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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Galveston Oh Galveston

Well I didn't hear any sea winds blowing or sea waves crashing but I did hear a bunch of people whose singing crashed and blew.  Maybe it was just me but it seemed like tonight they featured all the roadapples and none of the talent. 

From Fong Vu who claimed to be born and raised in America but couldn't speak English (so much for public schools) to Alejandro the Revolutionary, it was a night of mostly dreck.  Alejandro is fresh from occupying a parallel universe where Lady Gaga doesn't have platinum records and Barack Obama is not president.  He wants a revolution so that Lady Gaga can be a big star  and Obama can be president. I want to occupy his other universe. 

There were only three people who I thought had any talent at all:  Skylar the teen from Jackson, Mississippi who hunts deer and rides three-wheelers through the woods; Baylee Brown who is on her second try (she was teamed with some biotches from NJ during group night on her last try when she was just 16 and forgot the words); and the 28 year old almost divorced mother of three who spent the money she borrowed to hire a divorce lawyer to pay for her ticket to audition for Idol. 

The judges disagreed over several female contestants...Steven and Randy rejected them and Jennifer supported them.  Then Steven and Randy accepted a very poor singer and Jennifer almost lost it.  I agree with Jennifer and don't know what was going on with Steven and Randy.  

Two contestants with sob stories made it on the basis of the sob stories (in my opinion) as both had decent but not spectacular voices.  Cortez Shaw was raised by a single mother and his family was homeless for two years.  Ramil  Garcia was born without ears..really.  Surgery allowed them to construct an ear canal to an eardrum and he can hear, talk and sing (sort of) now. Both seemed like really nice guys but I cannot say they have an exceptional  talent. 

Cannot WAIT until the auditions are over!