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Friday, February 27, 2009

Tweens, The Judges, and Why Don't I Care this Year?

KK hit it on the nose with the analysis of the Tween vote. Some of those pink cell phones were going for Adam too...Mr. Emo who sings well but does absolutely nothing for my libido as he is certainly, unequivocably, irrevocably Gay.

I have not commented on the judges this year because they have been pretty much as boring as the contestants. I think they too, are bored silly with this new format and the dreck the producers forced them to put through so that Adam, Danny Gokey, and (watch for this next week as she will get the *pimp spot*) Lil Rounds would not somehow slip through the cracks by doing something awful like camping around doing a bad Elvis and Mick Jagger imitation while singing Satisfaction.

However, I spent time this morning with two ardent Idol fans (who I will call Big J and Little J) and Big J described Kara's judging style perfectly. *She is a barking dog*. I think he was referring to her manner and not her looks . And she is really breaking the judges code by talking about how *commercially viable* some contestants are which tells the audience at home its really not so much about the singing. Paula is looking more mediciated each show (she started off very clear) so the dreck is getting to her too.

And Why Don't I Care this Year? This new format does not allow you to get to know any one well enough to bond with them. And the one's I sort of bonded with are now gone to Idol oblivion unless they come back with a wild card but I'm not counting on that.

Still, they are going to have to even out the girls and the guys at some point.

David Cook would not stand a chance with this new format. Bring back Nigel Lythgoe or whoever he was who was the head producer the past few years and throw out these young upstarts who have trashed my show!!


I fear we may have a Pukaletta II on our hands here.

Here's the deal:

Who is voting right now? What group is putting their little pink pre-paid cell phones with unlimited text messaging to use?

The Tweens.

I stand by my last post where I said that NONE of the guys in last night's group were worthy. NONE.

But there were multiple girls that rocked it. MULTIPLE. Several deserved through.

Why, then, did 2 guys get through and only 1 girl?


Kris, like Pukaletta before him, won the hearts of the Tween crowd with his baby face, over-plucked eyebrows, Abercrombie and Fitch clothes, and awkward dance moves. And through he goes - in spite of his piss-poor performance.

While Meaghan, Mishavohnna, and Jesse - all more than deserving - return home.

And I sit and plot revenge on my new nemesis, Kris (and his gaggle of Tween supporters)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bye Bye Norman :(

I didn't really watch the show tonite because I was wishing a happy birthday to my sister. When I saw how awful the group number was, I figured it was time to make a phone call and avoid the rest of the show. No surprise about Adam but I really hated his performance. Allison, the 16 year old who sang Alone deserved her spot. That Chris guy seems sweet and he wasn't awful but I wish either Megan or Jesse had filled the third spot.

No one has even given a clue as to how this wild card night will work except that Simon evidently suggested in an interview that people who were cut in Hollywood might be back. Now see, that is just wrong. It also reaffirms my belief that certain people (Jeanine, Norman, a couple of the girls from the first show) were just there as cannon fodder so the pre-picked stars would look better than they actually are.

Oh well...next Tuesday is another show.

"Well, I love that song"

Last night my husband and I decided to embark in a new direction with our careers. Clearly, there's a huge need for our services. And I think every AI contestant would pay top dollar ...

We're going to listen to a contestant rehearse, or just ask them "what song are you planning on singing", and then we're going to say "STOP! Why do you think you can sing that song?"

Jasmine - Love Song. No STOP! Or, if you must, then don't add 16,000 additional notes because you're trying to "jazz" it up.

Matt - Vida la Viva. No STOP! You can't be Chris Martin, ever, sorry.

Jeanine - This Love. No STOP! You do realize you're a beautiful black woman with a strong voice and not a skinny white punk kid, right?

Kris - Man in the Mirror. Hahahaha oh, that wasn't a joke?

Matt - If You Could Only See. Yes, Matt, I love that song too ZzzzzzzZzzzzzzz oh, sorry, were you singing? I fell asleep.

Is there NOBODY available to STOP these contestants from picking songs that are CLEARLY wrong? I do like ALL of these songs, but just because it's a good song, doesn't mean YOU can sing it.

I liked NONE of the guys. NONE.

I get that Adam is pre-picked to win this whole damn show, but I hated his Mick Jagger impression.

I like TWO of the girls:

Meaghan with the sleeve. Randy pinned it exactly when he compared her to Duffy, who I love, and whose CD I bought - again, that's how I decide if a contestant is good.

And Allison. Ever since I choreographed a dance to Alone in the 2nd grade, video taped it, and sent it to my Grandma and Grandpa ... I appreciate any woman who can do that song justice. I cringed when I heard she was singing it (I'd just repressed the memory of Ramiele Maluby butchering it) ... but she blew everyone else out of the water. I'm pulling for her.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First, We Kill the Producers

No that is not a terrorist threat simple taking liberties with Shakespeare.

Whose idea was it to take these 36, at least 20 of whom are marginal, and subject America to their lack of talent and at the same time embroil us in their personal stories only to see them crash and burn because most of them have no talent? And what ignoramus is advising these young kids on their song choices? Someone has to be. And who decides that with only the top 3 each week some wheat gets thrown away with the chaffe? I was so miffed at the producers that by the time Norman/Nick sang I was ready to call all night long on his behalf just to screw up their system.

IF there was a decent performance tonite it would be Allison. She is only 16 and very good plus she sang a song that...like...um... most of America would know and certainly Idol fans will know because it is sung at least 5 times each season. Still, compared to other shows it was merely decent. I had very high hopes for Megan and I still like her but neither she nor the redhead (who I also like) knocked my socks off with the song they chose. I see potential there though for both of them. And, I'm a little irritated I cannot remember the redhead's name. Bette Davis Eyes happens to be one of my favorite songs too as sung by Kim Carnes whose vocal chords were trashed far more than David Archuletas and which was a big hit the summer I drove back and forth from Wichita to Lawrence from clerking at Foulston to work on the Law Review. I still see me in my little yellow Opel on the turnpike singing along to that song.

I liked Kai. I think he is hot. He made my toes curl. (Nieces don't go EWWWWWWW).

Adam got the pimp spot (you know who they think is the best by who they give the last spot to). I love men who love their mothers. That said....no one and I mean no one...should sing that song but Mick Jagger. Has anyone else even TRIED? I mean like any other rocker since 1966? *Crickets Chirping*.

What the judges were programmed to say was just a major disconnect to me. All I saw was some musical theatre guy camping up that song. It was SOOO camp! I hated it.

It made a mockery of Mick Jagger. The guy can sing but boy he lost me with that song choice. Probably forever.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Peace Out Indeed!

I sincerely hope this is the last we see of Tatiana but I have my doubts. She actually got like the 5th most votes according to dial idol.com. So she may end up in the Wild Card group. I wish they would explain how that group is put together. Maybe we can send some sort of petition to the producers saying we don't want to see her again. The more I think about it, the more I dislike her. Hey lady...8 other people had their dreams crushed tonight too.

Predictable Suspense: Danny v. Tatiana

I couldn't have done this show better if I'd done all of the voting myself!

(And watching Carly and Michael sing "Letter" reminds me that the 9 that went home tonight deserved it.)

Peace out, Tatiana.

A Tragedy of Epic Proportions

Or so Tatiana believes. Don't worry, Idol isn't through with you yet. You will appear on the wildcard show and may yet make it to the top 12.

Overall, I was happy with the results (which Dialidol.com predicted). All, with the exception of Tatiana, took it with good grace. Michael Sarver, who I really like, got there because he was not an ass not because he sang so well. I hope that Anoop and that Ricky Braddy guy get to the wildcard round too. I'm not sure how they pick them but I bet Tatiana's fans (yes there are some...I believe they are all narcissists who identify with her) will let us know soon on the official idol forums.

However, I did have a moment of sympathy at the end for Tatiana when she tried to reach out to Danny Gokey and he sort of ignored her approaches. I mean everyone within earshot of that broadcast (except for Tatiana) knew that Gokey wasn't going away. I'm pretty sure no one likes Tatiana and who can blame them, but it would have been nice for him to show some sort of togetherness there since he had to know he was going through given the earlier results. So...I'm not convinced he is as nice of a guy as has been portrayed and I will be watching him for future signs of huge ego.

And I hate his glasses and his clothes. Show a little respect this is not garage band city. And you are not Kurt Cobain.

Ok..don't know for sure where that came from because he is good....maybe I just don't like that he has been preordained to win this thing because there is some really good talent there who don't have dead wives. Also, I went to dentist today and had laughing gas for over an hour and maybe it is affecting me still.


Since this is a blog, I suppose I have to say more than Eh. But that's how I felt about the whole show, really.

Nick Braddy - was one of my favorite, although he's the type I normally hate: lounge singer, complete with purple velvet blazer. And I guarantee that if he makes it through, I'll end up hating him later (Elliot Yamin, anyone?)

Alexis Grace - was my favorite girl, and I think she looked absolutely adorable in her little black dress, pearls, and red lipstick with the "dirty" twist!

Michael "the roughneck" Sarver - I agree with Simon that I hope people vote for him because he's likeable and nice, and I loved his song choice, but was disappointed in his performance. (I'm muffling my "Eh")

Danny Gokey - milking the "my wife died young" thing will get him through, but he's NOT David Cook and he needs to get his own personality.

As for everybody else (yes, Auntee, even Jackie Tohn) - I could have seen the same thing at Las Fuentas' Thursday Night Karaoke Night.

But my blog wouldn't be complete without a comment about Tatiana - she was not the worst girl tonight. I hate her still - more so since she's turning the Hispanic "accent" on and off like it's a character - but she was not the worst at ALL.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So Long Its Been Good to Know You.

I hate this new format! It is so unforgiving and good talent will be sent packing. I'm speaking of Michael Sarver, Nick Braddy, and Jackie Tohn. Of course, I like Michael cause he is a manly man but his performance was not gut grabbing tonite. I really would like to hear more from Nick Braddy, even though he was a bit melismatic. And I love Jackie Tohn's raspy voice and she is a funny lady! But I totally did not get her song choice. She should have sung Janis Joplin and risked the criticism that Amanda got for always doing Joplin. I would love to hear her sing Piece of My Heart. And, I agreed she did a bit too much dancing around on the stage. So...if they could make it to Wild Card night that would be great.

And, I finally have female singer to root for in Alexis Grace. I love her bluesy jazzy voice. And, she looked awesome. If I were her age and size I would wear that black dress and those long pearls every single day and night. I even forgivie her multi-colored hair because its done *tastefully* lol. It was painful to watch Stevie, Casey, and Anne Marie perform. Anne Marie might have pulled off that song if she had sung it more like Carole King and less like Aretha.

Danny Gokey was good but I wish he would quit beating his dead wife and imitating David Cook. I'm pretty sure Cook sang the Heroes song at some point and I know he has recorded it. Anoup was disappointing to me but he was never in my top male list to begin with. The other guy who sang a country song is a sweetheart, but this new format will kill him off.

Now, in case you think I have forgotten Tatiana (how I wish I could) let me just say I knew she would sing Whitney. She didn't butcher it but she didn't nail it either and I thought she was offkey during the dramatic parts and her *high* note was weak. Her low notes were just plain awful...as she made David Archuleta's gasping look normal.
Her new *persona* (she tries a different one on all the time evidently in her marketing quest) did not fool ME and I bet it didn't fool America. No dearie, I am not buying that the person we saw at your first audition handing out sexy photos of yourself and laughing manically and continuing to sing when they told you to stop is not the *real* you. And, did anyone notice that all of the sudden she speaks with a Puerto Rican accent? I'm not just talking about her rolling her R's on Puerto Rico. Anyone would think she just fell off the boat tonite hearing her phony up her hispanic credentials with an accent she either faked or which she worked hard to lose when she went to Hollywood to pursue her dream and which now she thinks will make her endearing to Selena fans.

Stll, I think Idol likes her drama and I bet she gets through if not tomorrow nite, in the Wild Card section. She is the new Sanjaya!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let's Take Bets

On how long it takes tee70 to be banned from the American Idol website forum! Tonite I posted that the Joanna Pacitti controversy was contrived because everyone knew she was a plant and Idol just got scared when she bombed in Hollywood and still made it into the top 36, thus making it so obvious the fix was in. I also suggested that Idol bought her off with a separate record deal to avoid a lawsuit as she sues when she doesn't get her way. And to watch for this news in about 6 months or so after the Idol season is over and controversy is gone.

Then..I subtly suggested that Adam Lambert is gay (even though I noted I loved his voice and he seems like a nice guy...he really does I saw some of his video interview) by saying he had no sex appeal to me because I am a woman. I'm sorry but some of these people just have to face reality about this. Is there anything sadder than a teenage girl mooning over a gay guy?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Credit to Our Follower Christine

Who was the FIRST to crack the case about Joanna Plantcity in our comments section. Thanks Christine for following our blog and keep the comments coming!


Fox has just announced that Joanna Pacitti (Plant City) has be disqualified from the competition due to conflicts of interest (like her former manager being involved with the show and her boyfriend recording with Kara) and to avoid the appearance of impropriety. You know, I wasn't thrilled about her plant status but figured hey if she can sing thats sort of how life works. But when she screwed up every single Hollywood performance and got through I was really enraged. How stupid do they think viewers are? I'm wondering if Fox got a huge amount of fan outrage over last night's episode and finally had to tell Pacitti's friends...you've gone a bridge too far here and we cannot let your little plant stay.

I cannot imagine Tatiana will last long because EVERYONE hates her. I didn't catch her clapping when someone left (who did she clap about?). I did notice that when she came emoting into the room after she was told she was in, not ONE contestant came to congratulate her. I imagine they were all thinking .... well this is a f*ing joke just like that very astute viewer R.

Diversifying the "Top" 36

The sing off -

Because there can't possibly be 2 skinny, white, teenage boys, right? Or two tall blondes with big boobs? Two brunette girls with "edgy" voices would be one too many.

So, pair them up - two by two - and don't worry that it's completely obvious that they're paired with their "twin". A "diverse" cast is clearly more important than talent.

But two roughnecks - rather than face riots in the street, we'd better let them both through. (Thank God!)

And the most heinous act of the night - Jamar! Jamar!

A very keen and clever viewer, R (whose real name is withheld to protect him from having to admit he watches - and votes) said it best (and asked me to quote him here): "What a F&*%^n joke."

Rubbing salt in the wound:
Nick/Norman - really?
Tatianna - really? (did anybody else catch her clapping when Jamar left? clapping.)
Cry baby Nathaniel - really?
More than 7 or 8 randoms who we've never seen - really?

Wrong call, judges. Unfortunatley for Jamar, they already had their "black guy" quota filled.

Luckily there are still SOME people I want to pull for:

Danny, of course - who now can not only play the "my wife died young" card but also the "my best friend got kicked off and supports me 100%" card. Awesome!

Stephen Fowler - needs to get back in my good graces after his temper-tantrum at the piano. But I do still like him.

The sleeved single mom, Meaghan - who we didn't get to see this week, but I liked so much in auditions!

BOTH roughnecks, Matt and Michael - because a girl can never watch too many roughnecks sing romantic songs.

And, because I'm not technically a judge, there are SOME people I'm going to hate and bitch about until they're gone *cough Tatiana cough*

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't Cry For Thee Tatiana

The truth is that no one likes you, not the young men, not the old men, you are annoying ... you will get no votes. With the exception of Vote for the Worsters who will put her up this week.

OK, had to get that out of my system.

Now, can we trade Jorge, Nathaniel, anyone? for Jamar?

Good news is they showed a few more women tonite besides Tatiana and Kristin McNamara (who was showing off her boobs tonite) and I think I like that 16 year old redheaded gal and Jackie Tone.

I am more than pissed about Joanna Pacettie (or as the VFTW people say...Plant City). She totally screwed up in Hollywood and they let her through which means she has an agent. Plus...I think I read that her boyfriend is recording one of Kara's songs. Here poor Rose forgot her words once and was gone but Joanna who has connections with Kara forgets them THREE times and sort of mumbles through Hollywood *MMM MMM MMM * and gets in because this is her chance? What about the last record deal she had? God this is annoying.

KK, my heart is not throbbing for emo Adam because its pretty clear he is gay. I do like his voice though. I'm totally with you on the oil rig guy and the welder. They have very much sex appeal potential for me but I like manly men.

I THINK my gal with the tatoos made it through. I think her name is Megan Corkrey. I am so irked they spent all that time on Tatiana we never got to see the other people sing.

A side note about Kristen McNamara. She has done nothing to make me hate her but I think Simon was right. The other gal is better. I have an aversion to anyone but Dolly or Whitney singing Dolly.

Nick/Norman cracks me up. Phil Stacey on the eagle blog has a theory that Simon let him through just so he gets far enough he cannot keep coming back. I think he has a kind heart. He will probably go quickly.

Now...who in America is going to vote for Tatiana? She has to be fingernails on chalkboard to men of all ages. She is pretty and has a curvy figure but once she opens her mouth she has to be anathema to men. Tweens won't go for her. Women have hated her almost as much as bikini girl. Surely she will be voted off next week? She will be the VFTW pick so that might save her . I wonder if gay men would like her? I wish I still knew some gay men to ask them. But, in her defense, she didn't forget the words, she sings no worse than Joanna Plantcity and probably deserves to be there as much as Joanna Plantcity does.

I have nothing personally against Joanna except that poor Rose was bombed out because she forgot the words plus being paired with bikini girl.

And what is this with Jorge? He is so not even retro. He is just boring. And they let Jamar go home so we could see this guy sing boring falsetto?

Also...Von (Yawn) Smith the Archie pretender. I'm pretty sure we will be stuck with hm for a very very long time unfortunately. At least he has short hair so we will be spared the Sanjaya mohawk.

Ok...right now...I'm rooting for the big men, Scott the blind guy, Danny Gokey, and Stephen Fowler (the good one). Also rooting for Jackie Tone and Megan Corkrey. The other women are just boring to me. Maybe they will change my mind later on.

3 or 4 Out of 50-some

At least there's no more backstage drama. But who are these people? And is it an unfair advantage (disadvantage?) that certain kids only get camera coverage beginning at this point?

I continue to pull for Danny and Jamar. Although I wasn't a huge fan of Jamar's Deliliah or Danny's Dance. They've been good enough in the past (advantage?) to keep my liking them.

I continue to hate Tatianna. I'm hard pressed to admit that her song clip we saw tonight was pretty good. But I can't stand her previous attitudes (disadvantage?) and can't wait until she's gone!

And I continue to be incredibly confused by Nick/Norman. WTF?!?

While Auntee's heart throbs for emo-licious Adam Lambert, my eye-candy is Michael, the oil rig roughneck. I love it when rough and tumble guys are artsy fartsy.

As for everybody else ... who are these people?? I hope to meet them soon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tatiana Del Throwup

First let me say I enjoyed tonight's show much more than last week's shows because there was more singing. Second, let me say that so far there is not one contestant I am absolutely in love with although the men seem stronger than the women. Third, let me say that I guess Tatiana is going to be in the top 36 and I will just have to live with her drama queen persona. Fourth, let us hope America sees her *true colors* and doesn't vote for her.

Ok, Adam Lambert. Yes, it appears he is gay. His choice of Cher's *I Believe* pretty much removed all lingering doubts. He probably would have sung Garland but her songs are theatrical and he is trying to get away from that. He has a great voice. No sex appeal to me at all and I have to at least have the potential of my 23 year old inner self getting that feeling in the pit of my stomach before I am moved emotionally. Sorry if this grosses my nieces out.

Danny and Jamar. I think they both did well and I was more impressed with Jamar than I have been in the past. He was a little quirky. I wish Danny had done a little less of an emo song (see how cool I am with the lingo KK?). I'd like to see him do Satisfaction!

Scott McIntyre. If he were not blind he would be nearly a shoe in I think. I'm afraid there will be a backlash against him...not because people don't like blind people but because they will think...oh everyone feels sorry for him and will vote for him so we don't need to.

Oil Field Worker. Well what can I say. I like BIG MEN! He's nice too. Bald Mean Looking Guy (not featured tonite)...I don't think he is mean. I've forgotten what his voice sounds like.

The good Stephen Fowler (70's Temptations look alike) forgot his words. Why did they let him through and not my Rose? I think he is good but geeze!

The women in general...blah...blah...blah. Lil Rounds seems awfully nice but she screams. Joanna Pacitti (the plant) screwed up awfully and made it through (agent at work here). So far she hasn't been a biotch so I will give her the benefit of the doubt but she forgot words too....(my poor Rose).

And where is my other favorite woman the young divorced mom with the tattoo on her arm? I have forgotten her name but I have not seen her in Hollywood Week and she had a unique voice.

Kristen Macnamara must have had the implants removed because her pictures on VFTW from Nashville Star show humongous boobs .... or maybe it was just a super wonderbra? She is obviously not playing the sex appeal card here so I like her for that but thought she was just really really ordinary in her singing.

Why didn't they ditch Tatiana when they had the chance?

Oh...and here is the one I really liked tonite that I hadn't seen much before. The dueling piano guy. He sang Georgia. Which I thought was a risk. I didn't get tingles in my stomach but I really liked what he did with that song.

Haha and Normund/Nick is still there. What a sweetheart! Don't you just love people who are so lighthearted? We need more like him in our world. People (me most of all) need to laugh more.

So tomorrow we will see if the VFTW spoilers are true or not. Probably are pretty much on point.

And...thankfully we didn't have to see Von (Yawn) Smith perform tonite. He makes David Archuletta look like Paul McCartney.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Well The Guy I like is Gay!

Turns out my hunch on the helmet headed guy (who I have discovered is called Adam Lambert) is correct. According to VFTW he is gay. Now this will take away all sex appeal for me. Poop! By the way, in case you don't know VFTW is votefortheworst.com. They have amazng back stories and that is where I get my scoops!

According to them, Tatiana is in the top 36. Lordy Lordy! Surely America will not vote for her with that laugh!

So, now I'm left with Scott (the blind guy) and Danny Gokey. Maybe there is a woman who they haven't featured who I will like too.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Real World Meets AI

When the spoiler sites hinted they'd focus in on more of the "backstage drama" during Hollywood week, they meant it.

There are no drunks, no hot-tubs, no hook-ups (that they showed) - but it pretty much echoed the last 10 years of Real World debauchery wrapped up into a short and sweet prime-time blip.

After watching 59 minutes of fighting, crying, backstabbing, and eye-rolling, I'm hard pressed to find something to write about the ONE minute of actual, you know, SINGING that they aired.

Obviously, no AI blog would be complete without bidding a good riddance to Bikini Biotch. My favorite line: "okay, hi, teach me what I missed." If Stephen Fowler were a woman, I'm pretty sure he'd be her.

And a moment of silence for poor Rose, who was barefooted the entire week. I almost cried when she said "I just don't have that good of a voice"

I still like the best friends. I agree with Tee that Jamar will not make it as far as David, but the two of them will be a good story of camaraderie. And every season needs one of those (remember Danny Noriega and Ramiele Malubay?)

My new villians (since they have not shown the fate of many of my previous villians) are:

1. Von Smith - not only does he look like a troll, but Simon pegged him perfectly when he called him self-indulgent and childish.

2. Cry-baby Nathaniel - if he can't handle two girls fighting without bursting into tears, how is he going to handle Ryan Seacrest's torturous commentary leading up to a vote-off? His voice is not good enough to make up for an entire season of tears.

3. Tatiana - barely made the villian category in my mind. Because although there is clearly something wrong with her, I don't think it's something she means to do. But if she gets through to the final 24, I'll die.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bikini Biotch

Well, I said I would be kinder after the Stephen Fowler debacle, but you know, sometimes you just have to call a bitch a bitch. Thank God she got cut. But I am a little more than pissed she took my Rose down with her.

I'm assuming you all watched the show so I will not detail her bitchiness. I was just glad Kara got the last word in (and for all people say about Kara she is a good judge of character) with her censored insult which I pretty sure was *What a bitch*.

I really think they need to go back to only letting 18 and older compete. Rose was out of her element. I'm not giving up on her. I'm wondering if she is on facebook or something and I can send her a note to tell her I think she has a future. I wonder if my my facebook friend Margaret could search her out for me. Rose Flack is her name and shes from Jacksonville I think.

I wanted to see the blind guy sing tonight. I hate to call him the blind guy but they have not mentioned his name in the past few episodes and I have forgotten it. Danny Gokey did well. I think he had a group of really nice people in it. Which shows how much this is luck of the draw. Plus he had his best friend with him too which has to be a big help for him.

Ok, right now, I'm interested (not in a carnal way) in the helmet head guy whose name I do not remember that Paula or Kara said had an amazing voice or something like that. I do not even remember what group he was in because I was so pissed that my Rose got in bikini bitch's group. I hate his hair. I hope he is not gay because that will sort of cool it for me (even though I'm not interested in him in a carnal way). Maybe KK remembers his name. I loved his performance though. Whatever group he was in looked like they were having a whole lot of fun.

And, I cannot forget Tatiana. I truly do not think she is a bitch she is just so self-involved she doesn't realize she is a stick in the eye to anyone she encounters. Even the closed captioned scroll on my screen says when she is laughing *annoying laugh*. She wasn't content to sow discontent in her own group. NOOOOO... she has to go find the most pathetic group in the whole competition and make it even more pathetic by adding another bone of contention for them to fight over. Because the sweet blonde said she could join. The tough redhead said hell no (I was with the redhead by the way). And Nathaniel just cried. Maybe in future episodes when Nathaniel cries the closed captioned will scroll *annoying cry*.

I cannot even find a villian in that last group. It was the most mismatched trio of personalities I have ever seen. The blonde was too sweet and too fragile, Nathaniel was too dramatiic and cried too much, and the tough redhead was just too tough for her own good. I'm not sure why she, and not the other two, were cut. Unless she was the only one sabotaging the others wth her backround singing. If she was then the cut was justifieid. Of course when she cursed at the sweet blonde towards the end you realized that maybe she was bikini bitch without the sex appeal.

So that is my take on Week 1 of Hollywood. Cannot wait to see KK's opinion after she views her DVR.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank God for American Idol!

It has torn me away from my obsession with the Stephen Fowler Wifeswap Drama. I really need to be more careful what I watch on Friday nites when I'm waiting for it to be past dinnertime to call Colorado. This week, the filler was Wifeswap and I got embroiled in an internet drama of major proportions. Unfortunately, his vile conduct piqued my conscience a bit so I probably won' be as snarky about the Idol contestants as I would have otherwise.

On to the show:

The judges certainly have their favorites and no matter how badly they screwed up tonite they went through. Lil Rounds was the first contestant and she is a lovely person as I recall from her audition. Very Melinda Doolittle in personality. Unfortunately, in my opinion, she is just another screamer. And to my dismay she started with the screamer's favorite ...Whitney singing Dolly only screaming even louder. The judges ate it up. Before they commented I wrote ARG! in my notes because it sounded to me like she really botched it. If she doesn't sing that song again I will probably like her better.

Then there was the spoilsport kid who told the judges they sucked blah blah bore.

Another young man from a bad background who cried (Nathaniel). I think his voice is OK. He sang a song no one had heard of. I hope he quits crying and sings in later performances.

Rose Flack who is only 17 and I adore her. I don't think she will make it though as she has lost confidence and it showed. She really has no experience in performing unlike David Archuletta who has been singing in front of audiences since age 2 1/2. I understand she gets cut later on. She should probably have gone out and done some local group things and beefed up her experience.

Then there is Von Smith. Now he IS another Pukealittle. Simon called him childish and indulgent tonight but they let him through anyway...probably for the tween audience. I have a feeling I'll be writing about him for quite a few weeks.

I wrote down two names: Steven (oh yes he sang the Stevie Wonder song). I liked him but he needs to get a more stylish haircut. I don't know if the judges will think he is *current* enough for the long haul and a re-style might help his image as he looks like he's in a member of the Temptations in 1972.

Jorge...well...Jorge...I think he over sings but he is not obnoxious so I'm not gong to make any cracks about him.

I LOVE Nick/Norman the comedian. He really did relax the whole group. I think he is a good soul. He can sing too but its hard to tell how well since he vamps it up.

OK, it looks like the blind guy makes it through and so does the Amy Winehouse girl, Frankie.

By day 2 I was getting a little bored. Bikini girl made it through despite Kara's critique because Randy and Simon are pimping Kara about her I think. I need to double check if she really does make it to top 35 because I had her named mixed up with the girl with the big boobs who DOES make it to the top 35, Kristen McNamera. They haven't shown her yet and I don't know why.

David Yoki (sp) and his buddy Jamar made it through. I think Jamar is not probably going to go all the way but the judges love David and I might like him too once he gets some music behind him. He has a certain David Cook feel about him.

The two rocker girls made it through too. I like them both but have to wonder about the one who changed her song at the last minute (the one with the pink hair). Bad judgment.

OK...this is my new snark free persona (well except for Pukealittle).

And it looks like Idol intervened just in time because the Message Boards are saying that Stephen Fowler has apologized, his wife is leaving him, and his professional life is in shambles. So I guess that drama has played out.