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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Clean Up On Idol Stage One!

Ironically, Danny Gokey has managed to require clean up services two weeks in a row. Last week, he managed to trash a kitchen (I'm not blaming him it was obvious staging to make him look oh so funny even though he just looked a little too eager to grab Allison). This week he completed the promise of his performance two weeks ago and not only farted the song but laid a huge steaming pile of it in the middle of the stage. Clearly he is not a rocker and that is OK. Neither is Kris. At least Kris avoided not only botching the low notes but the high notes as well. Was Gokey ever on key tonight?

So Simon goes on Ellen Degeneres and tells the world that Adam should win. Maybe it was the letter from the 13 year old EMO that made them treat Adam with the respect he deserves! Actually, he was phenomenal tonight but I don't think he was *original*. I'm not sure I would have wanted him to be. I mean even though I hadn't heard of Slash before (although I had heard of Guns and Roses I just didn't know he was the big star of it) I have heard of Led Zeppelin and I have heard that song sung and its not like Adam changed it up that much. He just did it justice.

Now on to Allison. I wanted her to sing Janis and I wanted her to sing one of her vulnerable songs and she did. I think Allison is channeling me truly. I didn't bawl but did get tears in my eyes this time. And she did change the timing up and she had some trills in there that Janis didn't have that made it almost Garlandesque to me. But hey, they had their marching orders and it was to trash Allison tonight because it was just too damn uppity of her to get more votes than Adam last week.

Kris is probably gone this week. Hard rock is not his thing and he was wise to choose the Beatles and of the two non-rockers he did the better in my opinion. Too bad he had to perform after Simon said he sucked in the duet. I didn't really get a good chance to judge Kris in the duet as the cameras were all on Gokey and they had Gokey's mic amped to overpower Kris but I do think that despite Randy's comments on the harmony that the harmony broke down in the last segment an the one I heard who was off key was Gokey.

I loved the duet with Adam and Allison. And I hope those two are in the finals. Despite Adam's faux pas last week (which seems to have bothered his fans more than it did him) he let Allison do her thing in the duet without trying to over power her (although I'm not sure he actually could have) unlike the Kris/Gokey duet which compared to Adam/Allison looked like warmed over vomit. More clean up on Idol stage.

If there is justice, Gokey will go. My guess it will be Kris. Neither shone tonight but Kris did a better job than Gokey.

And...I heart Allison with every *Piece of My Heart*.

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