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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Do We Really Need Another Godzilla Movie?

No we do not.  Do I really need to watch Idol next week?  No, I do not.  Because we know what will happen.  Caleb and Jena will get judge and Randy love.  Sam will be coddled some more and Alex will be praised as the artiste no matter what he does.  And Jessica could give a Clarkson or Underwood worthy performance and be damned with faint praise, thereby assuring she is next to go.  I'm just happy she made it to the top 5 because she will earn a little more money on the tour.  And perhaps she can book better venues once the tour is over.  But she is not going to last in this milieu.  

Poor CJ.  I was sad to see him go but it was his time.  Sweet sweet man.

So next week it will be more Meat Loaf/ Jack Black impersonations from  Caleb.  More histrionics from Jena Irene.  More blushes from Sam and more foot tapping/leg spasms and mouth twisting from Alex.   

Jessica, just stand there and sing.  

And, note to Idol wannabees.  Women over 17 need not apply.  They will suck out your soul.  

Am I bitter?  Well yes, I am.  Will I get over it?  Well yes, I will.  

There is always the 62nd remake of Godzilla  to look forward to.

And please, quit torturing that poor cat!