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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Starry Starry Night?

No, not quite.   How could this judges panel, the best of all the seasons I have been watching, fail to bring forth a group with at least one MOMENT this season.

Tonight's theme *I'm With The Band* was a good one...especially when it was further explained to mean songs from actual bands as opposed to Bruno Mars, Adele, or whoever is the hot young soloist these days.  And I think they all picked songs which suited them.  Yet...I was bored.  Is it me?  I was watching Slezak's video blog with Melinda Doolittle (one of my all time favorite Idols) and they showed small clips of Kris Allen, Haley Reinhardt, Elise (last name forgotten) and even Melinda herself rocking out in their seasons.  Not one of the performers tonight approached that level and with the exception of Elise's Whole Lotta Love....the clips they showed were not even the iconic moments of the respective performer's season.  

I'm going in reverse order tonight because I suppose the two whose performances were considered the best by the judges and probably America were Caleb and Jena.  

Caleb still bores me.  He sounds like every generic lead singer of every generic rock band that plays at every generic bar or club in every generic town.  I don't find him sexy and I don't think it is his size because I'm actually partial to men with a little beefiness to them. He seems like a nice guy, if a little too pleased with himself at times.  He cheers on his fellow contestants.  What is not to like?  Nothing is not to like.  What is to love?  Nothing is to love.   Even Led Zeppelin couldn't make me love him.

Jena, the teen belter really is good.  I am not particularly drawn to her although she also seems like a good kid.  Why does she not move me?  The song, Wake Me Up, by Evanescence is one of my favorites from the last 20 years.  I consider it a plaintive song.  Jena sang it angry and loud.  I suppose that is one interpretation of it.  It is not one I particularly enjoyed.  

CJ sang a song I do not know *If it Hadn't Been For Love* and he seemed to be mostly in tune until the middle and he went sharp badly.  He was livelier than usual, and had the gritty soul in his voice.  Much better than last week's performance.  But not a moment. 

Oh Jessica, Jessica, what am I going to do with you?  I LOVE your voice.  Put an expression on that face!  I loved Riahnon (sp?).  But you have to step up the emotion!!!  It isn't a song you move around grabbing hands with (I hate that grabbing hands business anyway...it is so cheesy!).  But couldn't you sing it like you are consoling your friend who you are in love with but who is hopelessly in love with a crazy girl who will never love him?

Sam chose a really good song and sang it really well but once again there was so little emotion to his performance that it had no magic whatsoever. At least it wasn't about putting a scar on his girlfriend's face like last week's song.  

I have to say my favorite performance of the night was Malaya's Long and Winding Road.  She has calmed down, she has improved, and she at least gave it some emotion. But to compare her with prior Idol's good performances?   Not so much...at least to me.  

Dexter should go home this week.  I like the guy fine as a person.  I even like listening to him sing. His performance of Boondocks was fine.  He has a good country voice.  But I don't find him that interesting.  He is like a Hostess cup cake.  You will eat it and think its just fine and dandy but its not creme brulee or tiramisu.  

Oh Majesty...I fear you will be in the bottom 3 again. She sang Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine and she really tried to portray confidence.  Here is my problem with her.  Her voice seems to be all over the place.  Every time she sings I cannot get comfortable because she wavers and warbles and I'm just waiting for her to hit a really bad note.  She usually doesn't hit a bad note.  But the stress of waiting for it mars her performance for me.  

Alex was Alexy.  I don't know the song Don't Speak either but if it was even remotely energetic sung by the original artist, Alex sucked all the energy out of it to make it sound like every other song he sings.  Just like Phillip Phillips...I can never remember what song he sang from week to week because they are all Alexified and therefore all sound the same to me.  

Bottom 3?  I'm not sure who the third one will be...but I'm pretty sure Dexter and Majesty will be on the stools again.  Perhaps Jessica or CJ will join them.  Caleb and Jena are the only ones I'm pretty sure will be safe tomorrow.  

I may be crazy.  Maybe they were all wonderful tonight and I'm the tired lifeless one in the equation.  But...I don't think so!