comes with a side of Stage Dad, (3) he takes credit for his daughter's talent, assuring America that he's not a stage Dad, but *he* will be famous, (4) he does a group hug, with his daughter's group, but LEAVES OUT his daughter!!  I want to drop kick this guy, and I can NOT watch an entire season of him as puppeteer.  

The cop could not understand why she couldn't find a group.  Um, maybe nobody wants to sing Joy To The World?!  Maybe you should stop being such a bitch?!

I don't remember Brielle, even though she was in a group with Pia *gasp!*.  I normally remember contestants who I hate, especially if they have a stage parent that I hate (Pukealetta anybody?), but even today I couldn't pick Brielle out of a lineup.  

I hope that tomorrow either (1) we actually get to see some SINGING, or (2) the judges all get this flu, too (how funny would that be?)