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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Power Up

I must say, it was so nice to turn on Idol tonight and know that I didn't have to see or hear from Miss Angie Perfect Apple Pie Polygamy Hair. According to the entertainment press (or at least the few writers who are bothering to write about Idol), hers was a big shocking elimination and she was destined to win this season.  I never really bought into that and obviously, America didn't either.

So, we have two very different singers performing tonight, each of whom is stellar in their own way.  I didn't take many notes but simply enjoyed the show.  In my mind it all depends on whether you are wowed by the power notes or appreciate subtlety.  I'm in the latter camp but you have to agree with Randy that Candice can sing.

I was hoping for an underdog upset but after seeing Dialidol.com, it looks more likely than not that Candice will win.  I have thought the past two or three weeks that Kree's support was greater than Idol producers wanted the audience to know and think it was highly likely she got the most votes last week.  But once Angie is gone, its hard to say where her votes will go.  Since Angie was a big power diva wanna bee I'm thinking that most of her fans will vote for Candice for that reason but perhaps even more because they think Kree edged Angie out of the finale...when in fact...I think it was Candice who edged Angie aside.

Be that as it may, I won't be upset with either result and that is a first for me for several years.  This season, which has been a travesty in so many ways actually ended tonight on a good note.  The judges were somewhat subdued although all but perhaps Keith, gave the night to Candice.  I think they tied on the last song, I give Kree the 2nd song, and Candice the first song (although really I'm with Randy that Fuller's song choices were lame for both contestants).

So...this is the 2nd to last post of the season...and maybe the 2nd to last post ever on this blog.  If they bring back Minaj or do something stupid like hire Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez or equally lame judge choices, I won't be watching next season.

Update:  Just read an article saying that Minaj will not be back next year and that *she was only going to do one season anyway*.  Yeah...right.  Just hope the article is accurate.