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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1/2 of The Show ...

Due to some sort of freak recording error with our DVR - or a horrible broadcasting incident on the part of Fox - 3 of the contestants were black, fuzzy, and full of static. So, I can only comment on those I saw:

Lil Rounds - I didn't like her tonight. I agreed with everything the judges said about taking a song and putting your own spin on it. And, frankly, when she quipped: "I want to show that I can sing other things besides R&B", I wished one of the judges would have said: "but you can't"

Adam - My new nemisis. Every week I think "well, it can't be worse than last week" and then every week it is. I'm not a huge Johnny Cash fan, and even I hated how he butchered that song. Simon is right - somewhere Rednecks are rioting.

Danny - I agreed with Kara that he should have just sung the chorus over and over. Because I didn't think his voice on the verses was that good, at all. Like, I could sing that well (not really, of course)

Alexis Grace - How I was pulling for her to dig out an awesome Joleen. I thought it was the perfect song choice and an awesome song. I'm no musical expert but even I could tell it was pitchy.

Meaghan Joy (when did they take off her last name?) - I liked it. I can't decide if I just like her so much that she could sing the A,B,Cs and it would be awesome. But either way - Randy Travis said it best when he said "she took a song that's been done a million times and made it unique again"

Scott - My husband has his career pegged: Christian Rock. That's clearly the direction he's going, and he'll be a breakout superstar.

Matt - I think he FINALLY got the recognition he deserves - he's just as good as Danny Gokey and Adam, and it's about time somebody stopped stroking their egos, and gave somebody else a good rub. I really liked him tonight.

And finally, Anoop - Why don't you do that every week Anoop? You're so much more likeable without the freaky dance moves and weird karaoke. Well done and I hope you stay.

Who should be worried, in my opinion: Meaghan and Scott

And from the little blips that they show at the end, I could tell that Sarver's performance blew, so he should be worried, too.

A Bit Calmer Now

I am still not happy about Adam but I have identified why he has never had my vote even though I realize he has a good voice. It is not because he lacks *sex appeal* to heterosexual women like me. It is because he lacks any connection at all with the music he sings. He doesn't love the songs he sings...he loves himself singing the songs.

In interviews, he comes across as quite a nice person. But when he performs he doesn't *get* the songs he just admires himself singing the songs. No wonder he hasn't made it yet.