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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Call KK!

I really thought it was going to be Andrew and Aaron going home tonight. Now I really wish they hadn't used the save on BM. He had to hog the limelight even though he was safe. Hugging all over her before she sang and then being the first to grab the camera to hug her again after. He wasn't even in the bottom 3...why do they give him so much face time? I don't like him at all. Katie didn't have it in her to go all the way and I have been highly critical of her but...oh well...she had to go sometime.

Hearing Brooke White sing again made me realize that while Didi BeSorryForMe looked like her, she was a poor man's substitute. I still like Brooke. Although I have no clue why she was hooked up with that guy she sang with who I have never heard of. Apparently, they had never met before a week ago.

I must have seen Adam perform that song on the Vote For the Worst Website because I knew it. I certainly didn't hear it on the radio because I don't listen to music on the radio. He was Adam. I imagine Siobanal was silently seething as Adam started the song slow and soft and then got louder and then hit a high note and then screamed...and that she wanted to storm the judge's desk screaming *What Do You Want From Me?*.

That Aaron is still standing amazes me. From what I can tell the grandma types, like me, are voting for Crystal...the tweens are voting for Tim. Who is voting for Aaron?

This Tim thing is going to get interesting. As the Worsters pointed out...there is only one more fodder candidate to go through (Aaron) before Tim's success really threatens to upset the apple cart in a big way. I don't predict raving reviews for him next week.

Idol Gives Back next week. Sounds like some good guest performers and a real mentor.

I have no idea *wassup* with Ryan last night but he was definitely manic. I missed the slow dance with the Michael Sarver look alike and his reference to Brian Dunkelman. Ryan may be taking amphetamines to keep up with his frantic schedule. Weird!

Speaking of Drinking Booze

What was up with Ryan last night?

"My tongue isn't nearly as talented as yours" (family show, much?)

Brian Dunkleman?


Getting his mords wixed?


Slow dance with Sarver? (Who, apparently, wasn't really Sarver.)

And putting your poor, awkward Mother on camera.

Look, I think everyone is entitled to have an "off" night, but lay off the bottle, Seacrest.

All Shook Up

I'm not an Adam Lambert fan. Going back through this blog, you can find countless posts where I rip him to pieces. (And maybe ONE where I might have said he was "okay")

But last night, I kind of liked him. I think he was only there because the producers said "it's Elvis night" and nobody else wanted to be a mentor. But, he was nice to the contestants.

Interesting that not ONE of the contestants took his advice? (Except Crystal with the electric guitar, but I bet she was going to do that anyway) I think so.

Best to Worst:

Tim Tephlon Urban - What?! Yep, I said it. Best performance of the night. Goosebump worthy. Downloadable. Original, current, and every other cliche the judges typically throw elsewhere. Good for you, Tim. I got excited when Adam Lambert gave us a hint about your song right out of the gate, and you didn't disappoint. I Can't Help Falling In Love With You, Tim, because you're freakin' fantastic tonight. I really hope you earned yourself another week with that one.

Lee DeWyze - I see more and more confidence oozing out of him each week, thank God. It's impossible to throw Digideredoos or Bagpipes into a Little Less Conversation, but, apparently, it's also possible to sing that song without making it karaoke. Which Lee did. (Yeah, I'll admit, I was nervous at first.) And that smile ... swoon.

Crystal - She's #3 on my list, but she's the only one I voted for (repeatedly) last night. Why? Because my husband pointed out that she just might be in a bit of trouble. Not because she's not absolutely amazing in every. sense. of. the. word. But, because voters are getting a little panicky about losing their favorites (read: BM). And how do horns and backup singers only make her look BETTER? She's incredible every week.

Here's where it starts to get a little blurry ... because below this line is mostly mediocrity ...

Big Mike - Barely pulls in the #4 slot with In The Ghetto. I like him when he plays the guitar, and that's what sold me here. It was a little slow, and a bit boring. I do want to applaud him for not dancing, not pulling out the top-hat and cane, and not doing 16,000 ridiculous vocal runs - nice restraint. The judges' praise (and panicky voters) should get him by another week.

Casey - After last week's Jealous Man, he almost had me. Then he slumped right back into the same old routine with a "solid", but predictable Lawdy Miss Clawdy. I could go to almost any country concert here in good ol' Kansas and see the exact same performance. Eh.

And here's where it pretty much turns to crap ...

I can't believe I'm going to write this ... Katie - I'm completely annoyed that she thought that Baby What Do You Want Me To Do was lyrically comparable to her situation with the AI judges. It just shows me (again) that she has. no. frickin'. clue. about what she wants/needs to do to win this show and/or have a music career. She's a puppet. Her voice was fine, but I agree with Simon: it was loud and obnoxious.

Siobahn - I, like Kara, am a bit confused. It IS like she's got 2 voices, isn't it? When she started that song (backwards on the stairs?), I actually said "I'm over Siobhan". She did finish it strong ... the scream wasn't at the end ... but I think the damage is done.

Andrew - I actually AM over Andrew. I only woke up to watch him drag the microphone, stand and all, behind the judges. Did you give the Hound Dog valium, Andrew?

Eyebrows - All I can say is "are you serious?" He doesn't think Blue Suede Shoes "fits him" because there's a line about drinking booze. Yeah, Eyebrows, that's why it doesn't "fit" you.

My prediction for the bottom 3: Andrew, Siobhan, and Katie

Going home: Andrew and Katie