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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Fox has just announced that Joanna Pacitti (Plant City) has be disqualified from the competition due to conflicts of interest (like her former manager being involved with the show and her boyfriend recording with Kara) and to avoid the appearance of impropriety. You know, I wasn't thrilled about her plant status but figured hey if she can sing thats sort of how life works. But when she screwed up every single Hollywood performance and got through I was really enraged. How stupid do they think viewers are? I'm wondering if Fox got a huge amount of fan outrage over last night's episode and finally had to tell Pacitti's friends...you've gone a bridge too far here and we cannot let your little plant stay.

I cannot imagine Tatiana will last long because EVERYONE hates her. I didn't catch her clapping when someone left (who did she clap about?). I did notice that when she came emoting into the room after she was told she was in, not ONE contestant came to congratulate her. I imagine they were all thinking .... well this is a f*ing joke just like that very astute viewer R.

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