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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Buh Buh Buh Buh Bennie...Bye

Ben Briley who loves his wife and Elton John went home tonight in the number 11 slot.  He will not make the tour and Gallatin, Tennessee is not going to be killing a fatted calf tonight (or maybe they will).  On the bright side, he can put his baseball cap back on backwards and quit trimming his beard.

Something weird and wonderful is happening this season (so far).  Maybe it has to do with the fact that you can only vote for one contestant 150 times so those that know how to use technology to submit thousands of votes per week for one contestant are stymied this season.  Or maybe it has to do with the fact that the remaining people watching Idol this season are die-hard Idol fans and have long memories and discerning ears (ratings are down again in spite of the adorable Keith and magnificent Harry).  But it seems like each week the right people are in the bottom 3 and the right person goes home and it is based on their performance and not on their popularity.  I feel bad for Ben going home when he was trying to take a risk but that risk failed and someone should have stopped him (that means you Randy).  I was not very critical of Majesty Rose's performance last night but the main Idol bloggers (and commenters) concurred that it wasn't really keen.  A big old mess, in fact.  And Sam, bless his heart, was not inspiring.  

I don't know what Jennifer has against Jessica.  I think she doesn't like indie performers and singer/songwriters.  I do agree that Jessica has to step it up but the band messed up last night.  Hard to know if she was 4th from the bottom or from the top but clearly, JLo was referring to her when she said *maybe a 4th one could have been sitting there*.  Would they have saved Majesty?  I think so.  Should they have saved Ben?  No.  

So here is hoping that my girl Jessica emotes the hell out of what she sings next week and that CJ continues his upward spiral.  I really am not that interested in any of the others except maybe for MK Nobilette.  I'm glad she was safe tonight because I think it will give her confidence.  I think Caleb is overrated, Majesty needs to find the right song instead of trying to be a belter, and Malaya still needs to calm down and quit screeching.  Jena doesn't appeal to me at all but I see why she is getting votes and appeals to those who like her sort of thing.  Alex is getting on my nerves by allegedly doing *risky* songs but in fact recycling songs sung in iconic performances by Idols past.  Sam, bless his heart is a lightweight performer and should have waited a year or two before coming on the show.   

I didn't catch the theme next week.  I'm still an Idol fan.  I hope they make it worth my while! 

Update:  Theme is top 10 Billboard.  Also I didn't mention Harry and the Mali guy's performances.  I liked them both.  Mali is very interesting but what is it with these godawful ugly hats people are wearing these days.

another random thought....I wish I were young enough to put purple or pink or blue streaks in my hair.  I'm encouraging all of the people I know under the age of 35 to put purple or pink or blue streaks in their hair.  This is becoming an obsession of mine (and has been for awhile) made worse by Jessica Muese.