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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Whole Lotta Love Standing By Your Man

What a strange show tonight.  Five standing ovations.  Four of them for men. There are only 5 men left in the competition!  And they wonder why women keep dropping like flies. 

First, I must say that overall this was the best live performance yet as far as I was concerned.  It does help to let the kids sing what they love.  Well, it helps most of them.

But, I'm not all Lollipops and Rainbows tonight.  I'm seriously thinking the judges have jumped the shark.  They just couldn't love the men enough tonight.  The women...ho hum...even for Little Miss Perfect, Jessica Sanchez.

The show starts off laying a big egg with a picture of Jimmy with Stevie Nicks in their heyday.  Yes, they used to date and now its nice they are *good friends*.  The audience just sat there on the first photo and barely reacted to the second even with an arrow pointing to Jimmy when he had Colton hair.  Awkward.  

Then Tommy comes on and lectures the Idols about finding *their own style* in the Tommy Hilfiger section of Macys.  Naturally, they all come out looking alike.    

Colton starts the performance part of the show with a *Worship Song* by Lifehouse called Everything (I had to cheat and look up the name of it).  I have never heard of Lifehouse and thought it was *Lighthouse* until I looked again.  (*Lighthouse* made no sense when I googled it as a band name and wasted 10 minutes or more trying to figure out why he was singing a song from a 70's Canadian band or a German Punk Rock band...neither of which seemed particularly inclined to sing about God.)  Stevie Nicks thought the song was about a woman.  Major disconnect there between Stevie and Colton although Stevie does like his hair.  I thought it was fine, noticed the *squeak* in his voice some on the Idol fan boards are referring to,  and listened as Colton gave witness. I must say, the song was not very catchy but it probably wasn't intended to be.   The judges think he is great...he is *in it to win it* per Randy but he doesn't get a standing O.  

Skylar loves Miranda Lambert and takes on a song she has sung before, Gunpowder and Lead.  I thought she did a good job of *telling the story* and liked her performance this week better than last.  She is about the only contestant who has not done a ballad and I wish that she would.  She didn't get a standing O either but the judges were complimentary even though Steven keeps forgetting where she is from.  Last week it was Houston, this week its Galveston...oh well.  

HeJun is doing penance this week after mocking the process last week.  He abandons his paternal roots (Normund Gentle), goes back to balladeering (Thia Megia), and sings Donny Hathaway's A Song For You.  I find it hard to believe that Donny Hathaway is HeJun's Idol...he would have sung any ballad they put in front of him or even Randy's phonebook to get back into the judge's good graces.  Jimmy is glad HeJun is now taking things seriously, Stevie psychoanalyzes him to convince us he is not a jerk, and HeJun comes out and tries to emote.  He sounds like he needs an inhaler, is pitchy, and his final note is second only to Danny Gokey's scream in Dream On for Idol awfulness.  The judges are standing up clapping.  I'm thinking HOLY BALLS!  What is going on here?  The judges are clearly rewarding him for not being an ass this week even though he stunk up the stage.  Just like the prodigal son, he gets the feast and the others get the leftovers.  I have always hated that parable.  It makes no sense to me.  The prodigal son should not be praised for doing what he is supposed to do in the first place. I blame it on Dr. Spock. 

Little Hollie takes on Carrie Underwood which both Randy and Steven think is a mistake.  Randy basically pans her...says it was *pitchy* (like HeJun wasn't? Oh yeah...Randy said HeJun wasn't perfect but it doesn't matter because...) and beats that drum to death.  JLo says it is her best performance and I agree with JLo. Steven doesn't like the song for her.  Evidently TPTB (the Powers That Be) have decided its time for her to go.  

Deandre sings Eric Benet's Sometimes I Cry.  I'm not familiar with this song but I'm crying in pain at the falsetto.  Stop. It. Now.  No...no...the judges LOVE the falsetto (called falshitto by VFTW guys) and give him a Standing O.  Now I'm going WTF?  Deandre is back according to Randy.  I think he is a cute, sweet, kid, but there is no way that Tiny Tim imitation deserved a Standing O.  Even if you like falsetto it doesn't deserve a standing O.  Bizzaro world is coming off my TV screen right now. 

Jessica Sanchez sings a Beyonce song (and I have no problem believing Beyonce is her Idol since she imitates her all the darn time) Sweet Dreams.  This girl is going to beat the Dream theme harder than Danny Gokey beat his dead wife.  I thought it was fine but not memorable.  The judges did too, but were surprisingly reserved and she doesn't get a Standing O.  As much as I don't like her, that performance was heads and tails above HeJun and Deandre and I'm beginning to think that the only thing wrong with it for the judges is Jessica's gender. We learn Jessica has an alter ego who she channelled tonight for her performance.  The alter ego likes to sing ballads. Mmmhmm.

Ok, here  comes Phillips doing a Johnny Lang (someone I don't know) song called *Still Rainin*.  Stevie is in love with him and Jimmy points out he looks like Lindsay Buckinham.  I guess it was a good performance.  It gets a Standing O too.  (Well after they gave HeJun and Deandre one for the crapfest they served up...what are they gonna do when their favorite actually does a decent job?).  He didn't seem to be hunched over so much tonight so maybe his potty problems are in remission.  

When I heard that Joshua was going to do Mariah Carey I was thinking...I'm not sure you want to be doing some feminine song here Joshua because you are rather *ambiguous*.  Well, it is not really Mariah Carey, it is Harry Nilsson, someone I forget that I love until I hear one of his songs and then I'm in love again.  I didn't take too many notes while he sang because I was involved in the performance.  Now THAT deserved a standing ovation.  Should have been the FIRST of the night and not the fourth. Update:  I guess I am about the only person in the world who liked this performance (other than the judges) as it was universally panned on the Idol boards.  But, at least it was better than this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQt-h753jHI

Finally, Elise gets the Pimp Spot. No one thought they would ever give that slot to her and  no one thought she could sing this song by Led Zeppelin.  She evidently nails it on the first take with Stevie and Jimmy because Stevie has found a new best friend and they sing a Fleetwood Mac song together.  Stevie thinks Elise is awesome and so do I.  I, frankly, couldn't believe what she did with that song.  Finally, one of the ladies gets a Standing O but by this time it has sort of lost its power.  I mean really...if HeJun set the bar...

The trios were a nice way to use up the extra half hour of time Fox has because the 1/2 hour sitcom they were going to air in that slot bombed or they shelved it or something.  I like it when they do trios and duets and the pressure is off of them.  I liked the Fleetwood Mac tribute the best.  I'm not a big fan of Madonna and I really have never liked Michael Jackson but I thought they all did a nice job.  I was a little surpised that Skylar overshadowed both Hollie and Jessica on the Madonna trio.  Jessica was probably bummed out because she didn't get a standing ovation and to tell you the truth...I don't blame her. 

I voted for the first time tonight...for Elise.

The judges need to do some serious soul-searching because I think they did a HeJun tonight...not taking this seriously. I can only conclude that TPTB want HeJun and Deandre around a little longer so told the judges to praise them for their dreck performances.

I sincerely hope HeJun and Deandre are in the bottom 2.  One of them should go home.  If they save Deandre I will scream in falshitto!