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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Killing Her Softly With His Song

You have to love Casey. He basically told that horny old broad, Kara *I'm just not that into you* tonight. Thought the judges were too over the top about it and should have just let it speak for itself but the producers should take notice and say...get this woman who has serious sexual problems off of this show. I seriously don't think there has been a show since she started judging when she didn't bring something sexual into the mix. Do you think they may have patterned that character on Glee after her? They sort of look alike and act as weird.

Ok..on with the reviews. I am probably the only person who never heard Seal's Kiss From A Rose until this week when people said Crystal should sing it and I you-tubed it. I thought at the time...ok...the words are nice but the music is all over the darn place and it sort of meh. Lee's version was short of meh for me. He was really awful.

Mike does some Michael Jackson song from Free Willy. I don't like Michael Jackson and I don't like big Mike but find it interesting he is singing about a whale. His performance was pretty meh to me too, but all of his are. Somewhere between watching his child come out of his wife's vagina and him breaking people's backs all season, I lost that he is a wedding singer in real life. He is probably very highly regarded as a wedding singer too.

Crystal and Lee do their duet. I got goosebumps. She brought out the best in him. He sucked lemons on his solo and she brought him back to life. If he wins this thing he owes her big time. And, she said *he is my musical crush* which most competitors would not do. She loves the music and I think Lee does too and I think we have the top 2 right here in front of us.

Casey's Mrs. Robinson....oh man...he HATES Kara. Not only does he shove it in her face with that song which makes her look like a fool, he does it in the pit with all the young girls! Go Casey! I'm pretty sure his mama had something to do with that song and that staging. I'm not a mama but if some horny 40 year old told my dearly beloved nephew to take his shirt off to get a job I would be ready to tear her weaves out . Then, if she said he had a lamb vibrato (which he has always had) simply because he quit singing love songs that she could pretend were sung to her, I would suggest that he put her in her place by having a lot of really cute young things throng around him while he made fun of an old woman. Go Casey's mom!

Poor little J. I was a complete and total irrationally unhappy person today when she tried to tell me how to paint. It was like PMS times 2. Then Crystal comes out and wails away at I'm Alright and I burst into happy tears! Several people suggested that song for her but Kenny Loggins' version just seemed too tame. Crystal went big and big and bigger and I'm proud of her.

I guess Casey and Big Mike did a duet. I thought it was awful.

If there is a just universe big Mike will finally go home.