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Thursday, February 26, 2015

What Song Are You Singing?

This is one of those episodes when I wish KK was still blogging because to be perfectly honest, I only knew two of the songs performed tonight. That fact would disqualify me from writing this blog if more than 3 people read it each week.  If one of those 3 want to chime in with comments more perceptive than mine, feel free because I am seriously at a loss here.  Or maybe not, maybe the audience is losing.   

So, with that disclaimer, I will say we heard from 12 teenage girls tonight and I have to say that for the most part I was underwhelmed.  

First was Lovey (Bada Bing) James singing a song that started with a low key that her voice didn't sound that wonderful singing that I think had something to do with love running out.  She moved around some on stage too.  That is all I remember of this performance except that I noted I don't need any more Lovey.  

Adanna sang another song I do not know and it seemed like a hard song to sing.  I was wondering when she was going to start belting and she did.  She had a Mariah Careyesque quality to her stage presence as she plucked the air with her raised hand.  I like her fine.  I'm not over the moon about her but maybe I could be if she sang a song I knew. 

Ryan announces that the next two performers will sing country songs and I think to myself the only semi-current one that comes to mind is Gunpowder and Lead which every country singer on the show has sung.  Sure enough, Alexis Gomez sings it.  Ok, I know this song.  I wasn't bowled over by her.  It was pretty predictable.  

The Kiwi, Joey, comes out with her accordian, blue hair, (did she have on a bowler hat?) and 50's new look dress.  She sings a Keith Urban song which if I knew I wouldn't recognize.  I thought it was a very odd performance.  Way too kitschy for me.  I don't know what the audience will think of her.

I had high hopes for Katherine Winston who is from my second home state of Massachusetts.  She sang a lullaby and I don't think did herself any favors with the song selection although she is a lovely girl with a lovely voice. One of the judges said she didn't feel the song.  I thought she felt it a little too much as it was soooo sleepy.  I am going to vote for her but not because of tonight.

Shannon Berthueme (rhymes with perfume) has never performed in public before Idol.  She sang a Pink Song I do not know.  I don't think it was very good.  

Loren Lott, the Actress (do they have to mention this every time we see her perfect face?) sang some loud song very loudly.  I thought she looked fake fake fake as she engaged in her histrionics to make us think she was "feeling" the lyrics.  JLo called her brave, Harry said it was powerful, and Keith said something complimentary which I thought sounded like was dragged from him unwillingly but maybe that was just my wishful thinking. I hope America doesn't vote for her.  

Up next was Shi (if there ever was a more pretentious stage name, I would be glad to hear it).  I don't like her voice.  She sounds like a man and then she shouts.  I don't know how she made it this far except for her exceptional looks.  That stage name is just begging for someone to add an extra letter at the end of it.  Keith said everyone knows that song.  Everyone but me.  Oh well. 

Maddie is our second country singer.  I believe she is the one who beat out the other girl in the singoff.  She sang some cutesy country song and evidently borrowed Joey's dress.  She even wagged her shoulders and lifted her eyebrows and winked and I'm surprised she didn't put her finger in her mouth too.  Yuck.  

On her fourth try, Sarina Joi made it to the voting audience.  She is 19.  Which means she started when she was 15.  I like her.  I didn't know the song but I liked the way she sang it.  I hope she stays around.

And now here comes Jax our Jersey Girl.  Singing appropriately Bang Bang.  I know this song because Sonny wrote it and Nancy Sinatra (as well as Cher) sang it.  I gather it made a comeback with the Kill Bill movies.  Talk about histrionics.  I'm surprised she didn't fall to the floor and pretend to be dead at the end of it.  I'm pretty sick of her drama.   

Finally, the plain Jane of the group (and my favorite so far) Tyanna Jones is up.  I adore her.  I didn't know her song but she can really sing.  I hope America looks past the iron pyrite of Lauren (the Actress) and Jax and votes for the gold. 

I'm going to go vote now for Adanna, Katherine, Sarina Joi and Tyanna.  Surely at least one of them will make it through.