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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Surprise, surprise ...

I'm shocked, SHOCKED about the performances last night. I was preparing myself for a night of horrible-ness topped off with an undeserved Big Mike butt-kissing of epic porportions.

I'm pleased to say, I was wrong. And so surprised about what I watched!!

Best to Worst:

Lee DeWyze - How does he not know how fantastic he is? Treat Her Like a Lady could absolutely be on his album, and I'd buy it. He picked a great song, sang it perfectly, made it "his own", and was hot. (You didn't think I'd post about him without mentioning that, did you?)

Andrew Garcia - And he sneaks in from behind ... Finally, a night without reminiscing about "Straight Up", because Forever was just as good! This is what a "moment" looks like, boys and girls. This is the Andrew I raved about earlier this year and I hope that he sticks around, because I love it! (And the "Mama, be nice" stuff was just so funny!)

Big Mike - Not even close to the cliched performance I expected from him! I'm a huge fan of India Arie and I could not be more pleasantly surprised about what Big Mike did with Ready for Love. I suspect the judges would have preferred him to sing Ain't No Sunshine so they could tout him as the big, black, R&B star they've been wanting him to be. But I couldn't be happier that he pulled back out the guitar and went back to the Jason Mraz-ish style he tried out with.

Crystal Bowersox - It pains me to put her this low on my list. She's only down here for 1 reason, and Simon called it. Heels? Background singers? 1/2 piano, 1/2 standing-by-the-piano? This is not why I like you Crystal. And even though you sounded fantastic and Midnight Train to Georgia was the perfect song choice, I could not get past the fact that you didn't look like Crystal anymore.

Casey James - I think I liked Hold On, I'm Coming when he was singing it. But I just can't put him any higher on this list. Everything sounds the same to me. He stands there with his guitar and performs the song exactly as it was written, does the same type of song every week, and relies solely on his looks to get by.

Siobhan - I really, really didn't like Through the Fire. It's a big song and I thought she was going to pull it out with her fantastic voice, but it didn't seem like there was one note that was on key in the whole thing (with the exception of her screams). She looked pretty though, and I still love her.

Tim Urban - He's so cute. I just want to put him in my pocket.

Didi Benami - I'm pleased that, in spite of all of Ryan's prodding, she didn't drag the Dead-Friend card back out. Because everybody knows that's what was going on. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted was a bit karaoke, it was a bit overdone, and it was a little weird. But I don't want her to go home. I still like her.

Katie - You're kidding me, right? Aretha? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I could not be more sick of this "let's debate over what kind of artist we're going to mold this little kid into since she has no clue what she wants to do for herself and she'll do whatever we tell her" schtick. And the "who do you trust", "myself" line was absolute BS she pulled out from her copy-Crystal itenerary. Also, I must comment on her hair. My husband told me it was inappropriate to write what I wanted to write about it. So, I'll just say it looks like she visited the beauty school at the trailor park.

Eyebrows - I closed my eyes and told myself I was honestly going to give this kid a chance. Just listen to his voice, KK, I said. People like him, he can't be that bad, I said. 6 words in ... Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone ... and I couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't even stay on pitch for SIX WORDS. (I am relieved to see the judges finally give him a tiny bit of negative-ish criticism, even if it's totally clear that they want him around longer.)

Finally, Usher ... I'm a big Usher fan. He's a fantastic singer and performer (the man can DANCE), and I think he was a fantastic mentor. I liked the advice he gave all of the contestants, even though some didn't follow it (Eyebrows!), and I didn't even mind the 20 minute plug about his new album.

Bottom Three:

Didi, Tim, and Katie

Going home:

Adorable little Tim. He can come live in my pocket when he's voted off.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Testing 3

Drama Queens!

And I don't mean Didi! The right three went to the stools (although Aaron could have gone with them) and I suppose the right one went home, although I expected Didi to last a bit longer. Tim Teflon Urban survives another week to smile and torture the judges with his unique talented self. At some point this will bother me but so far, no one who has gone home from the top 12 was, in my view, a top contender so it doesn't really matter in what order they are eliminated. Plus, Didi WAS worse than Tim on Tuesday night.

No, the drama queens I am referring to are Siobahn and Big Mike. I've always suspected Siobahn's *I'm a geeky little quirky thing with a dark side* persona is a bit of an act. It seems she has a problem with even the mildest form of criticism...flying into a corner backstage and refusing comfort from her comrades. She pronounced *I am not defeated* as if the world stopped spinning on its axis when she gave a bad performance but never fear...she will return and set it spinning again next week. Big Mike has become a ridiculous camera whore and someone needs to tell him to sit his big ass down and quit manhandling the multi-million dollar talent. That deal with Ryan was over the top.

I am venting here because I have vowed to be nice on the Official American Idol website. And I have been for the most part.

I am not a fan of the new R&B music. Ruben and Usher have nice voices but the songs left me cold. Is Diddy formerly Sean Coombs, formerly P. Diddy, formerly Puff Daddy, formerly Snoop Dog? Or is he some other Diddy? At least he modified the words to OMG, using Gosh very clearly so as not to offend the parents of young ones at home.

I don't know if I'm looking forward to Lennon-McCartney or not. The last time they had that theme (two weeks of it in David Cook's season), there were some spectacular hits but mostly misses. It will be interesting to see what they contestants pick from that huge list. I'm going to predict a little bit: Casey and Lee will do one of the rocking songs. Katie will try Let It Be. Siobahn will do Come Together so she can scream or one of the darker songs like Eleanor Rigby or She's Leaving Home. Aaron will try for Imagine (unless its not on the list because Lennon wrote it after the break up) or some other ballad. Andrew will do something acoustic again which is fine with me. No idea what Crystal will choose. I love all of the songs so I just hope they don't mess them up.

Now this blogger program has been acting up. This is the 2nd time I've tried to publish this post or a version thereof. If there is a double posting...sorry.

You Heard It Here First!

Two weeks, after I dub Tim Urban, Tim Teflon Urban, the rest of America wakes up and copies me! I should have trademarked the term! Tim doesn't even understand that it means that no matter how awful he is he keeps going through...he thinks it has something to do with him not letting the judges critiques get him down. I'm afraid he is not the brightest bulb on the tree. More about Tim later.

Usher...I had never heard of him (I'm not a big R&B fan) but I do recall seeing him in one of my guilty tabloids involved in a divorce or something. I'll have to google him. He took his mentoring seriously, which was nice and it was good they had someone over 21 to mentor them this week. One good thing about American Idol is that I am learning about new people and new things all the time. For example, do you know what *autotune * is ? I just found out. It some sort of computer program that smooths out the pitch so it makes people sound on tune if they are not. Evidently it is used all the time primarily in the recording studio. This explains why some people sound good on recordings but terrible when they sing live and why so many people like to lip sync rather than perform live. I don't completely understand how it works, despite several people on the Idol board trying to explain it to me...they just used all sorts of computer terms....anyway...its a cheat that is used very commonly and probably by the Idols when they do their studio versions of the songs. If they are using it live then just think how bad Tim Urban must really sound!

On to the critiques...best to worst.

Crystal is still my heroine. The song suited her perfectly (her official fan group wanted her to sing it) and she showed that she can hit some good high notes too without a scream and on pitch! I agree with Simon about the backup singers...they were distracting. Why is it all of her performances seem about 1/2 as long as the rest of them? I just don't want them to end. I thought her high heels were cute but I agree with Simon...don't get caught up in all the wardrobe/personality stuff. Just sing! On the other hand, if she wants to try something new and isn't just doing it because of complaints that she is *always the same*..then go for it.

Lee DeWyze might have had a moment tonight. I was thinking...I'm pretty sure he's going to get the girl no matter if the other guy treats her like a lady or not. How can he not know how good he is?

I'll put Casey and BM side by side. I still don't like BM. But this was his newfound genre (along with his newfound guitar...hmmm...why do I find his love for the guitar a bit phony/baloney...I think he's trying to catch the Crystal/Lee/Casey train). Casey was fine but I'm thinking if he wasn't so picture perfect cute he would be critiqued much more harshly.

What did Sioban do to piss off the judges? I didn't think her song was so bad although I admit her lower register beginning was not that impressive. She really had the most difficult song to do and I thought the judges were unduly harsh on her. Ok, I'm a bit bored of the screaming and her fans on the Idol Website are as obnoxious as Adam Lambert's fans were last year...but I wrote in my notes....*You are NOT going to be the worst performer of the night*.

I was really hoping Andrew would not suck tonight and he didnt. I'm liking him more personally. He will never impress me enough to vote for him but I'm glad he got good reviews tonight and I hope it improves his confidence. I loved him telling his mama to calm down! It was in a sweet way. I liked his mother wearing that zebra top too.

The toddlers....Katie and Aaron. WHY don't they give them the criticism they deserve? Katie's taking on Aretha was arrogance of the highest order. She stayed on key but boy it was a stupid rendition... CHAY IN CHAY IN CHAY IN of fools. And then the stupid discussion about *what kind of artist* she is supposed to be. She is supposed to be home starring in her high school musical, Brigadoon, you idiot judges. And Aaron taking on Ain't No Sunshine after Kris Allen did it so perfectly last year. You know, you know, you know, you know...Aaron? I know a certain blogger who will have no sunshine watching idol UNTIL you are gone!

Tim Teflon Urban does a cheesy version of Sweet Love. He hit one or two notes which I think shows he has some sort of voice but he is just cheese on a stick. Someone need to take some strong steel wool to that teflon and he needs to go home.

But NOTHING was as bad as Didi BeSorryForMe and *What Becomes of the Brokenhearted*. Oh man...she sounded like barfly at your local Karaoke bar after 15 tequila shots. Her voice does have some lyrical qualities but she didn't use them tonight. There was no redeeming quality in that song. And that stupid dramatic *Tell me...Tell me* at the end was like the flies on the cowpatty! (I was going to say maggots on spoiled meat but thought that was too sickening). And I'm pretty sick of her emoting all over the place. Did they show a backstage scene with her?

I liked the backstage scenes! I hope they keep doing that.

If I left anyone out it was because they were even worse than Didi.

The three who should be in the bottom 3 tomorrow night? Tim, Didi, and Aaron. I have no idea who will actually be there.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Googling Around and Some Idol Gossip

As the final 10 were announced it became clear to me that the only one I really care to hear sing again is Crystal Bowersox. Siobahn might be interesting too...but frankly they could devote the whole hour to Crystal performing and I would be happy pappy.

Her fan site on the official American Idol website is chock full of new information about her songs. I think I told everyone to go to YouTube and search for Crystal Bowersox Farmer's Daughter and on the basis of that song, I speculated that her father was abusive. Then he appeared on the show and she seemed to love him so I thought...well maybe it was not a biographically based song. More recently, some one on Youtube has posted the lyrics and I see what I missed listening to it. The song is evidently about her mother...not her father.

Now I have learned about another original song...Saved By Grace. I have only listened to it once but it appears to be based on her reaction to her pregnancy or more specifically, the father's reaction to the pregnancy and her decision not to get an abortion. I haven't seen the lyrics text yet but that is my first reaction to it.

Also, one of the posters on the site said she met Crystal today while Crystal was shopping in Melrose with her son and boyfriend and that Crystal was very friendly...took 2 pictures with the fan (Crystal said...oh my mouth is open in the first one...lets take another) and seemed very genuine and appreciative of the fan's attention.

I admit it..I want this woman to win this thing so if you like anyone one better than you like her quit reading this blog now. My malevolent eye is on anyone who will keep her from winning!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shock and awe.

Not. Not one bit.

For the 2nd week in a row, I was looking at the bottom 3 thinking, "I don't really care who goes home." Anti-climatic.

I did think it was good to see Katie in the bottom 3. Even if it was only for 2 seconds.

And I love Crystal's quick quip about who she's going to listen to: "me". Her awesomeness knows no bounds.

I love Usher. So, I'm excited about next week.

I'm hoping that Big Mike's head doesn't explode when the judges give him an embarassing amount of praise (which they will.)

And I'm hoping Katie botches her song and tells the judges: "I guess I want to be a country artist now."

I can predict next week's bottom 3 right now, without even hearing the performances:

Tim, Andrew, Didi

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can We Get a Twofer?

As the final two perched uncomfortably and miserably on those stupid stools, I thought...oh can't they both go home tonight? No surprise it was Paige. Tim has the worsters voting (probably all 100 of them) along with some young girls who think he's hot. Even Miley wanted to hug him. I take some consolation in knowing that he was in the bottom 3 two weeks in a row so he is not pulling in huge votes and hopefully his journey will end in the next week or two. I took consolation in Katie being one of the final three for the same reason. She looked pretty shocked to find herself on that stool. I think she thinks much more highly of herself than being stuck with the two most godawful performers of the previous night and thought Andrew would be there instead of her. I'm happy for Andrew though. I cannot believe I used to hate him because now, while I don't think he is any good, I feel sorry for him and the runaround he gets from the judges. Now at least he can make some money on the tour before he returns to obscurity and has to get a job. I could make a nasty crack about what type of job he will get but I'm not going to tonight. Let him enjoy his moment of happiness.

I am loathing Didi even more, if that is possible, as she made a crack obviously aimed at Crystal about *well I could just stand there with my guitar and sing but I want to try new things*. She is a passive aggressive biotch. Little J knows what I'm talkin' about there!

I wonder how long Lee and Casey had to stand when Ryan forgot to tell them they were safe after he sent Tim and Paige to the stools.

Yay for Crystal. She seemed more lively tonight so maybe she hasn't been feeling as well as she could for the past few weeks and is feeling better now. I loved her quick response that she was going to listen to *me*, when asked whose advice she would listen to about playing or not playing her guitar. Then vapid Katie, when asked a similar question, tried to look all confident about who SHE is as an artist and ended up sucking up to Kara. I doubt Katie even knows what being a Pop singer with R&B influences means.

Now for the entertainment. Miley was not as bad tonight as she was last year when she sang The Climb, but I would call her performance turgid and self-indulgent. When she first did that dramatic bend down from the waist and throw my hairweave around move, I thought maybe she had stomach cramps. But she kept doing it so I guess it was part of the performance. I didn't like the song either.

I know who Joe Jonas is but who is Demi Lovoto or whatever her name is. Love a notto is my opinion of her. I will have to google her. Frankly, I think almost any random boy and girl from Hollywood week could have sung that unmemorable song better.

Next week, BM will be in his glory as he has decided that he is an R&B singer now. I think Crystal will do well as well as Siobahn. Tim Teflon Urban should be a trainwreck. Katie will get to try out her R&B influenced style. I hope Didi continues to fail epically.

Zzzzzz ...

What a boring show. I almost wish I would've just gone to bed, instead of watching it.

Best to Worst:

Crystal - Really is just in a different league, isn't she? And I love that Simon pointed that out. I don't know what all this "get a personality"/"connect with the audience" mumbo-jumbo is, but it's BS. I seriously want to be Crystal's friend. I want to go with her to a bar, listen to her jokes, and have her sing for me. She totally connects with me, and I think many, many others.

Lee - He didn't get much play from the judges. But compared to the others tonight, I really do think he was 2nd best. He changed up the song just enough to make it different, but not so much as to ruin it. Oh, and he's hot. (Have I mentioned that before?)

Siobhan - Listen, I don't get sick of her screaming. I think it's frickin' fantastic each. and. every. time. Yeah, maybe she could put it at the beginning of her song, but do NOT get rid of it. (My husband is making me post that he's tired of every song ending with a scream. But this isn't his blog, so I can say that I love him, but he's wrong.)

Equally mediocre: (all of the below just sort of blur together)

Big Mike - I'm just glad the judges weren't kissing his behind all night. It was nice to see him knocked down a tiny little peg. His performance was fine. He's got a nice voice. But it was boring.

Andrew Garcia - Oh, Andrew. You poor, poor thing. Every week at least one judge says "Straight-Up" and this week Simon said what we've all been thinking: "overrated". You're SO not motown. And, I think, get back behind the guitar.

Didi Benami - I've still got Rhiannon on repeat play. But You're No Good was weird. It was almost like she was playing a role - the slinky, slutty role. And pitchy. Just no good.

Casey - I don't know what performance any of the judges besides Simon were watching last night. I was totally 80's, no different from the original, and not that good of a vocal. And he told Miley he was going to interact with the fans and make eye-contact - but he didn't do either of those things.

Tim Urban - I like this kid. I'm sorry, but I do. I just want to pinch his little cheeks. Yes, the tween-pit, the stage sliding, and the fan high 5s were a little over the top. But they told him to interact with the fans, so he is. Was Crazy Little Thing Called Love fantastic? No. But should he go home? No.

"How Are These People Still Around":

Katie - My hatred for this girl is growing week by week. Not only does she have no idea what kind of artist she wants to be (neither do the judges), but she doesn't even have a good voice. It's nasal. And weird. And why do the judges say "make it your own" to everyone else, but Katie can sing Fergie's song EXACTLY like Fergie sang it, and they like it?

Eyebrows/Something About Mary Hair (I love this!) - Did you see his eyebrows??? They are seriously putting fake ones on him!! They're bigger than last week even! I about died when Ryan called him David Pukaletta - it just solidified why I hate him so much. And nobody can sing Steven Tyler. Nobody. Especially not you, freaky little 3rd grade boy.

Paige - Oh Paige. I feel so, so sorry for her. She's so pretty. And she seems so nice. But Against All Odds was horrible. Horrible. It was like a flashback to those initial auditions where they make fun of people.

Bottom Three:
Paige, Tim, and Didi

Going home:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

They're No Good...

or so Simon said about all but Crystal tonight. And for the most part he was correct. KK said it all about Miley Cyrus who I had never heard sing until she sang The Climb on Idol last year and I thought...*wow...she really does suck, doesn't she?*. However, she was fine tonight, for the most part, despite looking like a hooker in her black shorts jumpsuit and black hose. I found it interesting that several of the contestants felt the need to justify her being their mentor on the basis of her hit albums and all her experience, despite her age. I think they were a little taken aback too. And, thank goodness they changed the theme from *Teen Idol NIght* to Billboard #1 night...not that it helped most of them.

OK... here we go.

Lee DeWyze sings The Letter. (I can remember exactly what I was doing the first time I heard that song when I was 17 and driving west on Central to Tyler Road on my way home from some school event). I thought it was his best performance yet, he changed up the song and I thought came out of his shell to a point we haven't seen before. I was surprised at Simon's comments. I think he wanted him to sing something more current and edgy. Still...I would rank it among the top 3 or 4 tonight.

Paige... Take a Look At me Now. I cried when she sang (well I got tears in my eyes anyway) and not in a good way. I just felt so sorry for her. She was so terrible. She really cannot control her nerves which means she cannot control her voice. If she isn't gone this week it will be a miracle. But the thing is, as she gets worse and worse every week, I like her personally more and more. What a happy soul she seems to be!

Tim Teflon Urban. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Well its a crazy little thing you are still on this show Tim. Your Elvis at his fattest imitation didn't endear you to me. Grabbing girls hands and going into the *tween pit* just made you look stupid. Good on Kara for calling you on that over the top nonsense. Blah Blah chunks to you!

Aaron sings I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. I'm pretty sure KK missed your performance tonight. Ryan called him David Archuleta tonight. I would say David Archuleta minus about 50% of David Archuleta's talent. It was OK. The judges never hate on him so he's going through with flying colors to the tour.

Crystal Bowersox and Me and Bobby McGee. Written by Kris Kristofferson and made a hit by Janis Joplin. All of Crystal's fans wanted her to sing it, including me and I am so glad she did. It is in my top 10 best songs ever written of all time list. As she let go on the chorus I got tears in my eyes in a good way because she just seemed so joyful singing it. I haven't heard the Pink version so don't know if she covered that or not (Simon sometimes doesn't know what he is talking about there). I cannot imagine anyone other than Janis doing it any better and my only regret was she had to cut the song short to fit the time frame. I think Ellen and Kara were a little off base about her not connecting with the audience. I think she is just not someone who is fakey fakey lovey dovey with anyone. I can relate to that and so can a certain niece of mine called M. I just wish we could sing and play like her too.

Ok...was there anyone else that sang tonight?

Oh...BM practically stopped up the stool tonight with his over the top version of When A Man Loves A woman.

Andrew was just sad in a Paige way. Face it judges, he took his Hollywood Straight Up straight off of You Tube and that was his moment of glory. Myley was right to get him out from behind the guitar but what a strange song choice for him. Do a ballad Andrew.

Katie does an age appropriate song dressed in tight black clothes like Miley Cyrus wears. I think Fergie stinks so I really was not impressed with Katie and Big Girls Don't Cry. Maybe if she had sung the original Big Girls Don't Cry it would have been more interesting to me.

Casey...and The Power of Love. Casey leaves me lukewarm. At least he didn't go into the tween pit. Also liked that he said he was a fan of Miley's father (although that is pretty sad too).

Didi. I don't like her and wanted her to fail but had no idea she would fail so epically. You may or may not believe me when I say I wrote in my notes that she was doing a slinky version of the song and then my opinion was ratified by Kara's comments. It was too coy, coquettish and she acted like she would go back to the jerk any minute. That is not the way Linda sang it. Linda is a dame. You are not. So go back to singing songs about flowers and stuff.

And now for the sainted Siobahn. At least it wasn't a dark song but her screaming stuff is getting old. I don't hate her but she is getting to be less of a dark horse and more of a caricature. Just sing lady. Has anyone told you that Adam Lambert didn't win last year? Still, have to love a girl who wears glasses.

So..my guess is that Paige will go. I wish it would be Tim Urban after the pit antics, but it will probably be Paige.

Crotchety Old Curmudgeon

Miley Cyrus is tonight's mentor.

She's 17. SEVENTEEN!

What was I doing at 17? Failing Chemistry, fighting with my boyfriend over the Kathy Ireland poster he had hanging in his room, and unsuccessfully sneaking back into the house after my 10:00 curfew.

Yes, Miley has been hugely successful. She's had a hit TV show, movies, songs. She goes home at night and rolls around in piles of money.

But, she's SEVENTEEN.

Her latest hit song included the lyrics: "nodding my head like yeah"

You know, though. On a season where most of the contestants take themselves WAY too seriously, it might be interesting to watch a real "teen idol" knock them down a peg or two.

And I'm totally singing Party in the USA over and over now. Because it's just that catchy.

(I also still know how to do the Achy Breaky Heart. Do you?)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"I'm doing this for my people"

The only good thing about last night's show was the return of the-man-I-would-leave-my-husband-for ripping through Jumping Jack Flash. Now THAT'S how you do a Rolling Stones song. He's amazing, isn't he? And I love what celebrity has done for him - he looked so good.

Coming in a distant 2nd was Big Mike's obnoxious bragging about his self-inflated fan base: "I'm just doing this for my people" . It's like we're literally watching his head get bigger and bigger each week.

No shock about the bottom 3 or Lacey's exit.

I did feel a little sorry for Ellen when Ryan asked her if any of them were worth saving. She tried so hard not to just blurt out "no way".

And we all knew that Eyebrows and Katie would stick around. I think Tweens shouldn't be allowed to vote. My daughter will NOT be voting when she's a Tween, unless she votes for the person I like. Tweens ruin everything.

I suppose I could make one comment on Ke$ha's pre-taped dance/lip-synching routine. Blah Blah sounds just like Tick Toc - both are only fun when you're drunk at a Bachelorette party in LoDo (what?), and I'm still holding out hope that she'll be a one-hit wonder and fade away like Milli Vanilli.

Not a Shocker...

thank goodness. Lacey was clearly on the cusp. A little surprised that Teflon Tim survives to sing another day but I guess there are young girls our there who like him. Would the judges really have wasted a save on Paige? I don't think so. Pray that she recovers from larynitis, pray that she picks a good song and then MAYBE we can see why Simon loves her so much (although she does seem like a nice young woman personally). I think Simon has a faulty memory. He thinks he heard Paige's good voice once. Since he hasn't heard it again he has ballooned it into mythic proportions in his mind, even though Paige has done nothing since the show began that could remotely be called interesting, let alone special.

It was nice to see David Cook rock out on Jumpin' Jack Flash. I missed the second performance by the blonde woman because I had to see if the mean girl got voted off America's Next Top Model (she didn't...but the one who I strong suspect is a pathological liar did...I know...to much reality TV is a bad thing). Then comes Kesha or however you spell that woman's name who sang Blah Blah. I was nearly blah blahing chunks watching her perform. First of all, Lady Gaga already did that circle of makeup aroune the eye so she is not even edgy (or as I like to say, stupid) ..just a copy cat. Were there really humans dancing around on the stage with what looked like computer monitors or old fashioned tv sets on their heads? What is this....Romper Room or Captain Kangaroo? Not to mention the sheer stupidity of the song itself. I'm too old for this nonsense.

So...no outrage tonight. Really, had anyone but Crystal or Siobahn gone it wouldn't have phased me much. Sadly, it looks like we are going to have Katie and Aaron around for awhile.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gathers no moss ...

First off I think I should admit that I'm not a Rolling Stones fan. I do know and like maybe 3 of their songs, but that's it. I was nervous that the night would be awful, but was pleasantly surprised by most of the contestants!

Best to worst:

Siobhan - Incredible!! I hate to agree with Kara, but it did have shades of Adam Lambert ... Drama! She's just so weird - wouldn't you love to hang out with her at a bar or something? I love that she changed it up but just a little. And I don't think I'll ever get tired of those ridiculous notes. It makes all of the other contestants look like high school choir students.

Crystal Bowersox - I really do think she's got this competition in the bag. She waltzes onto the stage, sings this amazing song, and it's effortless for her! I'll admit it wasn't her "moment" (word of the season, apparently), but Crystal's non-moment would be a huge moment for any of the other contestants. I do think we need to start voting for her though - I worry about whether America gets her.

Lee DeWyze - He's so hot, isn't he? He might be better looking than David Cook - and that's saying a lot. I couldn't figure out why the judges didn't praise him more, because I thought his acoustic version of Beasts of Burden was awesome! I think, had he "rocked out" like they wanted him to, they would've accused him of trying to be Mick Jagger. Good decision, Lee. You're fantastic (and hot, did I mention that?)

Didi - I LOVED this. Sorry, Tee, but I think she's great! Her version of Rhiannon that I downloaded has been stuck in my head for days, and is on repeat play in my car. And I plan on downloading Fire, too. I agreed with the judges that it sounded strange to have her sweet voice sing such a dark song - and I liked it. (And she didn't throw in the dead-friend card this week, so that was good.)

Paige - Huh? Where did this come from? Is it they Laryngitis? Is this what the judges were talking about before? She's still not fantastic when she's in her low range, but those high notes were great! I'm doubtful it'll stick around, but good show, Paige.

Tim Urban - I'm sorry, but I liked it. Maybe it's because I've never heard that song before so it's not something I associate with "rock". (And I'll admit I didn't listen that closely to the lyrics to know if they're misogynistic - although I believe Tee that they are.) I dug it. I liked the Reggae. I liked the risk. I liked his family clip, too. I think he's cute. I hope he stays for awhile.

Andrew Garcia - The critiques he's gotten have been confusing, so I think it was smart of him to play it straight tonight. But I can't get back on the Andy bandwagon. It's just not that interesting anymore. But I am glad that Simon told Kara to stop taking everything so literal - "what did you want him to bring out a tank?" Hilarious!

Big Mike - Yeah, he's down here. Only because of his dancing. I was so distracted by the dancing, I couldn't tell you what song he sang or if it was good. Don't dance Mike.

Casey - Why were you playing the guitar with one hand? You guys have GOT to stop doing distracting things if you want me to actually listen to what you're singing.

Lacey - Is only this high on my list because I can't stand to put Katie or Eyebrows anywhere but the bottom. It was "pitchy" and boring. Even as pretty as she is, I still left the room to do chores.

Katie - What were you wearing, Katie? It looks like something my daughter will put on her babydolls. This is one of the Stones songs I know and love, so I was pretty mad when she butchered it. Could she look any more tense? It's like she's being forced to stand there and sing. (Although, I'll admit, it was much better than most of her other performances. Which isn't saying much.)

Eyebrows - All I want to say is my husband pointed out that they put fake eyebrows on him. Or, they said "look, your eyebrows are stupid, stop plucking them". Because, while they were still totally gelled and over-plucked, they were a little fuller right about the eye. What? Did he sing, too?

Perusing the AI Website

KK, I completely understand your irrational hatred for Aaron Kelley. I feel the same way towards that Katie girl. Seriously..I have no idea how she ever got on this show! If she were in the Miss Teenage Middlebury contest (leading up to being Miss Teenage Connecticut leading up to being Miss Teenage America), the girl with the flaming batons would have scored better in talent that she did. I hate her with the fire of 10,000 suns!

Were the judges absolutely asleep when she auditioned? When she sang in Hollywood? Or were they just looking for another Taylor Swift? No wonder Crystal looked so grim last week...she realized that talent doesnt matter this year! (If it ever did).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Precious Little Satisfaction

Not a big Rolling Stones fan, but I have to at least acknowledge that with the exception of BM, they all sang songs I recognized. For most of them, that is about as far as I can go tonight.

I strongly suspect that the judges were ordered to be easy on them tonight because the producers realize they are left with at least 5 lemons after last week's eliminations. Or else they were all as wonderful as the judges said they were and I suddenly went insane.

In order of performance:

BM. (Did you all know he has a baby?) I underestimated his ability to find a Rolling Stones song that would remind us of this fact. And now he has a dead mother too. All I heard was falsetto runs. I saw his attempt to be Mick Jagger. And the strange thing he did making himself bowlegged with his feet turned it like he was at a urinal. Judges loved it. I couldn't wait for it to end.

Dide BeSorryForMe. Weak, unbelievable, off key and almost losing the lyric but the judges thought it was her best performance. I hope the audience *FIIIII ERRSS* her.

Casey. I thought it was karaoke but all the judges but Simon thought he was a god. He did just sort of stand there. It wasn't awful but as cute as he is I didn't get chills watching him.

Lacey. Love that song. I liked how she changed it up. Just wish she had sung it better. Ellen was right...her stage movements were backwards.

Andrew Garcia abandons his artsy fartsy attempts to change up songs and just sang it pretty much straight. Kara thought he wasn't angry enough about the War. Maybe he should have taken a lesson from Didi and sang it WAAAA ARRR to convey his pacifism. I thought it was much better than anything he has done so far but still just average. Judges praise him because they know they have screwed with his head, that he should have gone home, and now they have to act like they didn't make a huge mistake having him here.

Katie Stevens. I think pretty tame horses could drag her about anywhere and I really wish they would. What a boring little girl. She might win the talent competition in the Miss Connecticut pageant with that version. She would finish about 40th in the Miss America pageant.

Tim Urban. His inexplicable presence in the top 12 may come to an end tonight. First he sings a misogynist song which shouldn't endear him to any woman or girl in the audience (who have to be the only one's keeping him alive thus far) but just in case it might...he does it in Reggae style. Don't Worry Be Happy she's under my thumb. Even the producers couldn't force the judges to eat that dog food.

Siobahn the Dark. Of course she would sing Paint It Black. She did it very well. Best of the night. I'm not sure I'm going to like her screaming those notes every week but she was good and upon hearing her you realized just how awful the previous singers were.

Lee DeWyze. I like his less harsh version of Beast of Burden. I rank him #3 for the night.

Paige (s)Miles. She really should get laryngitis every week. One of my favorite RS songs. She gave it her all even if it wasn't original. I saw a few glimmers of that voice we have heard about all season but never heard.

Aaron Kelley. He picked the right song. He was ok. No substitute for Alex so the judges praise him inordinately to make up for it.

Crystal...my favorite and the only one I am going to vote for until she is voted off. A little lackluster tonite. She does just sing so easily that she gets lost in the drama of the others. Still, the 2nd best of the night. I wish Simon hadn't said *you may think you have already won this contest* but I am glad she got to say that she didn't think that and that she praised Siobahn. Stupid fans on the website have been trashing her all week because she didn't smile and be all perky when she was safe last week.

We got to meet their families, and it appears my speculation about Crystal and an estrangement with her father (based on the song she wrote called Farmer' Daughter) was way off base. I'm glad to know that.

Maybe its time for Tim Urban to go home. Based on last weeks results, however, I am not making predictions.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A moment of silence ...

Seriously? This will be short because I'm totally pissed off.

It's not a dream, is it?

Paige, Katelynn, Lacey and Katie are in the Top 12 and Lily isn't??

Eyebrows Aaron is in the Top 12 and Alex Lambert isn't??

That's really how it went down?

Last night was wrong in about 16,000 ways, and I can't even find the words to express my absolute shock and dismay. You are kidding me.

Okay, I have found a few words.

I admit I might have been wrong about Andrew Garcia. I, like the judges, was blinded by Straight Up. But I'm over it now. And I'm with Tee ... the Rolling Stones were all men, Andrew. What are you going to do next week?

My husband points out that when BM was in the early auditions, he sang Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz. Now he's all Gospel-ed out. Because the judges need a big, black, man to complete their type-casting. I audibly cringed at the stage direction situation last night, too. Watch your head, BM, it's getting bigger than your biceps.

And I think there might be something wrong with me, mentally. I have a pure hatred for Aaron. Not since Pukaletta have I absolutely despised somebody so much. I don't know what it is about over-groomed adolescent boys that brings out the fire in me (it doesn't bode well for my daughter), but I literally want to shove a sock down his throat. I want to shave off his eyebrows while he sleeps. I want to yank that stupid necklace off of his neck. I hate him with the fire of 1,000 suns. (See? I'm mental.)

Finally, remember Anoop? He was "good" enough for the judges to create a Top 13. I don't suppose they could bring back Lily?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just Had Another Thought

Just had a thought...what is Andrew Garcia going to do? The Rolling Stones were men! How is he going to get genius points for covering a man's song?

Crystal's Face Said It All!

I am not a happy blogger tonight. I knew it was going to be a bad night when Ryan said there would be *surprises*. Didi makes the top 12. Not a surprise but I would have been thrilled if she had gone home. Siobahn makes the top 12. Good for her...she deserves it although I'm not buying this whole quirky label. So she's a glass blower and wears a nose ring. Then the shocker, Paige, who was the choice of the Vote For The Worst Gang, beats out Kaitlynn who was the choice of...well not too many I guess. She made a mistake with that Carole King song. If you are going to sing Carole King, and Natural Woman is owned by Crystal, sing Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow...or So Far Away...or Its too Late. But better yet...choose a song that shows your voice off. Not that Paige did...I have yet to hear the amazing voice Simon keeps saying she has. Mr. Auntee interuppted me with nonsense when Simon was explaining why Paige was better than Kaitlynn so I didn't get his rationale. Crytal looks morose as Kaitlynn sings hers swan song.

Then the men...I forget who they teased us with when they eliminated Toddrick...oh yes..Lee DeWyze. Sorry Todd...Lee didn't do so great this week but he is way cuter than you and he has done better in the past so thank goodness THAT one wasn't a surprise. But Lee looked worried.

Big Mike comes out and rearranges the stage directions. Thats it BM...get right out there in front of Ryan and declare yourself the winner of the whole shebang right now. I don't like BM. Kara does point out he keeps singing songs reminding us he has a baby...which unfortunately is only going to encourage more of the same. Did the Rolling Stones do a song about a baby? Well, As Tears Go By does mention children playing.

Cannot remember if they declared Lacy or Crystal safe first. I'm not unhappy about Lacey getting to the top 12 as I think she is better than Katie and we already know that the arguably worst, Paige, has made it.

Crystal is called up and she is not smiling. She is safe and still isn't smiling.

Then the worst moment of the show for me. Its between Andy Garcia and my new favorite Alex. Andy stays. The judges look a bit shocked. As they should be but its their own darn fault for praising him for that Straight Up deal he did. Vote for the Worst guys say about 5 people had done Straight Up the same way on Youtube long before Andy got to Hollywood. Crystal not only looks sad now...she looks pissed as do about everyone else in the group Judges seem a bit surprised too but recover well.

Finally...the All American girl against the truly quirky one, Lilly. Yes, Lilly's rendition of I Fall to Pieces was not very good but Katie was just terrible. Lilly goes and now Crystal has tears in her eyes. And the rest of the group look upset too because they just realized we have two teenyboppers...Aaron and Katie...who the fans seem to love even when they stink up the joint...so was this really a good career move for us? Lets just enter Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus into the top 12 and get it over with.

So...now I'm left with watching to see how about 4 or 5 out of the top 12 do each week: Crystal, Siobhan, Lacey, Lee and Casey.

I am predicting BM will win and have the same illustrious career as Taylor Hicks, despite my malevolent eye on him the entire time.

Poor Alex...I loved him. I wanted to adopt him.

Oh..I almost forgot the piano duet between Matt and Scott. This was the song they were supposed to do in finale week but which got cut due to time. I enjoyed it a lot. Except I kept wondering...did Matt get that lump removed from his forehead or was his new hair do covering it up?

Glad to see that they both are recording.

Ok..next week the Rolling Stones. Which means I'm going to have to reacquaint myself with their songs. I am interested to see what Crystal does. I'm actually rooting for a Crystal/Siobahn finale I think. I might change my mind.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nobody To Love

I probably would have blown off voting tonight except I had to go to the bathroom so I picked up the cell phone that had been recharging on the way back.

Oh my...pretty much a disaster of epic proportions for all but Alex and BM and surprisingly Tim Urban.

Lee was cute as always tonight but I felt like his song was a firefly that I could never catch and then when I thought I had it in my grasp it died on me like the fireflies always do when you catch them. I think he will be safe because he is cute and was not awful but he was not as good as he could be...at least I hope he can be better.

Andrew Garcia, still searching for the elusive moment of genius when he covered Paula Abdul's Straight Up in Hollywood, chooses ANOTHER woman artist to cover (he has yet to cover a song that a man sang and made a hit). I don't know the original song well...I seem to remember it being used in a lot of ice skating shows about 10 years back and I don't remember the bossa nova feel that Andrew put into it tonight. His vocals were weak...this guy is just sapped of confidence. Geeky genius to just plain geek in 3 short weeks. I'm sorry Andrew, if I found a bottle and there was a remote chance you might be the genie in it I would put it in the furthest corner of my backyard with an electrified cage around it and surround it with a 10 foot tall fence just on the off chance that something alive might rub up against it. I would probably put a bug zapper next to it too to make sure the fireflies didn't inadvertently rub against it and let you out. You were that bad. And I really was over not liking you and starting to want you to do better.

Casey, I will think of you because you are eye candy and not because you gave an especially compelling performance tonight. Like Lee, you did not suck but you did not shine either. Step it up.

Toddrick once again does his changing the song routine. He hit a few falsettos at the beginning which shows he sort of can sing. Seeing how well Germaine did last week with the Church music style, he decided to gospel it up now and then but not entirely. I thought it was a cold mess. I don't kow why the judges liked it. I thought it was even worse than his other performances because the gospel stuff was just phony. He needs to stop worrying about finding somebody good enough for him to love and finding any one to vote. And Toddrick, pay back those kids you cheated!

Well, KK, you told me so. Aaron Kelley did a poor imitation of David Archuleta tonight. And while I agreed with Simon that Kara should not have said *you are too young to sing this song* he was way too melismatic for me. He and Katie just don't have the experience to be here yet. Although...considering he was abandoned by his parents as a baby and left to his aunt to raise...perhaps he has more experience with the father not being there thing than Kara could ever guess. So, Aaron, my verdict is you are not there yet.

BM tweeted today he couldn't wait to do his song because his wife was going to be in the audience. She has been in the audience every week but I guess we need to be reminded once again that his wife had a baby. And so he sings a song about a woman having a baby. And him not being there. Very slowly. Very self-indulgently. And Kara cries. He's cruising into the final two because a woman gave birth to his kid when he wasn't there and he's made himself a saint because of it. Regrettably. My malevolent eye is on him. He is a fat Gokey.

Hallelujah. When I heard Tim Urban was singing this I was like...OH NO! Jason Castro owns the Hallelujah moment on Idol for me, perhaps its because its the first time I heard that song although given that I grew up in the Leonard Cohen era and knew some of his work very well, it shouldn't have been the first time I heard that song. Unfortunately, one of our blog followers, who I shall call Little J, replayed k.d.lang's performance at the Olympics for me a week or two ago which made Jason Castro's version look pretty amateur. According to Little J, Leonard Cohen said, after hearing k.d. lang, he never wanted to hear another singer perform that song again. I don't think he will change his mind after hearing Tim Urban sing it... BUT....it was ok for me. Not quite a *moment* but Tim got into the song. And Leonard can console himself with the royalties (he is still alive isn't he?).

So...who did I manage to vote for during the commercials of Shear Genius (by the way..the new hostess of that show has the most irritating voice in the whole world..bring back Jacklyn Smith) ? Alex Lambert. He is trouble all right. Trouble for Big Mike and the rest of them. No stupid falsettos...he just stood there and sang. I love his phrasing. No...he doesn't change the melody, slow it down, speed it up, add bossa nova or gospel or reggae or ragtime to it....but I thought it was soulful phrasing. I hate the mullet but he cannot change it now.

Lots of criticism on the boards of Ellen as a judge (*she doesn't know music* *I'm sick of her bad jokes*) but I have no complaints about her. Kara can get rid of the *I'm too sexy for my shirt* attitude at any moment and start acting like the serious artist she thinks that she is. I loved that Ellen hugged Tim Urban. She was hired to make jokes and to be the *nice* judge. And I like that she brings to the table the taste of those of us who are not musically trained but *know what we like when we hear it*.

Finally...why is the *Final 12* such a big deal when only the final 10 go on tour?

Crystals' to Lose

For sure. She's got this competition in the bag, if she just keeps doing what she's doing. The girl is amazing! I love everything about her - from her crazy hair, to her bad teeth, to her adorable little boy. While I don't think it was as great as her CCR performance last week, she killed Tracy Chapman.

My other favorite tonight was Siohban. I remember my father used to listen to that song, too (something about those old hippies, I guess). And I love how she changed it up. The beginning was haunting to me, she built it up slowly, and she killed the end. Amazing!

I don't want to talk about Lilly today because I love her, I do. But she wasn't good last night. I agree with Tee about her looking like a wind-up doll and sounding like a baby. Why did she ruin a perfectly good Patsy Cline song? Please come back again Lilly. (She will. The judges clearly love her.)

I'm giving a comeback performance award to Didi. I agree with Tee that her "story" is comparable to Gokey's and we hate that here. But her soulful rendition of Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon gave me goosebumps. I downloaded it. And we all know that's how I judge a good performance - if I buy it later.

I'm over Katelyn. I liked her last week, but that's the only time I've liked her. She looked like a weird little puppet dancing around the piano to Carol King. She does have pretty hair though.

And on the "she's got pretty going for her" note, I like Lacey, but not enough to go to the top 12. Her song last night was the best she's done by far, I agree with Kara on that. And she's gorgeous. That's all I can say.

I do feel a little sorry for Katie. She IS taking the judge's comments and doing what they're suggesting. She's trying. And I think that's her problem: she's so young she has no idea who she is or what she likes to sing. She wants to be a star so bad that she'll just do whatever somebody tells her to do. And in this competition, original wins.

And Paige. Oh, Paige had me and my husband cracking up last night. The reason Smile was bad is because she got emotional in the middle of it reflecting on Michael Jackson's death! That's hysterical!! Look, I get it. I grew up with Michael Jackson, too. It's sad that he's dead. But I don't cry over it in my every day life and I certainly wouldn't let it ruin my opportunity to be a star. It was just a horrible song choice, a horrible performance. I'm glad it'll probably be her last week.

I don't really care who goes home as long as Crystal, Siohban, and Lilly stay. And I'd kind of like to see Didi again.

I think Lacey and Paige might be on the way out. Maybe Katelyn. I think Katie is safe because she strikes me as the type to have a big supportive base of fans.

Oh, and the girls ARE much better than the boys.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Fell To Pieces

I like Lilly. Not as much as I like Crystal...but I like her. I didn't like her performance tonight. First, I am a huge Patsy Cline fan and that song is probably my favorite song of hers. I didn't mind Lilly changing up the notes so much...although her changes did not enhancethe song at all and actually made it weaker. What I hated was that stupid mandolin that she barely plucked and her singing it in a baby voice. She looked like a kewpie doll and sounded like one too. For the first week since voting started, she is not getting any votes from me.

Once again, Crystal blew it out of the park and there is not much else to say but awesome. I notice that Didi decided to bring her guitar out in an effort to steal Crystal's magic. While Didi did not have the atrocious performance she did last week, I think the judges were a little too easy on her tonight. She didn't suck. She will probably make the top 12 because she didn't suck but she was not all that great to me (of course I don't like her BeSorryForMe persona so I probably didn't appreciate how much she didn't suck).

I don't know what got into Katelyn....that is probably the dullest Carole King song ever written and she did look like she was just going through the motions with it. It did nothing to showcase her voice...which is a good voice. She seems contrived to me. She's probably very lovely.

Lacey got some votes from me tonight. I liked that song for her, I liked how she staged it and I like her. Is she the next American Idol? I don't think so. But I hope she gets enough votes this week to make the top 12.

Siobahn...I liked her performance. I liked the song. I liked that she sang it because her hippie dad likes that song and he was in the audience. If her performance was dark...clue to Simon...its a DARK SONG! I think she has a lot of fans.

Poor Paige. She tried to be artistic with the song but she was crying her way through it and it sounded like it. I think she is history, which is too bad because I never did hear the marvelous voice that Simon says she has.

Katie just failed. She is too young for this show. She was pitchy from the start and only sounded good on the few glory bars in the song. It was boring.

I'm predicting Katie and Paige go this week. Maybe Katelynn and maybe Lacey.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Danny Gokey returns to the idol stage with a song that not only reminds us his wife is dead but a song that was written by a man whose wife is dead so its just perfect for Danny's first single. At least we won't see him for the rest of the season and hopefully not in seasons to come. Now Danny, continue moving on with your life but not on my TV screen...OK?

As for the eliminations....I was very pleased to see the Asshat Germaine leave. He really couldn't believe it. He almost trashed his fellow contestants when he said *well I'm not like these guys* then you saw a lightbulb go off and he realized he needed to climb out of that hole. John Park never really had a chance but he didn't help himself with his song choices and I won't particularly miss him although I liked him just fine.

Poor Haeley. I know I've been critical of her but now I'm mad at the judges for putting her in the top 24 to begin with. She was too young, her voice was too untrained and she really wasn't that good. I think they got carried away looking for the next Taylor Swift and crushed a poor kid's spirit in the process. And it seems she was really well liked by the other contestants...almost all of the girls were crying and some of the guys looked like they wanted to. So sad for her. Especially as she sounded so awful singing her swan song. If they had only told her during Hollywood week..get some vocal training and some experience and come back next year. Oh well.

I thought Michelle was boring last week but this week I liked her and wanted her to stay instead of Didi BeSorryForMe.

I was called a racist today on the American Idol Boards because I said Germaine should go because of his attitude alone. I guess the poster didn't see what I said about Danny Gokey last year.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's Definitely A Woman's World

Top 3 performances of the week: Crystal, Lilly, and Siobahn. I love Crystal's quiet confidence and professionalism. Her performance blew me away. I didn't take any notes I just listened to it in awe. Lilly is probably a tie with Crystal tonight. I think Sayesha did A Change Is Gonna Come two seasons back and Lilly made Sayesha's performance look like dog doodie. And Siobhan taking on Tina Turner and hitting that note. Now if Crystal and Siobahn would lose the piercings and Lilly would get her hair out of her eyes they would be practically perfect in every way.

Following about 40 yards back was Michelle who I admire for listening to what the judges said and taking a risk. I like her personally too. Katelynn was just behind Michelle. I agree Katelynn was too slow and I think her performances are contrived. Neither of them were awful. But they didn't rise to the level of the top 3.

As far as I'm concerned we can send the rest of them home tomorrow. Haeley at least didn't pierce my eardrums so she was better than last week but not good. Lacy is a sweet thing but that song was weird. So is her voice. Katie sang another Idol standard...honey if I know *Girl Put Your Records On*...its not current. And they mentioned Justin Bieber again. I have to You Tube him to see why the judges love him but the contestants all look like they want to upchuck when his name is mentioned. Paige just bored me again. They say she has a great voice...I haven't heard it yet.

Worst of the night? Didi BeSorryForMe. I don't even know how to say what a mess she made of that song and her stage movements looked so phony and forced. And then, she cries when she gets bad news. Just stick to meaningless and light songs. I hope she goes soon. I don't like crybabies.

As for Crystal, who is now my favorite of all contestants men and women, I encourage you all to google *Crystal Bowersox Farmer's Daughter* and watch that video. She wrote the song and I do not know if it is autobiographical or not but if it is, no wonder she is an old soul. I know she was raised on a farm. The song is written to an alkie father who beat his kids up frequently and is basically her writing him off for good. You notice she doesn't mention her parents. I hope she keeps healthy. She could have gotten some sympathy votes by explaining her diabetes tonight and I admire her for not going there.

No predictions this week. Haeley has the Vote For the Worsters voting for her so she may stay safe...Lacy probably should go...I would say that I would be happy for Didi to go (and I would) but I don't think I can stomach her crying her way through that song again.

PS..Just watched about 30 seconds of a Justin Bieber video on YouTube and completely understand the upchuck factor.

Crystal Mystery

For what its worth, posters on the AI website said her hospitalization was related to her diabetes and that she is recovering well and will perform tonight. I don't know where they got that information of if, like me, they were just guessing. I don't know if they will explain it tonight or not. Also, some asshats on the AI site thought she should be disqualified for missing the performance. Nice people.

Stupid HIPPA

I've searched high and low, gone to every gossip website I know, and some I didn't know, and I can not find out what happened to Crystal Bowersocks. It's all I could think about during last night's performances. (Okay, I did have a few other thoughts):

Lee Dewyze has replaced Andy Garcia as the one I'll cheer for. Who cares that he's pitchy? Who cares that he's a bit akward and shy? Who cares that he needs a belt? I'm one of those preppy women who thinks he's awesome. (He's a bit David Cook and a bit Daughtry, and you don't get better than that.)

I do still like Andy Garcia. But please, Andy, bring back the guitar and continue "tweaking" your songs. I know the judges criticized you last week, but they were wrong. Do what you do, kid, America is voting now.

Little Alex Lambert surprised me! I was pulling for him to leave after last week's performance, but I'm happy he got a second chance. I really liked what he did and I'm hoping the judge's good comments will give him the confidence he so desperately needs. Also, I love Ellen for making fun of his mullet over and over again - it never gets old.

All I want to say about Casey is that I don't want to like him, but for some reason I do. Every week I want him to be horrible, but then I end up sort of jamming out along with him.

And rounding out the "good" of the night is Big Mike. I really liked him again this week, and I hope he continues to do what he did tonight because it's better than what he's been doing. For once, the voice DID match the package.

Tim Urban and John Park are more hair than voice.

Jermaine and Toddrick are more cocky than talented.

And I want to smack that little Aaron Kelly kid and his "I'm so metro-sexual and sensitive, all the 13 year old girls will swoon" attitude. Photography, puke.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is It A Man's World?

Simon doesn't think so. But BM does (I've shortened his acronym because he offended me less this week).

I will actually say BM's performance was number 3 on my top three tonight. I thought it started out a little slow (but better than that herky jerky stuff he did last week). I agree with Kara that for the first time I *get it*. His vocals were a lot less breathy and he wasn't just getting by on being a big old cuddly good-natured bear man. So..I will turn my malevolent eye elsewhere tonight.

While I am being positive, my second favorite performance was Lee DeWyze. But he needs to start singing on key. And he did look a little awkward without his guitar. I would guess he will be attractive to preppie women young and old. A little dangerous but not too much.

My favorite performance was little Alex Lambert. It was a sweet song from a sweet boy and without an overload of melisma. Unfortunately, he went for the falsetto I loathe so much. Fortunately, he hit it.

For the also rans:

I'm starting to pull for Andy Garcia. Will they just shut up already about the Paula song for pete's sake? He probably should have kept his guitar. His voice had a bit of a raspiness tonight which I am ambivalent about because it makes him more Gokeyesque to me. I'm trying to be fair. He no longer has my malevolent eye but it could come back to him one of these days.

Aaron Kelly. I agree with Simon that the song was not a good one for him to sing. Too old fashioned even though I love the song. I don't know the artist they mentioned he should emulate...Justin Beeber? I don't think Aaron knows him either. Who is he?

Jon Park is the Anoop of the season. All ballads all the time. (Didn't Anoop sing in an acapello group in college too?) You can't hate him but you cannot love him either.

Casey James. I really don't like that song of existential angst that everyone sings. OK, he doesn't have a TV and didn't know that its sung every season at about this stage of the competition. His guitar playing was the star of his performance. Vocals not so good and a stupid stupid song .

Tim Urban...well not the worst but 3rd from the worst tonight. He needs to tone down his tone or something. Its too harsh.

Toddrick (or as he is known on the Vote For the Worst site...*Fraudrick*)... I have never taken a cruise. I have this vision, however, of the Cruise Ship from Hell, where every nghtclub has a Toddrick entertaining you. You have a few drinks and are feeling mellow and you try to have a pleasant conversation with your companions. And he comes up to you with the microphone, dancing and singing stupid melisma and falsetto versions of Motown greats or rearranges Carrie Underwoods Jesus Takes the Wheel and you cannot leave the room fast enough. You search frantically for a bar on the ship that either has a jukebox or no music but everywhere you go..Toddrick is there....like Chuckie in the movie Childsplay! Finally, you stick a key in your ear. He is just plain creepy!

If you are lucky, you did not go the nightclub early enough to hear Toddrick's warm up act, Germaine. Who thinks Motown was only the precursor to Germaine the Great. What was that stupid onsie bit? You have to be remotely likable for that to work and Germaine...you really know how to (as Mr. Auntee would say) crap in your rice bowl. Insult the bands, insult the judges, insult your dad for not putting the heat up (did you PAY for the heating bills Germaine) and then invoke God. *What should I sing next week*. I think it took all of Simon's self-control not to respond. *Why don't you ask God about that?*. I do not mean to mock Germaine's faith. But my faith cannot separate belief from actions and Germaine acts to me like an asshat.

Which leads to my next proposition. Each week I am going to nominate an asshat of the week and encourage the blog followers to comment and add their own nominees. Germaine is my asshat nominee this week. I know it is premature as the women have not yet performed but I really cannot envision any of them surpassing Germaine.

I feel guilty because I mentioned Crystal Bowersox and her diabetes and am pretty sure her hospitalization was related to that condition. Its much more serious than adult onset diabetes and can kill quite easily. I'm sure the stress and schedule are not helping matters for her. I also feel guilty because the American Diabetes Association called asking for money this week and I told them no. I hope she is well enough to sing tomorrow.

No predictions tonight. I would say that Lee DeWyze, BM, Alex Lambert, Andy Garcia and Casey James are safe.