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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dreaming the Impossible Dream Hollywood Style

Well, over 200 people arrived in Hollywood and each had to be relieved they weren't taken to the hangar of death like last year.  Instead, its a new approach by the producers to let us get to know the top contenders so they showcase them for the first 45 minutes of the show. Somewhere in that 38 is your top 24 plus or minus one or two.  We didn't see all 38 and we saw very little of the ones featured but I have concluded pretty much that I am going to break from my never broken tradition and that my favorite is going to be a guy.  None of the women featured stood out to me (and where, pray tell, was Maddie...she must be getting big exposure later in the week).  

I liked Jax's performance but her look puts me off.  Too many blonde hair extensions.  Mark Andrew is excellent but needs to lose the  stocking cap.  This is LA Mark. not Minneapolis...your head will overheat and you will collapse on stage with heatstroke.  I know you are probably bald or thinning but get over it or borrow some of Jax's hair extensions.  

The next two, whose names I did write down, didn't wow me enough to write anything more about them and now I cannot remember them. Adam of the jeans and flannel shirt and curly hair will need a makeover, but I like him well enough.

They were followed by the girl with the Afro who is 16 (I missed her name because my cat Monica was demonstrating her psychic powers and predicted I would give her wet food), and Savion Wright.  Savion didn't make the cut last year.  Spoiler alert:  He will this year and for the life of me I don't know why.  He is just so generic.  

Hollywood Anderson and Shannon Berthaume had some issues.  Hollywood mangled Adele's Someone Like You trying to be the artiste and Shannon, who has never sung in public before this experience forgot the words to her song.  I don't know why they sent Shannon to Hollywood in the first place but she is evidently impressing someone.  

The next three guys, separated by people who forgot to tune their guitars, may become my favorites.  Adam Asher (who is Carlos Santana's nephew for those of you who forgot this fact) wowed me.  Just give him the damn title and we can go home.  Garret Miles was awesome in his country song and Trevor the Geek did a good job despite my aversion to his showoff licks on his guitar which I thought were overkill and will get old pretty fast with me if he keeps it up.

I missed part of Joey with the pink hair and the ukelele but she is ok if a little too fey for me.  Amber with the purple streaks in her hair had a flat out melt down because she just realized she is way outclassed by the competition, and I give her credit for doing so, even though she was driving me crazy with her sobbing about getting her family out of the hood (her description of her neighborhood--not mine). Maybe she will get far enough to get a makeover by the stylists so she can have better hair extensions to take home with her because she sorely needs them.

So, all 38 are safe for the day and the rest sit there knowing that they are looking at the in crowd and that they are the out crowd.  

The next day comes the really rough stuff.  I was fast losing interest in this group as I know they all have a very small chance of making the top 24.  If we see any of them again I will pay more attention.  The show ended on a really really bad note--literally--when Gabby Zandoval lost it and didn't look like she was going to recover.  Sad for her but that is what happens when you have a stage name (Gabby Z) before you have a stage.  Take a lesson from Icarus, Gabby.