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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Karma Postscript

I have since learned that Clint Jun Dung has a last name and it is Gamboa. Remember that name so you can cheer when he is voted off or sent packing, whichever comes first. He will always be Dung to me.

Also, I forgot to mention the *ewww* factor performance, which featured Lauren, Steven's 17 year old protegee, putting him on a chair so she can do a sexy dance around him along with the lemmings in her group. I have come to LOVE Steven Tyler but this was very uncomfortable. Set some boundaries Steven. I may be a prude but there is just something really unsettling about a 17 year old sexing it up for an over 50 guy. I wish they all had gone home. I do not like Lauren one little bit. Her *great idea* was not so great for the other girls in her group and I hope they realize they were used for her own personal drama of *see how much Steven LOVES MEEEEE*. She is approaching Tatiana Del Toro stature here.