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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ah Well...

First, I am in a hellhole Days Inn in New Bedford Massachusetts. Second, I cannot plug in my computer so am hurrying to finish this on battery power. Third, I have only been able to get in 5 votes for Crystal as opposed to my usual 200 plus because evidently it depends on which part of the country you live in whether the circuits are busy or not And finally, Dial Idol has given it to Lee and they are never wrong. On a positive note, our car was not stolen when CM went to the convenience store in this neigborhood although it was close.

Now for the performances. Crystal was the best. I have no idea where those final songs came from. I have never heard them before. Lee was all over the map in his, but she did all she could do and the judges praised her for it and if the pink cell phones win well...so be it.

I'm sure there will be all sorts of conspiracy theories as to why Lee won instead of Crystal (I'm working on one involving the crappy east coast phone circuits, myself), but in the end one has to win and one has to lose and she had a great run, will get a contract, can make her music and thats a good thing. A year ago she didnt know where her next meal would come from and was begging for insulin outside of pharmacies so her life is immeasurably better today.

Lee probably won't be selling paint any time soon. Good for him, hes a sweet nice man. I thought his best song was his first tonight. The middle one hurt my ears and the last one was just incoherent to me. But I am not impartial at this point.

Ok...we should have s ome good music tomorrow. Hope the weather holds up.