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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kara Should Be Voted Off

Will she shut up about sex already? Now it is infecting the rest of the group with references to Simon taking off Paula's clothes etc. And all she can think of when she looks at these people is who will be right to sing the songs I write so they can be hits and I can make more millions....which explains her obsession with Jasmine who is a very ordinary singer. Speaking of judges...something is seriously wrong with the judges when I think Paula is the most coherent. I am starting to like her more and more.

So Adam was clearly the star tonight, outdoing even Michael Jackson himself (according to the judges) and I swear he was really really close to grabbing his crotch at moments. I am only going to say that if any of those 13 is perfectly suited to sing Michael Jackson, he is. Michael may be calling him tomorrow for makeup tips. MEOWWWWWWW!

Danny Gokey did well and I thought Michael Sarver did well considering he was in the dump slot following Gokey. I still like Scott McIntyre but I can see how his soulful balladeer shtick can get old.

Anoop has been relegated to the Normund Gentle clown role by the Judges and frankly, he stunk up the stage tonight. Nice guy though.

Lil Rounds is growing on me as someone who may actually be a bit different. I want to hear her sing more styles. And, I normally don't pay attention to those pre-performance videos but she seemed really genuine and NICE. Plus she likes food. Not that she is fat....she just mentioned bbq and I thought well that is real.

Jorge...oh Jorge. I've been saying for weeks I don't get the attraction and that I think he is old fashioned and tonight the judges agreed wth me. Except this was my favorite performance of his. The look of confusion on his face as the judges made it clear *hey we put you through but we really don't like you as much as we said we did* made me sad.

Jasmine is not EVEN Sayesha light and Sayesha bored me to tears.

Allison is a rocker and we need one and she does it pretty well. I liked how she said *well I'm not cutting myself or anything* when Simon or someone said she had a dark persona. I think she is sort of funny actually.

Now...for my two favorite women, Megan and Alexis. I fear they are not long for this world but I love them.

Simon was pissed off at Megan because she wasn't dark enough tonight. He hates perky if he has decided you are an *artiste* (remember how he crucified Brooke for *Here Comes the Sun*?) I thought she made a pretty wise choice since I am pretty sure, she, like me, thinks Michael Jackson is banal and dated and a child molester. She has a young son after all. Why not choose one of the most banal songs available? Someone thought it was a good idea to explain her quirky dancing. The woman has never performed on stage before this experience. She moved around a little more tonight which was good and I actually thought she did pretty well.

Alexis. I like her and she may have gone over the top a bit (unlike Adam who is always *just right over the top* according to the judges) and did anyone else think as she was singing about Dirty Diana doing anything for fame that she was thinking *Dirty Tatiana?*

Just a thought.

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