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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Holy Moley Guacamole! That was an unexpected end to the season. The Official AI Boards are livid that Adam lost and attributing it to homophobia and hate voters. All of which is, in my opinion, very rancid grapes and completely unfounded.

I know Adam has legions of fans. I really expected he would win until I saw the Dial Idol polls last night showing Kris with a slight edge and then I thought maybe Kris could pull it off. Here is what I think happened. Kris grew on people slowly. Adam was *out there* all season long and basically didn't *evolve* (arguably no place to evolve to) and people just weren't surprised by him anymore. When Gokey proved to be a one trick pony (breathless songs about losing the love of his life) and fans got bored with him they quit voting for him. Adam, strange as it sounds, got a little boring toward the end. That and the incessant pimping of Adam by all the judges and blatantly by Simon put a lot of viewers off. And America loves an underdog. Plain and simple.

With the exception of the Black Eyed Peas boom boom song I really enjoyed the entertainment. I would have liked to see more of Scott, Anoop, and Matt. Loved both Adams duet with Kiss and Kris's with Keith Urban. I like that Jason Mraz guy. I have never heard of him before. He had a big smile on his face after Kris won. I thought Megan, Michael Sarver, and Steve Martin were sweet. Rod Stewart should not have appeared in public and simply sung from back stage because he sounded a lot better than he looked poor old tubby man (in checks?). Allison and Cyndi Lauper. So good. Allison was so in awe of her and I was thrilled Allison got that showcase and that opportunity.

But, I cannot leave out Kara. You know, I was just sick when they brought bikini girl back with her newly enhanced chest ornaments and I thought dear lord, are they going to let her sing a whole song when I would rather have heard a song from one of the contestants who DID make it to the top 13. And then Kara came out and really DID show that bimbo a thing or two about singing and basically made bikini girl invisible. And foolish. I don't know about the flashing scene at the end but Kara does have a good body. She said she agreed to do it because they donated money to her charity so, its ok I guess. And realy, poor Kara, after the beating she is taking for that SONG today nearly everywhere (even Nigel Lythgoe said he hated it) she needed a pick me up!

Oh...also cannot forget that they let Danny Gokey have David Cook's song, Hello, and sing WAY too much for my taste. I dearly hope I never see his moon man face again.

Anyway everyone, thanks for taking the time to read all of our comments this season. Now I'm left with So You Think You Can Dance and Mary who screams a lot but in a good way. I cannot remember Mary's last name but she is adorable.

How many reasons do you need?

I really am pulling for Kris, the dark horse.

Adam's 1st performance of Mad World was one of the 1st times I actually admitted to liking what he did. And I liked it again last night. But, I had to agree with Simon: over the top theatrical. But, that's been Adam's gig all along, why change now?

Ain't No Sunshine was, in my opinion, one of Kris' best performances. Ever. It was awesome. Just him, behind the piano. No smoke, no weird trench coat, no platform lifting him from the stairs. Just voice.

I was annoyed by the song choices in the entire second round because it was clear to me that Simon Fuller was more interested in making a political statement than picking songs that would highlight the contestant's talents.

Change is Going to Come was fine. Whatever. I don't like the original song, I don't think it was fitting for Adam, and I was too annoyed to get into it.

I liked what Kris did with What's Going On. Was it huge and theatrical? No. But how would you make that song any bigger? And it's not supposed to be big! But again ... annoyed.

And both guys just blew in the last round. And it had nothing to do with them and everything to do with Kara's craptastic song. Although, I felt most sorry for Kris because he was ambushed with that song from the 1st note - he didn't stand a chance.

Why Kris should win:

1. He got ZERO camera time before the top 13. That's hard to overcome in a competition where people make choices based on who you brought with you to tryouts.

2. I'd buy his CD, have downloaded his songs, and would totally go see him when he performs at a small bar in Lawrence.

3. He makes every song different, without acting. He's not Broadway, he doesn't put on a "show", he just sings. But it's not always the stand there and sing ... he plays guitar, he plays piano, sometimes there's drums, sometimes violin. Never boring, just talent.

4. Because the judges don't want him to. Never have. It was inappropriate enough when Simon reminded America to vote for Adam last week. And when Katy Perry put "Adam Lambert" on her cape for her performance. But the last straw were the judges comments last night to Adam: "this show is about finding a star, you're a star, congratulations" v. their comments to Kris: "you should be proud of yourself for making it this far". I hope that America remembers who chooses the winner in this competition and votes accordingly. I did.

Going Out On A Limb Here

And its not a Lambert. I think Kris may have won this ding dong.