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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mysogyny at its Finest!

Yes, readers, this is happening.

Yes, it's really me, and No, I'm not drunk.  

I'm going to ask you a favor:


Here are the facts:

1.  Nobody really likes any of the remaining contestants.
2.  Hollie isn't going to win this thing.

3.  A female hasn't won Idol since May 2007.  MAY 2007!  

4.  If America doesn't vote for Jessica Sanchez THIS WEEK, right now, then Josh and Phil will glide into the Finale.

5.  In a Josh/Phil finale, the tweens have won.  

Yet another winner is chosen because he is either (1) the contestant tweens want to date, or (2) the contestant tweens want to be BFFs with.

And when the tweens win, nobody wins, folks.