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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The End of the Blog....Probably

 I'm 2/3 of the way into the show and disgusted by the judges trashing Jessica who is *performing* better than she has all season.  Unable to find anything wrong with her voice, recognizing her feeling, now they are pulling out the old chestnut *that was not the right song for you*.  Screw them.

In the meantime they are bucking of Caleb in anticipation of the backlash for his retard remarks and frothing over Alex and Jena.  

I'm in a really pissy mood tonight...cannot even think of something remotely funny to say.  

I'm going online to vote for Jessica for the last time.  I will not be watching tomorrow night.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Caleb Johnson Not Happy with *Retards* On Twitter

Hmm...seems my instincts about Caleb were correct.  He gave an interview after the results show in which he referred to people sending him messages on social media as *retards* and stated he didn't appreciate all the song suggestions being sent his way since he can choose his own songs.  He has since apologized by claiming that he was referring to those people who send him hate messages on twitter...although that certainly wasn't what he was talking about in the interview.  Judge for yourself:  https://music.yahoo.com/blogs/reality-rocks/-american-idol--finalist-caleb-johnson-apologizes-for-slur-084719848.html

In addition, he talked about the hometown visit and the *hookers and cocaine* waiting for him there (which was arguably a joke but it sort of tells you where his head is at doesn't it?)

I have always thought he was entirely too full of himself. Sometimes my *irrational* dislike of these contestants proves to be justified.   

There is also much speculation whether Jena and Alex will suffer for voting no on Thursday night.  I doubt that they will as most fans were not happy with the *twist* and were happy that it didn't work.  

I'm thinking Caleb ought to be toast.    

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Don't You Love It When a Plan Doesn't Come Together?

Tonight's elimination show was nearly as good as a huge dose of anti-depressants for me! Ryan announces a *shocking twist* involving the contestants.  I'm figuring its not the usual 2 go to one side 2 to another and JENA chooses which side is the safe side.  Harry rambles on about how proud he is of the top 5.  There is a brief recap with Randy commentary praising nearly everyone except Jessica (who needs *performance work*---what you are getting PAID to help them with Randass) although he does acknowledge that Sam had a rough start to one of his songs.   Keith Urban performs (or lip syncs poorly) his newest single.  Maybe he really played the guitar. Keith is not in my good graces due to his shameful pandering to the producer's (or JLo's) Jessica hate so I'm not going to cut him any slack at all.   A lot of time is wasted bantering. Only 6 or 7 minutes left including the 2 minute commercial break for suspense.  What could the *twist* be? 

Well...here is the twist!  The contestants get to vote on whether there will be no elimination tonight and they all can *stay together for one more week* (with 2 going home next week) or if they want the rules of the game to stay the same.  They are each given a ballot.  The vote has to be unanimous.  At the start of the commercial break it appears Caleb is lobbying for them all to stay together one more week.   At the commercial break it dawns on me that Jessica is probably safe this week!  And someone they want to keep in the show isn't safe.  But I figure it doesn't matter because none of them will have the nerve to buck the result that the producers so obviously want which is not to announce who got the fewest votes this week because it wasn't Jessica.  

Well, I have no idea who voted against the producer's plan because they announced the votes anonymously (for now).  Two of them did.  And my guess is that the two who did were NOT two who thought they got the least number of votes.  I was surprised they didn't buckle under but I'm pretty proud of them for seeing through the bullshit and just wanting the game to be played without changing the rules in the middle of it.   

Lo and behold, Sam got the least votes.  If the contestants had followed the script, the producers would have given him a double save!  Who thinks that they had this twist in mind before they counted the votes?  If you do, you can bake me a cake.  Chocolate with white icing please.

The time wasting during the show had the added benefit of not announcing who was in the bottom 2!  So, if it was Jessica, she was spared the humiliation and confidence sapping moment on the stools.  But I'm now wondering if it wasn't her at all.  Maybe it was Alex or Caleb or JENA. Another reason to have them all stay another week.

And now all I can do is HA HA HA HA!

Update:  Well that didn't take long.  The word is out from pretty reliable sources that the two who voted no were Alex and JENA.  Ok, I give them credit for bucking the system.  But all of this confirms my assessment of JENA's character as being not quite as sweet as she would like us to think she is.  I cannot help but hope she gets some backlash for it, even though it was the right thing to do. The word is that all of the contestants were ticked off at the stunt...and rightly so.