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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It Better Not Be Raining on Nantucket Next Wednesday

Or, I will miss the finale due to interference with the satellite feed. And I really want to see all of the idols do their special numbers.

And, of course, I am thrilled that Crystal is in the finale, gets a record deal for sure, and a new car no matter if she does lose to Lee next week. Who, by the way, is starting to remind me of Danny Gokey without a dead wife the way he doesn't shut up. Although Crystal was more vocal tonight that usual, which tells me she does want to win this.

I have no idea what they will sing next week except some really bad song penned by Kara as the coronation song. Then there is the producer's choice and then I think the contestants can sing a song they already sang this season (more Hallelujah coming our way) or can choose another song. I'm not sure what I want Crystal to sing. People Get Ready is the logical choice. Not sure she can recreate the magic (maybe they can add some smoke).

I watched the first 30 seconds of Perez Hilton's new find...Travis/Todd/Tyler whatever. Bored me to death. I watched the first 2 seconds of Justin Bieber. Justin, Fantasia wants her wig back. I suppose the kid can sing...but does he have to?

Like Crystal, I also have a crush on Casey James. Any guy that lets his mama sing for the crowd on his hometown visit and cries when she cries has to be a good guy. And, in case you doubt he was thrown under the bus last night, even the production crew had it in for him. Evidently, his amp was not on stage for his first song and so he ended up sticking the cord in his back pocket at the last minute. I thought his guitar solo was not very loud and lack of amplification explains it. The crew was probably busy testing out the smoke machine and wondering if it was too late to attached wires to Lee so they could lift him up to the heavens during his final note.

Sarcasm aside, these are the two who should be in the finale.

Oh, that little girl Casey picked up during his swan song was not just some random kid from the audience. According to his fans, she is his cousin's daughter.

And, some consolation for Crystal fans after the Lee DeWyze show. Crystal won the coin toss. She will be singing second next week.

I'm seriously praying for a cell phone outage on pink cell phones next week.

A solution?

This post is courtesty of a guest blogger who has been a loyal follower and desperately attempting to comment all season (plus, he agrees with me AND he happens to be my father) -

I'm a big Leonard Cohen fan. If Lee had sung the song the way Cohen sings it ... it would have been piss poor. Lee did the song with his own style and won the night. I thing Hallelujah is about God. MA thinks the song is about sex. My second favorite song is "Everybody knows". If you've never heard it ... find it on you tube!!

Lee and Crystal are both outstanding. They both have unique styles. Since AI fixes everything ... why can't they make it a tie???



Welcome to "Make sure Casey doesn't have a chance to ruin our plans for a Crystal/Lee finale" night on AI. Let's begin ...

For the 1st time in the history of this blog, Aunt Tee and KK are going to completely disagree when it comes down to the final two. Maybe it's because I'm not jaded by reading Lee's rabid fans' idiotic comments the AI message boards. (You know I love you, Tee, but those boards are bad for your usually impeccable taste.)

BEST to Worst ...

Lee - by a mile, at least.

I don't care who owns the rights to Hallelujah, Lee OWNED the performance of it tonight. Jason Castro and Tim Urban (who is still in my pocket) sang a toned down Jeff Buckley version of the song, making it all sugary sweet and innocent. Lee, on the other hand, actually tipped his hat to Cohen and went with a more is more approach to remind us that he's HOT (that one is for my husband, who accused me of not being able to post without talking about how HOT Lee is). The choir, the smoke, the gruff "Hallelujah"s - a spin on the song that only a "rocker" could do, and I got chills. "Moment" is overrated, but this was one.

But as great as his "moment" was, Simple Man might have been my favorite performance of the night. The lyrics rang true to Lee, and he sang it clean and without the use of any backup gimmicks. And, in both cases, the judges ate it up. As they should have.

Crystal - "she's such a hippie"

Melissa Ethridge was totally predictable and boring, harmonica and all. If you'd asked me to pick a song for Crystal to sing on day one simply by looking at her, I would have said "Melissa Ethridge". It started out great - dark, slow, harmonica. Then 3 clicks of a drum and the karaoke machine came on.

Thank God for Ellen! I don't care what Crystal claims, Maybe I'm Amazed DID push her out of her comfort zone. She sang notes we haven't heard for at least 6 weeks, she got out from behind her Buskeresque guitar and attached harmonica, and she kept Sir McCartney's original lyrics in tact (is that a 1st on AI, ever?). Thank you, Crystal, for reminding me why you're still the frontrunner.

Casey -

What was sadder than seeing him in Cool, TX surrounded by all 40 of his fans? Listening to him sing Ok, It's Alright With Me. I'm pretty sure he knew he'd be thrown under the bus no matter what happened, so he followed in Crystal's footsteps and sang lyrics straight to the judges. And he looked as excited to be singing it as John Mayer, no doubt, was to hear that Casey would be butchering Daughters later in the night.

Randy and Kara all but said "sing this one last song for all of the girls, and maybe you should consider this type of music after you leave Idol as the loser". I'm not a John Mayer fan anyway, but Daughters is probably his lamest song. That said, I'm pretty sure Casey could have jazzed it up, made it different, made it likeable - if only he hadn't already given up.

And in spite of all of the judges transparent prodding, I'm convinced we might be looking at a Lee/Casey finale.

Close your eyes and you're listeing to Taylor Hicks - who WON this show once. Open your eyes and Casey is way better looking than Taylor Hicks - who WON this show once. Uh oh.