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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fillmore Seats

I missed the first few minutes of the show so I was late catching on to the show coming from the Fillmore Detroit theater.  This is Ford's way of helping Detroit make a comeback, evidently.  The audience seemed happy, the performers seemed happy so good for them and I hope they all make it home in one piece tonight.  

It was boy's night and the first time these guys are performing for America.  Over all, they did not disappoint but of course, I have a few choice words for some of them.  

First up was Adam E.  I really hope he is not around long enough for me to learn how to spell his last name.  His overly zany clown personality gets on my last nerve.  So does his Joe Cocker/Caleb imitation singing I Want To Rock (maybe its called something else...I have no idea).  I don't think he carried the microphone stand around with him but he might as well have.  The performance did get the crowd going and he is the only rocker of the group so there may be votes for him.  

Speaking of votes, I'm not sure anyone is watching this show anymore and if they are they better have access to the internet because that is the only way to figure out how to vote.  I actually like the internet voting because I can feel like I have done my limited part for the few I like and it takes no time.  Long gone are the days when I sat with my trusty flip phone hitting repeat to vote for Crystal Bowersox.  My flip phone is not long gone.  

Michael Simeon is up next in the spot I and others who are long time watchers call the "Death Spot".  He sings "How am I Supposed to Live Without You".  I'm sorry Michael, but your breathy voice doesn't woo me.  I hope I am able to live without you next week.  

I voted for Savion Wright.  I like this guy.  I'm not really so much a fan of his music as I am a fan of him.  He is so positive.  I'm not sure he will make it through given the competition but I hope he does.  He sang "Hey Soul Sister" which was not all that dramatic and I'm afraid it might hurt him.  Also, he was singing awfully close to the Death Spot.

I thought Mark Andrew's (without his stocking cap tonight) performance  of "Take a Load off Annie/Fannie" was lack luster.  Dare I say sleepy?  He will probably make it through because the judges praised him but if he does not I will not lose any of my own sleep about it. 

OMG.  Trevor the Geek.  Talk about imploding on stage. I cannot remember what he sang.  All I remember is him jumping around like Jiminy Cricket singing off key, off tempo, and off everything.  I hate to hark back to his Hunk of Burning Love performance, but I couldn't help myself from making a note as performed:  "This is a hunk of burning stool".  The judges complimented his energy because there wasn't anything else nice to say about it. Please be gone Trevor.  Go back to school.  Find cures for the world's diseases.  Make music your hobby. 

And now, for my favorite performance of the night.  When Clark Beckham started "When A Man Loves A Woman", I wanted to lose 40 years and more than 40 pounds and send him a groupie fan letter.  I hope the other old ladies like me vote for him.  He isn't all that "current" but I don't care.  

Rayvon sang "I Get Jealous" (or something like that) and I'm not an R&B fan.  The crowd loved him.  Everyone loves Rayvon and while I find him a nice enough guy, I don't get the love. He bored me. 

Daniel Skeevy Seavy, either scatted some of the song or forgot the words.  I suspect he will make it through.  I am going to get even sicker of him than I am now.  

Riley Bria (a.k.a. Keith Suburban) sang "Homeboy".  He has a good voice.  I would like him more if I didn't think he was taking votes away from Clark and Savion.

Quentin "Fashionista" was up next singing "I Put A Spell On You".  He put a spell on me alright.  A spell that made me think his overly dramatic and turgid version of this song was the second worst performance of the night.  It wasn't burning but it was a hunk of stool in my opinion.  The judges totally disagreed, thought it was a moment, and praised him to the skies.  JLo wants to be him, I think.  Harry likes him because he is from New Orleans and Harry thinks he is a character out of Confederacy of Dunces.  I think Keith was just trying to be politically correct about a guy who likes to dress up in something other than jeans and a t-shirt.  

My second favorite contestant is Nick Fradiani (I have been calling him some other Italian surname this whole season which, considering he is one of my favorites, shows how invested I am in this season...I'll get better).
His performance was good but not overwhelming and I hope it is enough for him to get through.  It is probably his experience but he has a David Cook quality about him.  Serious about the music.  

The last guy, Qassim, is a dancing fool.  It is nice to end the show on something lively but for the life of me I cannot take this guy seriously.  I noticed he seemed to be encouraging his fellow contestants through the program though and getting into their music so I imagine he is a really nice person.  I would like to simmer down, stand there and sing.  I might really like him if he did.  

Overall, I think its a pretty strong group.  No Lazaros to be found.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that America saw its American Idol of 2015 tonight.