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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Boo, Hoo, and Who?

Boo! Jun Dung aka Moonman (Mr. Auntee calls everyone with those round glasses *Moonman* and I don't really know why) aka Jun Bug or is that Jun Smug is in the final 24. He is so happy to be able to show America the *kind of artist I wanna be*. America has already seen what kind of an a-hole you are Dung, and I hope it does not forget. Kudo's to Randy for reminding the viewing audience that he was the jerk who kicked sweet faced Jaycee out of the group in Hollywood week. I don't think America will forget that and if he draws a large segment of voters I will be surprised. He is not cute enough for the tweens, the frauen like me hate him for beating up on Jaycee, and the twenty-thirty somethings will find a heterosexual hearthrob among the final 12 men to latch on to. At least I sincerely hope so. I want him soundely rejected by all decent Americans. He has *worked so many years in music*. Hardly dude...it was a friggin Karaoke bar.

Hoo: Jennifer Lopez has what appears to be a genuine breakdown when she has to tell Chris Medina goodbye. This was a true shocker as I didn't think the show could waste that back story and that he was a shoe-in for the final 24. But he really didn't sing very well. To his credit, he took it like a man and I have a little bit of respect for him for that...or as much as I can have for a guy who traded on his girlfriend's brain injury to get on a talent show.

Who? After saying the entire show we were going to find out who the final 24 are we really only learn about the fate of 6 or 7. Of those who were announced tonight, I cannot say I am unhappy. I liked Paul McDonald, the soft voiced singer but he probably won't stand a chance. Naimeh seems like a nice down to earth person. Ashton fills the Whitney/Marish/Jennifer Hudson slot and I am hoping she fares better than the contestants chosen to fill that slot for the past 3 or 4 years. Haley Reihnhardt intriques me. I like her unusual jazzy voice although when she first auditioned I don't think I thought much of her. She may overdo it though.

I KNOW who the top 24 are but I won't spoil it for you If you want to know you can go to votefortheworst.com or other sites to find out (will need to go to 2nd page of VFTW for the list). I will give KK a boost though. John Wayne is not in the top 24.

Besides Clint there are two girls who I would have liked to see NOT there and a few of both sexes I would like to hear more from.

Blessedly, the Obama girl is going back to the White House where she will presumably be able to offer tips on golf and basketball to our President while Libya explodes.

As for the overall production tonight, I wish we had seen more music and less walking down the runway of fate. I did like that they showed a clip of the contestants' final song before we heard the verdict but I don't see that they will have time to fit that in tomorrow.

And, FINALLY, the producers realized that Beatles songs are meant to be sung in a group and not solo (with the exception of Yesterday). I really enjoyed even the groups the judges thought were not so great (well except for crybaby Ashley...and we could have done without seeing her stupid wedding).

And finally again..I do not miss Simon in the least. I am loving these judges.