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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I missed the first few seconds of the show and therefore missed the first few seconds of Aretha and I am not happy about it!  She looks great! She sounds greater! After that, it was all anti-climax.  And some did not survive (sorry...couldn't resist).

We learned who the eight survivors are from the guys tonight and I am only surprised and a little disappointed about one inclusion and one omission.  Well, to be honest, I wish 2 had not made it in but there is only one I wish was still in the running.

I love Motown night.  I love that the show came from Detroit.  I have to say, however, that I was a little underwhelmed tonight by the performances. 

The first survivor was Daniel Skeevy Seavy.  He sang "How Sweet It Is".  The song was age appropriate so I will give him (or those who chose it for him) credit for that.  He tried to be all Motowny but he failed.  No soul at all in that performance.  I really think it was not much better than a high school talent show.  The judges praised him inordinately I believe. 

Mark Andrews with the weird hair (put the stocking cap back on please...its ugly but your hair is uglier) sang Papa Is A Rollin' Stone.  I'm not surprised he made it through but I thought it was interesting that in his interview he said something about not wanting to work so hard.  Yes, I know landscaping is hard physical work but I think show business is too.  I think he is rather lazy and I thought his performance was too.  Poor diction.  I suppose he is tired again.

Ah..Rayvon the man I couldn't love like everyone else. Well, all it takes is him singing My Girl and I'm on the Rayvon train.  I need to go vote for him.  This was, in my opinion, the best performance of the night.

I was so disappointed to hear Adam's name.  I really had to think for a minute about who Adam was.  As you know, I have been resisting learning how to spell his last name.  I am going to keep on resisting.  What a clown.  He isn't taking this seriously.  He sang "I Want You Back".  Maybe he was trying to send subliminal messages to the audience that we want him back.  I don't want him back.  

Clark Beckham made it.  Yay because I really like him but I would give his performance tonight a B minus.  He tried to do too much with that song.  It was distracting.  I think Keith was right.  He should have kept it very simple and broken some hearts.  I think he will survive but I hope he makes some better choices in his arrangements.  We don't need to see every single vocal trick he can do in one song. 

I'm glad Nick Fradiani made it through and he gave a serviceable performance of Signed Sealed Delivered but I thought it lacked something as well.  He was too low key and I don't think that was the right song for him.  I cannot remember if the judges liked his song choice.  I didn't. 

I was disappointed to see the dancing fool, Qassim made it through.  He did his James Brown imitation again tonight and I wanted him to just stand still for a minute. The judges ate it up though.  I don't even remember what he sang and I didn't write it down because I was just so caught up in his dance moves (and not in a good way).

And Quentin made it through.  I'm not really sorry about that fact.  He seems like a nice guy.  And compared to most of the others remaining on the couches, he probably should have gone through.  He was all Jimi Hendrix tonight which was a little odd for Motown night but I guess the fashionista is going to do it his way.  I like his performance.  He had some movement but not to much.  I'm not familiar with the song but that is not his fault.  

If I was picking, I would throw Adam back and bring in Savion.  I was sorry to see his journey end but I had a bad feeling about his song choice last week.  It just wasn't dramatic enough to get votes.  
So, tomorrow the women.  I'm hoping Lauren Lott, Actress goes home.