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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh Happy (Hallie) Day!

Due to technical difficulties with the local Fox station, I essentially missed the first 3 contestants tonight.  I could see but not hear the first one...the Asian guy with glasses; could hear but not see the second guy (the Grimm brother); and missed the third entirely. 

So, the show really started for me with Creighton from NYC.  When he said he was going to sing his own song I cringed...normally those songs are rubbish.  And his was rubbish but he sang it well.  I liked his voice. 

Eben, the 15 year old seems like a great young kid.  I wonder if his voice will change during the season?  But he is still a baby and doesn't interest me all that much.

I felt bad for the Coal Miner's son.  I suspect those judges and the pre-judges have heard Hallelujah so much by now they are ready to throw right on up on it and anyone who sings it.  I love the song but Lee DeWyze, Simon his pandering enabler,  and Lee's chorus of angels ruined it for me.  Crystal was robbed and that is all there is to it.

Another grown up enters the room.  I liked Erika a lot and her alto voice.  I suspect it will hurt her with the Diva lovers though since I don't envision her belting out *And I Will Always Love You* and *And I'm Not Going*.  She may be a dark horse or she may fade away.

Travis is making his 2nd attempt to go to Hollywood and this time his sob story carries him through.  Crappy about his mom leaving but I think he would have been leaving without a golden ticket if she had not abandoned the family.  I think he better be studying for his GED because his voice is ordinary.  

Another ordinary voice was the sister of the Planker.  Whose name I did not write down.  I would be surprised if we see much of her in the future but you never know.  

And then...magic happened.  Hallie Day.  She has a sob story.  She also has an amazing voice.  I think of *I Will Survive* as a joke song (I really do think it would be fun to have it played at my funeral but I will be dead then so won't get to enjoy the joke).  So..why did I suddenly find myself with tears in my eyes as she was singing?  I wish they had shown her second song...if she did sing one.   I hope she can stand up to the backbiters and divas in Hollywood because she is NOT ordinary by any means.  I don't see her attracting the diva lovers though.

The diva lovers are those annoying women on the American Idol fan boards who always think that the one who sings the loudest and the highest and the most banal ballads is going to be the next Whitney Houston or Barbara Streisand.  Last year, Pia was their favorite.  According to them, Pia would be outselling JLo, Beyonce, and Susan Boyles  by now and pushing Kim Kardashian off of tabloid covers and Pippa Middleton off of the fashion sheets...so beloved would she be.  Instead, Pia broke up with her DWTS boyfriend and is just now getting someone to give her studio time to make an album. She might as well have moved to Minnesota with Kris Humphries and had babies because no one cares. 

So, its early for me to have a favorite but right now its Hallie Day.  She may flame out in Hollywood or prove to be a real biotch and kick Eben out of her Hollywood group so I will try to contain myself for now.