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Friday, April 6, 2012

OMG I can't believe it ...

... is a boy band singing that damn song!!

(What?  You thought I was shocked about the elimination?)

I'll admit, the 1st time I heard I'm Glad You Came, I was annoyed that it rhymed so well.  Then it sucked me in like a vortex.  I found myself jamming to it in the car, and even hoping it would come on.  I was about 45 seconds away from asking MrKK to download "this song about 'hand you a drink, drink it if you can'"

How do you NOT get these lyrics stuck in your head:

Turn the lights out now,
Now I'll take you by the hand,
Hand you another drink,
Drink it if you can,
Can you spend a little time,
Time is slipping away,
Away from us so stay,
Stay with me I can make,
Make you glad you came

I mean the figures of repetition there.  It's catchy, ya'll.  

MrsKK NKOTB circa 1987
And then I see that it's a BOY BAND who sings that song.  I'm not against boy bands.  (See my last post about being a child of the 80's.)  But a woman of my age should not be downloading songs sung by boy bands.  Right?  (MrKK - Can you download this song for me?  I must have it.  I've been singing it all day.)

I also enjoyed seeing Kelly Pickler come back - looking gorgeous after having dropped the huge boobs and 10lbs of makeup she wore in her immediate post-AI success - and talk about "getting hitched".  I really do love a good AI success story.

As for Hair's departure - I've yet to read an AI blog that lauds DeAndre as the favorite.  In fact, the majority of them agree with Jimmy Iovine that the praise he's been receiving (*cough, JLo, cough*) has been excessive and unwarranted.  It was nice to see Jimmy call JLo out on that, and I like to think it came across to her as, "look, if you use the save on this kid, you'll be wasting it because America just doesn't like him that much."

Who would've thought Steven Tyler would be the ONLY judge with a little tact?!?  We know which 50% you think America got right, JLo and Randy, but it was straight up bitchy to look Elise right in the face and say, "we wish you were going home", which is essentially what you did.  

Makes me want to set my phone to redial Elise's number over and over - no matter how she performs - in spite of you.

Speaking of attitude and defiance ... how come when Elise shows a bit of individuality in week one ("I'd rather sing this song") she's marked as having an attitude, and being ungrateful for the opportunity.  Weeks later and she still can't shake the stigma.
But when Phil Phillips reacts to Jimmy's (completely accurate) criticism, with complacency comparable to the track-pants-wearing-Heejun  ("I'm not here to touch hands", "I just want to do music") it's viewed as sexy and unique?  "He's an artist.  He wants to do his own thing."  
Also, he's a good looking guy and Elise is just a catty, bitchy woman. 

I'm at the point in this competition where I'll vote for Jessica Sanchez if she's the last woman standing.  Just because I'm sick and tired of the misogyny and the blatant favoritism for contestants with peni.