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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fodder Fodder Everywhere

With about three exceptions, I think we saw tonight, the bottom 9 or 10 of the top 24.  Or at least the ones who should be in the bottom 9 or 10.  

The show ended last night with us wondering about Hollywood.  I was quite critical of him and hoped he didn't make it through.  But before we know his fate, we see Josh in one of those stovepipe hats that seem to be the rage among young men aspiring to be hip or cool or whatever they call it these days.  Josh didn't make it.  IDC because I don't even know who Josh is. It does seem sad that the only time they show his face is when they tell him to go away. 

So, Hollywood didn't make it after all.  He took it with so much grace that I've decided he doesn't MMS.  I still don't think he should have made it this far.

Joey Cook, who cannot remember the words to any songs except the one she keeps singing with her ukelele (it was her audition song I believe) makes it through because she is the "kiwi" of the bunch.  I should like her.  I don't dislike her.  But she better toughen up and learn some lyrics.  She is NMF.

And then comes Kathryn Winston.  I don't recall much being made of her before tonight.  She is genuine, appears humble and grateful for her chance, and man can she sing.  She shouldn't be fodder but with her brown hair and unassuming ways I'm afraid she will not stand out against Bada Bing and Cubic Zirconium, and Drama Queen Jax.  I will vote for her.  It didn't hurt my opinion that she sang Rhiannon at the House of Blues.

Maddie who appeared to be the chosen one (unless she flames out as JLo said after her audition) flamed out.  I don't even know what that House of Blues performance was except very bad.  Maybe next year.  But ultimately, IDC.

Ok, Alexis Gomez sang in Spanish in response to JLo's suggestion and I must say I didn't think it was all that great.  I don't like the song in English or Spanish so that probably influenced my opinion.  She was going to make it through no matter what because they need at least one country girl.  Country is not on the producer's agenda this year but they did throw its fans a bone here.  IDC.

Quentin the Fashionista is one about whom I do not get the love.  IDC.  I don't think America will care that much either.

Good for Savion Wright.  For the first time I appreciated his performance.  They didn't feature him much leading up to this.  I like him and hope he does well enough to make it to the top 10 but ultimately, he is NMF.

Trevor the Geek sang Hunk of Burning Love at the House of Blues.  His performance was a hunk of burning something all right.  The stuff Mr. Auntee used to shovel out of latrines, douse with kerosene and set on fire when he was stationed in Korea.  Ever on the lookout for the next Justin Bieber, the producers put him through.  IDC.

Mark Andrew took his hat off.  He isn't bald as I suspected or even balding but he doesn't look any better without the stocking cap.  I liked him at first.  Then he got all whiny because he was "tired" and I don't like him so much.  He might not be fodder but...NMF bordering on MMS.  

Emily, sadly, is sent home because they have their country girl and she sings Spanish too.  Come back next year Emily.

Definitely not fodder and one of my 3 favorites is the old man Nick Traviani who doesn't even try to flirt with JLo even though she flirts with him.  She might not stand for that for very long and start giving him bad reviews.  Just a thought.  Sometimes I amaze myself with my predictions about JLo and her conduct which come true. 

Qassim the dancing fool with the menopausal and overbearing mother made it through.  He is bordering on MMS territory.  I hope he is fodder.

The winners of the last 2 slots were entirely predictable if you just took at look at them.  Ricky is a better singer but Riley is cuter so Riley goes through.  Shi can barely sing and only her commercial look could have carried her this far.  Jelly is well...Jelly.  No contest there for the producers.  Shi is commercial and skinny and shows off her body so she goes through.  I don't have anything against Riley but Shi is just a bad singer.  IDC  about Riley and Shi MMS.

So...now we know.  Here are my top 3 picks:  Clark Beckham, Nick Traviani, and Kathryn Winston.  That and $3.89 will get you a mocha caramel latte with whipped cream on top at Quick Trip.