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Friday, May 11, 2012

Changing Gears

A girl can admit she was wrong ...

My problem here, is that I pretty much hate all of these contestants.  Never before has an American Idol season disappointed me so much.  I made a rash, flailing decision based on the downward spiral that this season has become. 

I watched this week's performances.  I fast-forwarded through all the BS, but I watched the performances.  

I really liked Phil Phillip's Volcano.  Like, REALLY liked it.  Like, for only the 2nd time this season, I asked MrKK to download a song for me. 

Plus, he's a stoner.  I know and love a lot of stoners.  Stoners are good peeps.  

And what really clinched my change of heart was the fact that I just can NOT get past Jessica's attitude, entitlement, faux-compassion, and general dislikeability.  Also, she was on the fricking PIANO again!!!  I really do just hate her. 

So, let's talk about the good parts of last night's show:

DAVID COOK!!!  I love him.  (1) He's so hot.  Has he gotten hotter as he becomes more famous? I think so. (2) His song was better than just about anything else I've heard on the Idol stage this entire season. 

Oh, and Hollie's grace and dignity upon being (non-surprisingly) voted out.  She's such a sweet little thing, and I hope she has much success. 

THAT, Jessica, is how you do humble and lovely.

Ugh, on to next week, I guess.

I Want a Parade!

Well, its not like KK didn't tell us so. I must admit I held out a slim bit of hope until the end that Hollie might pick up Skylar's votes and squeak past one of the Treasured Triad and get to go home in glory to McKinney, Texas. 

I will note that Jessica was just as insufferable last night as usual.  She doesn't want to go home for her family and friends...she wants the PARADE!. 

So, I hated the results and I'm having a really hard time getting excited about watching next week. 

Half of the middle of the show was good because we got to see David Cook, who is still the ultimate White Guy With Guitar and always will be.  The other half was J'Lo's lip synched, auto tuned pre-recorded dreck of a revenge song to her ex-husband about dancing again.  Her boy toy was briefly featured.  I especially loved how they tried to make it look like she was performing live by having her hide from the judges table in the introduction.  She can dance...I will give her that. 

I thought Hollie had one of the most gracious exits of any booted contestant I've seen on Idol.  She said goodbye to her buddies, she shook hands with the judges in a ladylike way, and just exuded class. 

But, she was doomed before the show began last night. 

And, while its doubtful I'm going to vote next week, I have to strongly disagree with KK.  I do not want the little brat to win.  I would rather we get a half-baked WGWG as the idol than Bibi.