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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let's Take Bets

On how long it takes tee70 to be banned from the American Idol website forum! Tonite I posted that the Joanna Pacitti controversy was contrived because everyone knew she was a plant and Idol just got scared when she bombed in Hollywood and still made it into the top 36, thus making it so obvious the fix was in. I also suggested that Idol bought her off with a separate record deal to avoid a lawsuit as she sues when she doesn't get her way. And to watch for this news in about 6 months or so after the Idol season is over and controversy is gone.

Then..I subtly suggested that Adam Lambert is gay (even though I noted I loved his voice and he seems like a nice guy...he really does I saw some of his video interview) by saying he had no sex appeal to me because I am a woman. I'm sorry but some of these people just have to face reality about this. Is there anything sadder than a teenage girl mooning over a gay guy?

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