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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Since this is a blog, I suppose I have to say more than Eh. But that's how I felt about the whole show, really.

Nick Braddy - was one of my favorite, although he's the type I normally hate: lounge singer, complete with purple velvet blazer. And I guarantee that if he makes it through, I'll end up hating him later (Elliot Yamin, anyone?)

Alexis Grace - was my favorite girl, and I think she looked absolutely adorable in her little black dress, pearls, and red lipstick with the "dirty" twist!

Michael "the roughneck" Sarver - I agree with Simon that I hope people vote for him because he's likeable and nice, and I loved his song choice, but was disappointed in his performance. (I'm muffling my "Eh")

Danny Gokey - milking the "my wife died young" thing will get him through, but he's NOT David Cook and he needs to get his own personality.

As for everybody else (yes, Auntee, even Jackie Tohn) - I could have seen the same thing at Las Fuentas' Thursday Night Karaoke Night.

But my blog wouldn't be complete without a comment about Tatiana - she was not the worst girl tonight. I hate her still - more so since she's turning the Hispanic "accent" on and off like it's a character - but she was not the worst at ALL.

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