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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dorkey Vanquished!

Thank you Kris, thank you America. I won't have Danny Gokey to kick around anymore!

I don't know how many votes I put in last night but I voted for nearly an hour straight. I couldn't be happier with the outcome tonight. Fortunately, I was asleep on the couch during the first segment of Danny's homecoming. Am so glad we won't have to listen to him next week (except maybe in the results show).

I think his cheesy antics finally caught up with him. And I suspect there were more than a few Alison voters who went to Kris this week.

Did Ryan really say only 1 million votes between the top 2 this week? Maybe the outcome is not predetermined after all!

I loved the expression on the judges faces when they realized they weren't going to get their *dream finale* of Adam and Danny. I've decided Randy is my favorite judge. He seemed really happy that Kris was in the final. I bet he secretly doesn't like Gokey either.

My fingers are tired ...

Kris Allen found a new fan in me last night. And I made it as clear as I could by hitting the redial button on my telephone for an hour. Straight. An HOUR. (I have no life.)

Plus, I downloaded his songs. Both of them. I love him. I do.

Apologize is an awesome song, and I was stoked when Kara and Randy picked it for him. I think he did an amazing job - we haven't seen him behind the piano yet, it was new and different. And he did change up the melody (a little), which I really liked. I was really pissed when they both gave him B.S. criticism when they're the ones who picked that song in the first place. I was beyond pissed when Kara got up and put her hands over Simon's mouth when he was the only one giving good comments.

My husband and I looked at each other with that "oh, no, this is going to suck" look when Kris said he'd sing Kanye's Heartless. We all remember how Kanye performed that song earlier this year. I WAS better than Kanye's version. And, see, Kara why he didn't stand behind the guitar and sing Apologize? He - unlike your other two contestants - tries to make each song sound different. This was, by far, the BEST performance of the night.

Gokey was ... Gokey-esque. Same old crappy dancing, same old raspy voice, same old Joe Cocker impersonations ... and same old stroking from the judges. Why are they pushing him so much?? Is it because they think Adam can beat Gokey easier than he can beat Kris, so they want to make sure Gokey makes finals? I HONESTLY can't figure it out (and I'm pretty smart) because I HATE this kid with the fire of 1,000 suns.

Adam's One was pretty fantastic. I have to give him props. I didn't care for the screaming - which there was plenty of - but over all, I liked what he did.

Cryin', on the other hand, was comparable to Gokey's impersonation of Steven Tyler last week. I don't think ANYBODY should be allowed to do Aerosmith, it's just never good.

I'm sad because I think Kris is going to go home. And if he does, I'll try to repress this entire season as just a bad nightmare - because it's wrong, wrong, wrong.